June 15, 2011


Are you sick of your nails chipping after 2 days? Or, accidentally nicking a nail the MOMENT you step out of the salon? We have all dealt with post-manicure devastation in our day.

Save that frustration and try- SHELLAC!

  • 14-day wear (you can actually go like 20)
  • ZERO dry time
  • Shiny finish
  • Comes off quickly & pain-free
  • No nicks, smudges, or chips!
  • Few color choices vs traditional nail polish

Visit their website to find a salon in your area!


June 10, 2011

Restful Retreat: Lake Geneva Style

A few weeks ago J surprised me with a celebratory and relaxing get away to Grand Geneva Resort & Spa! For some time now I knew that he would plan a restful retreat the week after my dissertation proposal, but he outdid himself. Here is the picture of The Lodge where we stayed at Grand Geneva.

I was so excited to go to Lake Geneva for the weekend as I had heard great reviews. Lake Geneva has a long history of being a popular summer retreat for Chicago's wealthy termed, the "Hamptons of the Midwest." The town is so cute with a scenic downtown area filled with boutiques, fudge shops, and other great fooderies!

Our room faced the golf course and lake

Although this shot was taken from their website, I think it is a pretty close estimate of our location from the 2nd floor balcony. 

And we had a tv INSIDE the bathroom mirror! How cool is that?

The weekend was filled with many firsts!

Our first FIRST: We went horseback riding!!!! I had never been horseback riding and have shared with J my desires to so one day. When he told me to dress casually in jeans and tennis shoes for our ride from Madison to Lake Geneva; I was a little skeptical as to what was in store. I NEVER wear jeans and tennis shoes! (The only time I wear tennis shoes is to go running or to go to the gym!) When I saw the jeans J was wearing to pick me up,  I was still clueless. Clueless because he was wearing jeans that I despise and the whole car ride down I was thinking how I should have disposed of those particular jeans last summer when we purchase two new pair! To make matters worse- we checked in, walked around the resort and even downtown Lake Geneva with him IN THOSE JEANS! When we pulled up to the barn I finally got it! I began to cry out of pure excitement! I have found a man that truly listens!

Our second FIRST: Wine tasting!!!! Now, I have partaken in plenty of "wine tasting" in my day, but never with professionals! Now, that we have one under our belt, I am ready for more. I so enjoyed the interesting facts the wine guides (I am not certain of their official name) shared during the wine tasting. We tried 6 different wine (3 white, 3 red) and we even found a red that Jason and I both enjoy. The food at the wine tasting was also ah-ma-zing! They had mustard pickled dried fruit that was simply delicious, so light and refreshing. I am sure many of you are thinking eww, but do not turn up your nose until you try it for yourself. And there was so many other good yummies to accompany the dried fruit like breads, cheeses, olives, artichokes, the list goes on..... Yum! Next time we go on a wine tour, one of us has to be the note-taker like Js mother does when his parents visit Napa Valley. She does not drink alcohol, so Dr. K enjoys the wine tasting and she takes notes!

Our third FIRST: Couples massage!!!! Before our Lake Geneva Retreat J had never gotten a message! It was his first time getting a massage, my 100th, but both of ours first couples massage. It too was so nice. They gave us a foot bath prior to the massage and really made us feel calm and relaxed. J was so relaxed that he fell asleep and began snoring softly. It was so cute and I just smiled checking in on him periodically from my table.

Our fourth FIRST: Lake Geneva Boat Ride!!!!  It was so neat going on a narrated excursion of the Geneva Bay area of Lake Geneva. This portion of the lake houses all the elegant estates and summer homes of the very wealthy including: the Wrigleys, Schwinns, Maytags, and countless others. Simply breathtaking!

Thank you Love for a wonderful, restful retreat and I look forward to many more to come!


I Found It!

Ugh, so I am a little upset with myself for merely buying the first "girly" hydration pack that I could find, but I was somewhat desperate. Look what I found:
First, I am not completely sold on the Annadel as it too holds only 1.5L of h20. Hmm, it looks really cute though. I will continue to do some additional research but as it stands now; this will be my gift to myself when I decide to run my first marathon (more on that later). I will also purchase a new hydration pack after I find the perfect shoes to match! I am thinking the quest for the perfect pink/grey running shoe is going to be more difficult than a quick google search. See, fit/comfort is paramount for running shoes. My days of merely picking out a cute pair of shoes and terming them my “universal athletic shoe” are over. Oh no, this Brains & Beauty Running Girl deliberates on purchasing running shoes. Do not get me wrong- my fashion sense does play a small role in my athletic wear purchases. These decisions, however, are merely not as big as before or in other ensemble decision-making.

SN: It is 60 degrees in Madison. REALLY!

 Off for a run....

<3 Michelyn

June 8, 2011

Hydration 101

The weather in Madison has been so crazy. As I look outside, a huge thunderstorm is coming through town but just yesterday (and the days before it) it was SCORCHING HOT! I am talking about reaching 100 degrees (so it was like 98, close enough). I was beginning to think that I had miraculously got on a plan and traveled down to Tampa! But the problem with the weather is that it just hit us so quickly. It was only like two weeks ago when the temperature was in the 70s.

Well, this wretchedly hot temperature has put a thorn in my side in regards to my running. A few posts ago, I shared about my injury. Well, I can happily share that my ankle is back in perfect shape! I am ecstatic, and can now begin training for an upcoming 1/2 marathon. Yipee. I am planning to run the Detroit Lakes 1/2 Marathon on September 11th. I have never been to the lakes in upper MN, but hear they are beautiful and a few of J's friends have lake homes so I am sure we can make a weekend of it!

Ok, so back on topic- sorry. Last week I began my training for the upcoming half but the heat nearly killed me (Bible!- Kardashian inside joke, hehe). I tried going on a long run (8 miles) Sunday and could only push through 5 miles because I was so dehydrated. Like I am talking about the type of dehydration that the roof of your mouth is like sandpaper. It was all I could to walk the last 3 miles home! I must admit that I struggle running with a water bottle and tried the water belts, but was not keen on them either. I had purchased a cute pink one in size Small and the belt flopped all over my waist. Hmm, I am by no means a tiny person so if a Small moves around on my waist- what does it do on a tiny person's waist? Lately I have been reading more runner's blogs and came across the topic of hydration packs. I had seen/read about these before but reading the post gave me the "ah-ha" moment to purchase my own.

Yesterday I went on a 7 mile run and was comforted with my new 2011 Skeeter Raspberry CamelBak hydration backpack

Isn't it cute? Yes, I know! And it matches my running shoes! Now I must admit that it only holds 1.5L of water, which is not a lot and is intended for kids! Ha, so fitting for me. And it was a "in the moment" purchase so I was happy with the $30 price tag! Since I am currently only training for a half marathon, I think it is fitting. I am going to do some additional research to find a cute grey and pink one to match my Garmin Forerunner 210 which was gifted to me by Jason, and then I should look into a pair of pink/grey running shoes. MOTIVATION!

Now that I have my "Raspberry Pack" I am also on the quest to better hydrate and nourish myself for prosperous runs. Check out this Runner's World article, Drink This, to learn more about fluid replacement and happy running to all!



June 7, 2011

I'm Back!

Hi followers! It has been quite some time since I last blogged! I have not forgotten about you! Instead, I have been following all of you on my "breaks." So some may be wondering- where have I been? Well, I have been quite busy and stressed as I finalized my dissertation proposal. I proposed nearly three weeks ago and it went pretty well. Pretty well for being in a room for 2 hrs with 5 committee members critiquing every minute detail of your research project. Well that stressful period was followed by weekends full of enjoyment! Specifically, I went to DC twice. Once for my cousin's Forever Young 30th Birthday Rendezvous, then two weeks later for her law school graduation and my girlfriend's bridal shower/bachelorette weekend. Then I had a relaxing vacay with my beau to Lake Geneva (can't wait to share that trip!) and a quick Fargo trip to solidify my internship in the Moorhead Area Public Schools. Now that my stress has subsided (thank the Lord).... I am back to blogging. I have so much to share with you!!!