October 20, 2015

Violet Catharina: 4 Months

Weight: 13lbs 9oz

Diaper Size:2s

Clothing Size:
3-6 Month & 6 Month

Eye Color: Dark Brown 

Adventures this Month: This month we returned to Athens whilst a growth spurt. It was not the most pleasurable return home, but we returned alive. This month has also brought some calm in our daily lives. We have been trying to work on a daily schedule since mommy returns to work later this month.

Favorite Toy: Violet enjoys her bounce around/exersaucer. She too favors Sophie the Giraffe though Prince may like her even more. And, of course, she still loves the mirror and walks/movement breaks.

Violet & Prince Relationship: Prince cherishes the times when Miss V is napping and when she goes to bed. He is getting more and more familiar with her presence, but overall desires to be the center of attention. 

Hair:Getting longer each and every day!

Teeth: We started teething, and I hear that we will be discussing this topic for some time. Violet seems to be doing well with it, she just constantly has her fingers in her mouth or mouthing toys. However, mouthing of toys and her hands means she is reaching ever more milestones! 

Eats: Violet eats every 3 hours around the clock!!!

Sleeping Habits: Well, our great sleeping came to an end once we returned to Athens. We transitioned from her bassinet to crib, and saw a decrease in continual sleep. Now, we have made some strides because there was a time in which she was absolutely terrified of being IN the crib. She now sleeps in the crib, but is struggling with putting herself to sleep during naps, specifically, and frequent mid-night feedings. I know this too shall pass, and she will be sleeping soundly in her crib like she was in the bassinet some time in the near future - how near is up to Miss Violet!

Milestones: Violet is a talking machine! It is so fun to have baby conversations with her. Like previous months, she continues to giggle but especially at her daddy! She is really good at rolling from her back to side, she even enjoys sleeping on her side and I know in the coming weeks she is going to roll all the way over. I swear she not flipping all the way over because of her distaste for tummy time. We are hoping that once she can transition from back to tummy, that maybe she will enjoy tummy-time a little better. I recently purchased a new tummy-time mat, she currently has two different mats, so this is #3. But, this last one also has a keyboard so I am hoping that will peak her interest.

Looking forward to: Ohio MBB season getting under way. 

Michelyn Cynthia