April 16, 2011

Speaking One's World into Existence

Many years ago Florence Scovel Shinn's book, "The Game of Life & How to Play It" was suggested to me. Today, the book resonates with me for so many reasons especially the authors writings about the "law of expectancy." He writes:

" 'Keep thy heart (or imagination) with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.' (Prov. 4:23.) This means that what man images, sooner or later externalizes in his affairs. (p. 7)."

BELIEVE and you can ACHIEVE!


April 10, 2011

Rehabilitation... Not So Much!

About a month ago, actually I know the exact date- Friday, March 4th, I went for a run. During this run I had to make a pit stop to use the restroom and upon leaving the building I missed a step and rolled my ankle. Now this was no ordinary roll, it was with all my force and body weight, ouch! At first, I thought I had really hurt myself but after "walking out the pain" I figured I was a-ok. Hmm, not so much. After a solid 8 mile run, I came home to discover that my ankle was ginormous. O-M-G. What had I done? So a week passed of me being in denial that I had seriously hurt my ankle and I made a few (3, to be exact) attempts to run... After my short denial phase, I realized that I had seriously injured my ankle and went to the doctor. Luckily I had not broken any bones, but I had torn some ligaments on the exterior portion of my ankle (the doctor told me the exact names but they were too technical for me to commit to memory). I met with the Physical Therapist who instructed me to continue to ice 3 x day, gave me some exercises, and a brace to wear at night. She also informed me that it would take a between 6-8 weeks for my ankle to completely heal, but that I could probably begin running after 4-5 weeks....

So for three weeks I have not run outside or inside, for that matter! (although I despise running inside on a treadmill so this rarely occurs) This past month has made me realize that I better never become addicted to anything because I have been so envious of other runners! The weather has been ideal for running and I have not been able to enjoy the perfect running weather.

Well on Friday I had had enough! I went for a run! I know, I should not have but it felt glorious! I even was able to wear my new Under Armor hooded top that Jason bought me! It is so cute! Its purple (of course), long-sleeved with thumb holes, and super comfy. So I probably looked a little foolish on Friday because the weather was cool, but maybe not cool enough to wear ColdGear, but I just had to wear my new gift!

So that was my excuse on Friday. Hmm, I am not certain what my excuse was today besides the fact that my running buddy, Mya, called and asked if I wanted to join her in a short run (3.5 miles). Sure, that is the excuse I will use.

In all, my rehab is not complete. My ankle is not sore at the moment but I think I am going to hold off running Crazy Legs at the end of this month and the Madison 1/2 Marathon at the end of May.  I definitely did not take the advice of the doctor because he said to ease into my running... Does he consider 4 miles easing in? Ha, I think not. He said 1 mile! Oh well, I would not have even broken a sweat with a 1mile run. I have decided that I will only run distances of under 4 miles for the rest of the month. I can truly stick to that. Additionally, I am going to stick to flat terrain.

Happy Running and Rehabilitation for those nursing injuries!


April 5, 2011

Deep Conditioning

You know it never seems to amaze me how much energy and time women spend on beauty products, especially those for their hair and face. This morning I overheard two female gym employees discussing hair products at the front desk. One woman had a pad of paper and pen, while the other was sharing her quintessential hair products. As I checked in, I chuckled and realized that hair is a BIG deal! 

So now I ask you... What conditioners do you swear by? My cousin Jessica recently shared with me that she uses olive oil (yea, the kind you use for cooking) for occasional deep conditioning treatments. My girlfriend, Travelle, swears by Parnevu's Leave-In Conditioner for daily conditioning.

Divulge your conditioners and I will post what everyone shares!

For beauties sake!