August 27, 2014

Top 4 Reasons Why I Enjoy Working From Home

How was your Tuesday?!? Mine was mediocre. Like many other Mondays before, I struggled to arise for my 6am workout; and therefore, was left to go after work. But, you are wondering, wasn't yesterday Tuesday? Yes, it was but this occurred two days in a row! Now I love the pm class, but I do enjoy the benefits of getting my workout done in the morning. Overall, I feel like I get more done in my day, and less time is dreading my after work workout during my entire work day. On Monday I did a CrossFit workout, and yesterday I decided to go for a medium-distance run and we took Prince for a walk since it was national Dog Day!

Does anyone regret not arising in the wee hours of the morning to complete their workout?

I too had a plethora of meetings, and files spread all about my desk. Why is it that this year I have multiple students with the same first name, or one's with similar last names. I swear, I am going a little cray-cray!

Overall, I am looking forward to when the new school year settles down a bit. And Mr. Prince is not really obliging my work-day schedule. I think he got a little too comfortable with all the attention he was receiving during our summer break - poor guy! Today I felt like a human mother bribing him with numerous treats to settle down while I was in back-to-back meetings.

But in the end, I would not trade my situation for anything. Here are my top 5 reasons for enjoying my work-from-home gig!

4. Increased H20 Consumption with Facilities Close By. Ok, I am sure you are thinking I have lost it... Well, you are somewhat correct, lol. I have dealt with this issue for years, and the doctors simply say that I have a smaller bladder, and there is really nothing to worry about. Now its not like really, really bad; but, enough that it is severely compacted by the surplus of water that I drink on a daily basis. I aim to drink 1 gallon of water a day, and on a bad day, drink about 1/2 gallon. This means that I frequent the ladies room habitually, and I am blessed to have my office in a nook in our master bedroom. I just simply walk across the room to use the facilities. Yes, it is pretty convenient.

3. 10-Minute 5-Minute Work Preparation. Let's be real! I really do not have a need to get gussied up for my job many days. Last year I did share my horror story of being completely unprepared to leave the house, and Prince had an emergency. Since that situation, I at least wear a somewhat match-able ensemble - one that would not completely embarrass me if an emergency would arise. Now, I still do not wear make-up on most days, and my hair can be found twisted on the top of my head; but, its a far cry from the days when I would literally roll out of bed and sit at my desk!

2. Prince. I know, he is too precious and fills by day with joy on most occasions. Lately, he has been a little more annoying than typical, but that is mainly because he is not enjoying my workday schedule, which means less attention for him. He too is not enjoying the wood floors. In our previous house, we had carpet in our bedroom suite which also housed by office area. Our current residence is 100% wood floors. Prince does have a doggy bed which he only uses to "store" his toys and goodies. People, I can't make these things up! He too is such a hoarder, lol.

He has discovered a new-found love for laying on my work chair whilst I work. Well, he is no toy-sized dog so it can be quite interesting. He too has been demanding to lay in my lap while I work. Both have made typing and holding meetings rather difficult, but we somehow manage. 

1. Eating Healthy. Working from home prevents me from being tempted by high-calorie goodies that are so common in many workplaces. Now, I also have to be planful about my daily diet. I tend to not take a lunch break, so I have too often found myself at 3pm starving from not eating a snack or even lunch. But in the end, I am able to eat a healthy diet on a daily basis, and it is often very fresh since I have the entire kitchen at my disposal.


Question of the Day: What strategies do you use to get up early for morning workouts?

August 24, 2014

Run Like A Girl

It's been a busy summer and a few plans fell to the wayside. I had plans to run two different half marathons - both in August. Welp, August is nearly over and I ran neither. Not a very good look I agree, but that does not mean I completely threw in the towel. Last week I registered for the Run Like A Girl Half Marathon in Columbus, OH in October.

I have another 6 weeks to train for this half, and running in Athens is simply no joke! No joke for two reasons. First,  I have found it somewhat challenging to incorporate my training whilst doing CrossFit WODs. Difficult only because the CrossFit WODs are so taxing, but I am determined to get in some good runs in preparation. Second, Athens has sone pretty hilly areas, and lets be honest - I despise hill training. If I stick to the Hockkocking Adena Bikeway, then the path is flat and pretty simple. I, however, tend to get a little bored, and when I try to incorporate some runs throughout Uptown and Campus area, it gets a little tough.  I guess this is a good thing - I know I need to work on my weaknesses, but its not too fun!

I figured I would resurrect my Workout in Review postings on Sunday so that I can stay accountable and also so I can start tracking my CrossFit workouts again!


August 22, 2014

Working Woman From the Home

Happy Friday! I am ever so happy that this week has come to an end. My work started two weeks ago, but this week was pure mayhem. There were too many instances in which I was deep in thought writing an email or notes, and my phone would ring 1, 2, and even three times in a row. Eek, sometimes it was even the same teacher calling in a panic. I have felt like my hand has either been to my ear or feverishly typing away all week!

Yesterday, one of my co-workers and I did a presentation for the K-5 special education team down in Columbus. I know Columbus is only 1.5 hours away, but I am not liking the drive anymore after doing it a few times. Yes, I am complaining, but I seriously dread driving in the car.

The presentation went over very well, but I was even more excited to have a reason to get dressed for the day! That is one of the pitfalls of working from home. I am caught many days wearing my workout clothes, if I don't go at 6am, or Coach Kemp's old basketball shorts and a tank. I keep it real classy over here!

My husband just knew that I would dislike this gig because I would not have opportunities to get dressed and interact with people on a daily basis. I surprisingly love the job because of that! I still find many opportunities to get dressed and to be social. In my books, it is a win win situation.

What are your thoughts on my outfit?

I just love my new top from Corilynn. This is my third piece from this designer, and I just swoon over all her designs. I have said it before, but the quality of her clothes is wonderful. She pays such a good amount to detail, and she is just precious too!

I had originally planned to wear this top with white cigarette pants, but changed my mind at the last minute! I think this top is so versatile. It would also be super cute with a full skirt. You will see this top again, I am sure!

Top: Corilynn
Capris: Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: Nine West
Earrings & Bracelet: Gifted


August 20, 2014

Ohio University Canada Trip Days 5 & 6: To Sum it All Up!

To sum it all up, the trip to Montreal was a success! On day five we were able to tour Olympic Stadium, home of the 1976 Games. This was where Bruce Jenner made a name for himself winning the gold medal in the decathalon. The team got to take pictures outside of the stadium which was great.

The city of Montreal finally paid off their debt for the Olympic complex in 2008, and was a major debt for the city over the course of multiple decades…especially after the Montreal Expos left town. 

As far as our third and final game, we played against Brookwood Elite. It was our most complete performance of the tour, and we were able to play well without Senior guard Bean Willis. 

After the game, we ate at an authentic Lebanese restaurant which was recommended by our tour guide George. It was great food and reminded me of Saalam Restaurant in Athens. After dinner, we got to head up to Saint Catherine’s street which was very unique. There are a bunch of restaurants, vendors, etc… on this street. We were, however, pummeled by a rain storm, but luckily the Marriott had umbrellas for the staff! 

On the way home we got a great view of New York City from the sky. 

What a place that is! 

 When we arrived back at the Convo, we noticed the new banners that have been hung in the center of the arena. They look great! 

All in all, we were very fortunate as a new staff to be able to take this trip. We saw a group of guys come together as a team and gut out three wins, under some pretty difficult circumstances. We cannot wait for the season to start but until then, the Bobcats are CANADIAN NATIONAL CHAMPS!

Go Bobcats
Coach Kemp

August 16, 2014

Ohio University Canada Trip Days 3 & 4: Crepes, Chucks & Champs

Wow…The last two days have flown by, and have been jam packed with a lot of great events for the Bobcats! Wednesday began with a trip to Quebec City. We drove inside the city walls of Old Quebec. The cobblestone streets reminded us a little bit of Court Street in uptown Athens. The area was filled with shops, vendors, and stands where you could bargain for a deal if you found a souvenir you liked.


After our tour of Old Quebec we were off to pre-game meal, and our game against Laval University. Laval had played against Vermont and Indiana in the past few weeks, and were a solid team. Our guys showed a ton of resilience after a long day of travel, and a full schedule of touring. At one point in the game we were up by 17 points and Laval fought their way back into it. We were able to come away with the win. The highlight of the game for me was Wadly Mompremier's efforts on the glass. He came away with 11 rebounds and a bunch of blocked shots. It has been great to see him continue to develop. 

Final Score: 78-72!

Day four was our off day, and we let the guys explore Montreal. We first went to a very famous church in downtown Montreal. The only way you can hold events there is to receive a state order from the Canadian government. Apparantly Celine Dion is a big deal because she had her wedding at this church. Everything in the sanctuary was handcrafted. 

Later in the day, our tour guide George took the coaches out for lunch. We went to Schwart's Deli, and ordered a Canadian smoked meat sandwich. It reminded me of our pastrami or corned beef sandwich similar to what you would order in a New York deli. 

 He also took us to try a crepe ice cream cone. The French influence is definitely here in Montreal! 

When nighttime arrived, our coaching staff had the chance to dine with some great supporters of our program who came to watch us play. We cannot thank them enough for their support! A few of them even brought their shoes, in case we need them for a game!

Today we will tour the Olympic Stadium, where the 1976 games were held. Maybe I can find the exact spot where Bruce Jenner from the Kardashians received his gold medal…Michelyn will be jealous!

Go Bobcats!
Coach Kemp

August 14, 2014

Ohio University Canada Trip Day 2: Prayers & Wins

First things first…The Bobcats have the best fans in basketball! Our group of travelers almost outnumbered the home team last night!

Day #2 of our trip around Canada began with a drive around some of the nicest areas of the city. Many of the neighborhoods reminded me of our old neighborhood in Toledo, Old Orchard.
Picture taken from tour bus!

The tour was highlighted by a stop at Saint Joseph's Oratory on Mount Royal in Montreal. It was founded by Brother Andre, who was a priest here long ago. It is a massive structure that can seat up to 10,000 worshipers. I still cannnot get over the size of the organ in the back of the sanctuary. People from all over the world come to this church to receive the blessings of Saint Joseph. It was packed! 

It was a great cultural experience for our team, but was highlighted by a family that traveled to Montreal from Asia who recognized Coach Phillips from the NCAA Tournament run at NDSU last year. 

Also, we learned that our very own Wadly Mompremier is fluent in Creole, which is a dialect of the French language. We never knew that until he was speaking to a group of New Yorkers who were originally from Haiti. 

The game last night against Queens University went about like we would expect for a first outing. One great statistical measure for success going forward is that our opponent hit 12 threes, most of them heavily contested and we were still able to win. The guys have listened and processed everything we have preached thus far. 

Final Score: 80-75!

Today we will tour Quebec City, and see how we fare against a very good Laval University team. 

Go Bobcats
Coach Kemp

August 13, 2014

Ohio Bobcat Canada Trip: Travel Day & Welcome to Montreal!

Greetings from Montreal. I am taking over Michelyn's blog for a few days since she is not in Canada with us, but is enjoying time with Mom Darlene in Athens. We had a very early wake up call on Tuesday morning to get to the Columbus airport. Our connection was through LaGuardia airport which has vastly improved in the last few years. From there we had a short 44 minute flight to Montreal.

So far from what I have seen, the city reminds me of Downtown Milwaukee with a lot more European architecture.

Last night we ate at an Irish Pub that had authentic Irish food. It was great! I guess with all this food I am going to experience, I better stay up on my workouts. Its time to head down to the hotel fitness center! Check in later in the week for game updates! Game #1 is tonight at 7pm!

Coach Kemp

August 12, 2014

Two Years + Moving On

Yesterday, Coach Kemp and I celebrated two years of wedded bliss! The last two years have flown by so quickly! I remember as a youngster my mother stating that as one ages time seems to progress even quicker. At that time I did not understand her statement, now I completely concur!

The Ohio MBB left for Montreal yesterday for their international tour! Coach Kemp is planning to take over the blog for the next few days! I elected to not travel with the team since I recently started work, and I knew it would be such a quick foreign tour - they will be gone for six days. I, however, will be going to Hawaii over Christmas, holler!

In other news...

It's been a little quiet over on the blog for good reason. I am sure I will touch on the events at some time, but for now I will leave with this quote that has eased some of my recently feelings!