August 12, 2014

Two Years + Moving On

Yesterday, Coach Kemp and I celebrated two years of wedded bliss! The last two years have flown by so quickly! I remember as a youngster my mother stating that as one ages time seems to progress even quicker. At that time I did not understand her statement, now I completely concur!

The Ohio MBB left for Montreal yesterday for their international tour! Coach Kemp is planning to take over the blog for the next few days! I elected to not travel with the team since I recently started work, and I knew it would be such a quick foreign tour - they will be gone for six days. I, however, will be going to Hawaii over Christmas, holler!

In other news...

It's been a little quiet over on the blog for good reason. I am sure I will touch on the events at some time, but for now I will leave with this quote that has eased some of my recently feelings!


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