August 20, 2014

Ohio University Canada Trip Days 5 & 6: To Sum it All Up!

To sum it all up, the trip to Montreal was a success! On day five we were able to tour Olympic Stadium, home of the 1976 Games. This was where Bruce Jenner made a name for himself winning the gold medal in the decathalon. The team got to take pictures outside of the stadium which was great.

The city of Montreal finally paid off their debt for the Olympic complex in 2008, and was a major debt for the city over the course of multiple decades…especially after the Montreal Expos left town. 

As far as our third and final game, we played against Brookwood Elite. It was our most complete performance of the tour, and we were able to play well without Senior guard Bean Willis. 

After the game, we ate at an authentic Lebanese restaurant which was recommended by our tour guide George. It was great food and reminded me of Saalam Restaurant in Athens. After dinner, we got to head up to Saint Catherine’s street which was very unique. There are a bunch of restaurants, vendors, etc… on this street. We were, however, pummeled by a rain storm, but luckily the Marriott had umbrellas for the staff! 

On the way home we got a great view of New York City from the sky. 

What a place that is! 

 When we arrived back at the Convo, we noticed the new banners that have been hung in the center of the arena. They look great! 

All in all, we were very fortunate as a new staff to be able to take this trip. We saw a group of guys come together as a team and gut out three wins, under some pretty difficult circumstances. We cannot wait for the season to start but until then, the Bobcats are CANADIAN NATIONAL CHAMPS!

Go Bobcats
Coach Kemp

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