August 24, 2014

Run Like A Girl

It's been a busy summer and a few plans fell to the wayside. I had plans to run two different half marathons - both in August. Welp, August is nearly over and I ran neither. Not a very good look I agree, but that does not mean I completely threw in the towel. Last week I registered for the Run Like A Girl Half Marathon in Columbus, OH in October.

I have another 6 weeks to train for this half, and running in Athens is simply no joke! No joke for two reasons. First,  I have found it somewhat challenging to incorporate my training whilst doing CrossFit WODs. Difficult only because the CrossFit WODs are so taxing, but I am determined to get in some good runs in preparation. Second, Athens has sone pretty hilly areas, and lets be honest - I despise hill training. If I stick to the Hockkocking Adena Bikeway, then the path is flat and pretty simple. I, however, tend to get a little bored, and when I try to incorporate some runs throughout Uptown and Campus area, it gets a little tough.  I guess this is a good thing - I know I need to work on my weaknesses, but its not too fun!

I figured I would resurrect my Workout in Review postings on Sunday so that I can stay accountable and also so I can start tracking my CrossFit workouts again!


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