April 10, 2011

Rehabilitation... Not So Much!

About a month ago, actually I know the exact date- Friday, March 4th, I went for a run. During this run I had to make a pit stop to use the restroom and upon leaving the building I missed a step and rolled my ankle. Now this was no ordinary roll, it was with all my force and body weight, ouch! At first, I thought I had really hurt myself but after "walking out the pain" I figured I was a-ok. Hmm, not so much. After a solid 8 mile run, I came home to discover that my ankle was ginormous. O-M-G. What had I done? So a week passed of me being in denial that I had seriously hurt my ankle and I made a few (3, to be exact) attempts to run... After my short denial phase, I realized that I had seriously injured my ankle and went to the doctor. Luckily I had not broken any bones, but I had torn some ligaments on the exterior portion of my ankle (the doctor told me the exact names but they were too technical for me to commit to memory). I met with the Physical Therapist who instructed me to continue to ice 3 x day, gave me some exercises, and a brace to wear at night. She also informed me that it would take a between 6-8 weeks for my ankle to completely heal, but that I could probably begin running after 4-5 weeks....

So for three weeks I have not run outside or inside, for that matter! (although I despise running inside on a treadmill so this rarely occurs) This past month has made me realize that I better never become addicted to anything because I have been so envious of other runners! The weather has been ideal for running and I have not been able to enjoy the perfect running weather.

Well on Friday I had had enough! I went for a run! I know, I should not have but it felt glorious! I even was able to wear my new Under Armor hooded top that Jason bought me! It is so cute! Its purple (of course), long-sleeved with thumb holes, and super comfy. So I probably looked a little foolish on Friday because the weather was cool, but maybe not cool enough to wear ColdGear, but I just had to wear my new gift!

So that was my excuse on Friday. Hmm, I am not certain what my excuse was today besides the fact that my running buddy, Mya, called and asked if I wanted to join her in a short run (3.5 miles). Sure, that is the excuse I will use.

In all, my rehab is not complete. My ankle is not sore at the moment but I think I am going to hold off running Crazy Legs at the end of this month and the Madison 1/2 Marathon at the end of May.  I definitely did not take the advice of the doctor because he said to ease into my running... Does he consider 4 miles easing in? Ha, I think not. He said 1 mile! Oh well, I would not have even broken a sweat with a 1mile run. I have decided that I will only run distances of under 4 miles for the rest of the month. I can truly stick to that. Additionally, I am going to stick to flat terrain.

Happy Running and Rehabilitation for those nursing injuries!


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