July 25, 2012

Coaches Corner: Olympic Fever

In recognition for the Summer Olympic games which opens on Friday, July 27th, I thought it was only fitting to bring another edition of coaches corner with a wedding twist. As we all know In my opinion, a man's significant other, most notably his wife, is the most important person in his life. Therefore, I felt it fitting to introduce the USA men's basketball team with special emphasis on the player's wives/significant others!

NBA Team
Wife/Significant Other
Carmelo Anthony
LaLa Anthony
Kobe Bryant
Vanessa Bryant
Tyson Chandler

Anthony Davis

Kevin Durant
LeToya Luckett
James Harden
Andre Iguodala

LeBron James
Savannah Brinson
Kevin Love
Elise Novak
Chris Paul
Jada Paul
Russell Westbrook
Nina Earl
Deron Williams
Amy Williams

LaLa (Alani) Anthony). Well known as a disc jockey and co-host of a few shows with MTV, Carmelo's wife and mother to his son. In addition to her role as mother, wife, and entrepreneur, she also has a few movies to her credit including: Two Can Play That Game (2001), Urban Massacre (2002), Monster Island (2003), and You Got Served (2004). I enjoyed watching her wedding on LaLa's Full Court Wedding which has now expanded into a reality show about their lives, LaLa's Full Court Life. Her wedding made me swoon...

Vanessa Bryant.  Well, I am not here to judge anyones' relationship, but it appears that Vanessa has once again forgiven Kobe (double cough). I must admit that they have the CUTEST daughters in the entire world and she is a pretty hott momma herself, definitely MILF material! As we all know, Kobe met Vanessa on the set for a music video and it was love at first sight?!?! 

LeToya Luckett. Via my sources in the gossip world, I learned that LeToya is potentially dating Kevin Durant. Now, this is the same LeToya that dated Slim Slugg... I wonder if she will cheer on her man in London and confirm the tabloids?!? Let's wait and see...

Trina. Ya'll going to kill me... Back on my gossip soap box, but the word out there is that Trina, yes, this Trina

is now dating James Harden. It appears that this year all of the Thunder players are getting"boo-ed up." I still can not get the memory of me seeing her live in concert back in my undergraduate days at UF out of my mind. Me and one of my girlfriend's were bartenders at the club where she was performing and she was just overall MORE than what I was expecting! 

Savannah Brinson. Lebron's soon-to-be wifey and mother to his two children seems sweet and very supportive. I am not sure if I would have stuck around for upteen years without having a name change, but I am not mad her.... All I have to say is congratulations on the engagement (long time coming) and thanks for being my newest addition to the "Michelyn's Wedding Ring Envy Club."(I do in all honesty love my ring, so this is more sarcasm than reality.) From what I understand, her ring cost an estimated $300,000 and consists of a large (4-5 carat) pear shaped diamond with stones adorning the sides, presumably set in platinum. I can not wait for this celebrity wedding!


SN: The boys will make cute ring bearers!

 Elise Novak. Now here is a cutey for you. Kevin Love's girlfriend is too precious. She is a pre-med student at UCLA where she is also on the dance team. Perhaps she will show us a move or two during the Olympic games!

Jada Paul. Chris and Jada's wedding was showcased on Essence's Bridal Bliss and I did enjoy reading their love story. Check out their lavish wedding... She too used purples/lavendar. Must be a sign :)

Nina Earl. My sources suggest that former UCLA women's basketball player, Nina Earl is dating Russell Westbrook. If these two do make it down the aisle their children will be predestined to be superb athletes. 

Amy Williams. This couple makes me cry because they have known each other since they were in the 2nd grade! They began dating in high school, married after college, and now have two daughters! Loves it!!!!


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