October 31, 2014

Coaches Corner: OU Oh Yeah!

In today's post, I had the opportunity to sit down with Coach Kemp, Assistant Basketball Coach at Ohio University, to learn a little about his transition from Toledo to Ohio, and how the 2014-15 MBB is progressing thus far.


In your last BBB interview (The Madness Never Stops), you were wrapping up your first season at Toledo. Now, you are in your first year at Ohio. Was the transition from Toledo to Ohio challenging?

Challenging, but a good challenge. Moving jobs twice in 10 months has been a lot of work to get accustomed to new surroundings, but it has been fun. Fun because I enjoy building relationships with the players. This group of players have been enjoyable to be around. In addition, the transition to Ohio has been pretty easy because I worked with this staff at NDSU.

We see that this summer was a little crazy with the transition with Coach Phillips, how do you feel going into the 2014-15 MBB season? 

I feel that we have been able to assemble a roster that we can win with. The players have been attentive and willing to learn, and they are a group that has already experienced success in their careers. I really like our young guys as well. If we can keep everything positive the sky is the limit for this group.

Are you ready for a vacation? 

Absolutely. I was actually just commenting to my brother that I haven’t been back to Madison (hometown) in almost two years now. I guess moving will do that to you. Although Madison is nice, I think a warm weather vacation is long overdue. However, we will be traveling to Hawaii in Christmas for the Diamond Head Classic -working trip for me; vacation for Michelyn.

Any comical events occur during recent practices?

Nothing too crazy, but Wadly Mompremier is a funny guy. Also our most improved player to this point. He is making great strides every day...

Oh! There was the time that Treg Setty tripped over his own feet trying to run to the sideline.  That video pretty much went viral in Bobcat land and we had fun with it.

We've got some great personalities on the team so it is easy to have fun.

How are the guys doing in practice?

Just like any team at the beginning of the year, particularly a team with a new coaching staff; we have had some growing pains but they come to work every day and play extremely hard.  We are a week out from our first competition, and two weeks from our regular season opener.  It is important that we continue to improve over these next two weeks.

Which games are you most looking forward to?

I am really looking forward to the tournament in Hawaii. The Diamond Head Classic will be a lot of fun, and it will be great to compete against the likes of George Washington, Wichita State, and Nebraska.  It would be great to play against our former boss Tim Miles.  We all had some great times at North Dakota State, and his team would be a challenge.  They have built a winner quickly in Lincoln.

Will you be writing articles for College Chalktalk again?

Yes! It was a great experience last year and I will be writing five entries for them this year. Chris DiSano of College Chalktalk was gracious enough to invite me back.  I am hoping to add to their video series this year, in addition to guest bloggers for a few entries.  It should be fun!

I hear your wife made you buy green pants, any word if we can see you adorned in a green jacket?

That is a possibility! I do know however, the green pants will not be worn during a game even though I think I look good in Green…Go BOBCATS!


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October 28, 2014

Curly Girl Lusting

Negative Nancy came out several times in yesterday’s post, but I then got to thinking… fall/winter is great for many women’s hair!

The cool weather and less humidity really does wonders to my natural curls, and I am grateful! But, I am like every woman on this planet, and never truly happy with her hair. So, I have been drooling over Instagram and Pinterest over these beauties...



Also, follow my CurlyQ Pinterest Page for constant pins about naturally curly styles and products!

I am not completely over my hair! It is really coming along, but this frequent moving is not great as I have not been consistent with one stylist that specializes in curly hair.

Recently, I found a new hairdresser in the Columbus area and am hooked. I found Evan after a thorough Facebook search of curly hair dressers in Central Ohio. I did what any normal person would do and stalked him through Facebook and Instagram, and then read the reviews on naturallycurly.com.

And I seriously stalked this poor man. Ha, after my cut he posted a picture of me on Instagram. He asked for my Instagram name, and then noted that I have “liked” many of his pictures! Hehe, it does not get any better than that! Yes, I confessed to being his curly-haired stalker and we laughed!

He was previously working at his mother’s salon, Elements Luxury Salon by Carolyn, but is opening his own salon, The Evan Joseph Salon, in the Short North Arts District (15 West 1st Avenue) on November 1st! His mother Carolyn has beautiful curly hair herself. Evan shares that she was his first curly-haired "client" utilizing the Lorainne Massey approach.

I already booked my next appointment in allowing ample time for shopping before and after my hair appointment. It is my understanding that the Short North Arts District is where all the shopping is to be had!

So besides the shopping, I am so glad I found Evan because I have been trying to embrace the Curly Girl method. I now only use DevaCurl products, and really trying to vow to not straighten my hair.

Evan not only cuts your hair, but he instructs you on proper care and maintenance which is invaluable. I believe he would agree that I have embraced many of the tenets outlined by Lorrainne; however, I still have a few bad habits to break.

He too carries Tela Organics and Briogeo which are new to me. I am hoping at my next visit we try out some of those products so I can determine if I should try those lines as well.  


October 27, 2014

The Haunted Farm Date Night Edition

Happy Monday BBB Readers!

Are you ready for another work week?

I surely am hoping that this one is better than my previous. I had a small rant in Saturday’s Weekly Round-Up II that you may lead some to worry about my sanity! I may need to consider yoga (namaste)!

Thank heavens Coach Kemp and I had a fun-filled Saturday with a fall-themed date-night in Lancaster, OH. We dined at Ale House 1890 and then went to The Haunted Farm.

I was not overly impressed with Ale House 1890. Coach Kemp’s steak sat out while they finished my salmon for a tad longer than I would have liked! Food preparation and timing is essential. I do get a little peeved when one patron’s food is sitting there while they finish the production of the other meal. He remarked that the flavor was good, but it simply bothered me. I too was bothered in the fact that I got a very small portion of sweet potato fries (I switched out the rice), and the couple sitting next to me got a heaping of a serving. And, I had previously overheard them discussing switching out their mashed potatoes for sweet potato fries, so they did not order an “extra” side. Now, my waistline is ever so thankful for the smaller portion; my inner fatty not so much!

I promise this post is not another “Negative Nancy” tirade….

After dinner we trekked out a few miles to Pleasantville which was a little north of Lancaster. Lancaster has some beautiful older homes and neighborhoods.

The haunted farm is right off the rural highway. While we were driving, Coach Kemp shared his concern about the level of scary and gruesomeness. I assured him that we would have fun, and as we approached I assured him that it could not be that bad as there were plenty of children. 

Although I'm not a mother, I'm not sure if I would frequent the amusement with a child under 10, although we did see plenty of young youth.

I found this activity through the Athens County Visitor’s Bureau Facebook page! If you live in Athens County, make sure to "Like" their page for frequent notifications of area attractions and events.

To be honest, I did not really read much about The a Haunted Farm prior to scheduling it in our family calendar. I just thought it would be fun to get out of Athens during the yearly Halloween in Athens debauchery.

Now that I am writing this post, I see that the land has a history of truly being haunted. W-H-A-T! Thank goodness I did not do a thorough review before last night lol. Coach and I knew they were actors, but there were times in the corn maze that one could truly get lost.

Coach and I went through the whole 3 attractions in a hugging, intertwined mess. I am certain that we were a sight to be seen. I led the way with Coach wrapped around me basically pushing me forward, urging me not to stop. And yes, Coach screamed more than once, lol. 

The Haunted Farm runs on Fridays and Saturday until November 1 of this year. If you are looking for a fun activity, then head that way.

Prior to our date night, I wanted my professional photographer aka Coach Kemp to practice his photography skills for the upcoming series on BBB, A-Game Attire. 

These photos were taken outside of our residence which may or may not be the setting for the A-Game Attire Posts. In my opinion Coach did a decent job especially given the fact that these were taken with my I-phone.

Am I the only one that dislikes fall and winter? Let me explain… It’s not the cold weather per se but the layering of clothing that must follow. I swear it looks as if I gained 15lbs in these pictures because of the chambray shirt + sweater. I have always been square-shaped which does not help, but O-M-G.

Ugh! I am not a huge fan of layers! Contrary to others’ beliefs that one can gain weight when it is cold, I am on the other team of losing weight so you look half way decent in fall/winter attire. 

Shirt: Old Navy
Sweater: Gap
Jeans: ShopBop
Boots: DSW
necklace: TJMaxx
Jackets: Stein Mart

If you are a college or high school men's basketball significant other (wife, fiance, girlfriend) and want to be featured in my inaugural A-Game Attire season, please email me at brainsbeautybymichelyn@gmail.com to learn more.

October 25, 2014

Weekly Round-up II

Hello weekend! How I longed for you for 5 days straight! 

Ugh, this week at work was challenging, and I am ever-so glad for a few days to unwind and not think about education and educational reform. 

My one question to policymakers is if they really evaluate and consider the impact these educational reforms have on our children and teachers! I am a huge proponent for improving  the educational trajectories and lives of all of our youth... But, do continual state-level assessments really do this? 

Parents, have you looked to see the number of tests our school-age children are now being asked to complete? I urge you to review their school calendar and take a look. And, the results are tied to teacher's pay! 

I understand accountability, but I am not sure if this is the best route. This whole Common Core initiative really has me flustered because now every teacher wants their struggling student to have an Individualized Education Program (IEP)! C-R-A-Z-Y, I tell  you!!!

Wow, that little intro was a monumental digress from my weekly round-up post! Let's see some eats and workouts from the week.

Butterflied Chicken with Roasted Vegetables

Pure amazingness was the chicken with roasted vegetables. The most challenging part of the directions was butterflying the chicken! I would highly recommend this recipe (can be found at the bottom of the Whole 30 recipe link) for any family as it is healthy and  basically a one pot meal so great for quick clean-up!

Scrambled Eggs with Butterflied Chicken, Roasted Potatoes & Brussel Sprouts, Organic Turkey Sausage & Strawberries

Paleo Sweet Potato Joes

I am not sure if I have shared enough my love for sweet potatoes. Lately, they have been eaten at an all-time high. This recipe was sooo good, and super easy - another great one for families. 

I did not take pictures of the several lunches in which I had a sweet potato + nut butter with a side salad. It really is one of my favorite lunch combos!

Mexican Morning Scramble (Eggs & Pepper Mix), Avocado and Organic Turkey Sausage

Grilled Chicken Salad w/ Bacon & Cheese

Pumpkin Waffle (Pumkin & Eggs) And Organic Turkey Sausage

Turkey Sausage, Steamed Broccoli, & Red Pepper and Parmesean French Fries
Oh My Goodness these fries are to die for!!!!! I am on the hunt for a potato cutter because Coach Kemp and I have an affinity for all fries - sweet potato and now these! 

$20 Athens Farmer Market goods

Feel free to follow my Whole 30/Paleo Pinterest board for all of these recipes and so many more!

Weekly Workouts: October 19-25

7 Miles

5-5-5-5 Deadlift
My performance:: 165lbs

For Time
Wall Ball (14lbs)
Push ups
Lap with Ball (14lbs)
My Performance:: 12:43

For Time
5 rounds:
10 thrusters (I did 65lbs)
27 TTB
83 double unders
31 kettlebell swings
My Performance:: 28:31

12 min EMOM
4 Rows

10min AMRAP
10 hang power clean (I did 65lbs)
10 rung dips
20 air squats
My Performance:: 5 rounds

Rest Day
Ok, I hate when I take rest days and then I learn they did an awesome WOD. It happens EVERY time. 

3-3-3-3 Push Press
My Performance:: 85lbs

My Performance:: 14:10

Saturday (Open Gym)
I warmed up with a 500m of rows in 2:11.

I then worked on form for the following moves:
pull ups
overhead squasts

For Time:
15 x 2
Wall Ball (14 lbs)
Push Ups
Overhead squats (45lbs)
Walking Lunges (45lbs)
1min rest
My Performance:: 12:50


October 22, 2014

Watching Water Boil

That is presently my state of affairs.....watching water bowl, or rather for the beginning of the basketball season to begin!

It feels like this countdown to tip-off is moving ever so slow?!?

Maybe this is because my alma mater - University of Florida - is doing so poorly in college football that I am over football all together and ready for a new season - Basketball Season.

And alma mater #2 - University of Wisconsin - is already projected to win the Big Ten Conference. Hello repeat of last year's Final Four minus the part when both of MY teams lose!

It is my plan to attend the Final Four again this year as it will be hosted nearby, Indianapolis. You can read my reviews of last year's Final Four in my three-part review (Wednesday; Thursday & Friday; and Saturday & Sunday).

I am even more excited to be reunited with my former Toledo coach's wife, Rebekah Bennett.

And then there is the diva herself, Tish Mincy!

I miss these girls so much, and am starting a Final Four countdown in elation until we are reunited! Remember, I sang their praises in this blog post when we were leaving Toledo.

Until then....


October 20, 2014

The Countdown in On!

Only 25 more days until the Ohio Men's Basbetball officially kicks off its 2014-15 season!

Last week there were two really good articles about Saul Phillips, our head coach, and the program in general, that are worth a read.

FoxSports Article

Athens Ohio Today

I too am super excited about this season because of a new series that will begin very soon, A-Game Attire.

Are a college and/or high school coach's wife? Interested in sharing your game-day attire and style? If yes, contact me, for more information!


October 15, 2014

CrossFit Essentials

I have been doing CrossFit for a few months, and have slowly been purchasing some of the must-haves for any new-comer to the sport. Many of the items on my list have been purchased, are waiting to be delivered, or I am just waiting for the right opportunity to pull the trigger (i.e., buy online). So, let's see what nine things made my list!

1. Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 This lightweight, stabilizing shoe is great for your general WODs. It provides ample amount of flexibility for WODs with runs, but enough stability that one can get ample support and grip for exercises such as rope climbs to thrusters, and everything in between.

2. Reebok CrossFit Lifter Plus 2.1. You may be wondering, why in the world would one need two (or more) pairs of shoes for CrossFit. Well, this shoe is designed for heavy lifting like Olympic-style lifts and provides even more stability than the Nano. I have not purchased this shoe, but hope to soon, as it really allows you to grip the floor and feel stabilized when powering through heavy lifts!

3. Under Armour Power in Pink Water Bottle. When engaging in any of form of intensive exercise, one should stay hydrated and this water bottle will keep you hydrated in style.

4.Complete Light Compression Short 1.0 As you can see I am a fan of Hylete. As a member of CrossFit SEO, we get 20% off their entire website! Yes, please, and thank you. I love these shorts because they actually stay in place and are super flattering.

5. Knee High Performance Compression Socks 1.0 If you read my half marathon recap, you may have noticed that I wore pink compression sleeves. I can't really attest to them making a huge difference, but they were cute and matched my half marathon outfit. Well, I feel the same way about compression socks for CrossFit. I am not sure if I can tell a difference, but knee high socks look so cute with compression (boy) shorts, so I have purchased two pair so far :)

6. Ultra Thin CrossFit Adjustable Speed Cable Jump Rope Yes, the jump rope does matter! The speed cable jump ropes turn over quicker than a traditional jump rope. Make sure you buy one that is adjustable because you want to ensure it fits your height and ability levels. I recently learned that as a beginner, like myself, we want the rope slightly longer and then as you get better you can shorten it up a tad!

7. Weight Lifting Belt I recently got yelled at by my father for not wearing a weight lifting belt after boasting about my deadlift weight. As I improve on my form, I will need to invest in a weight lifting belt to ensure that I do not throw out my back.

8. Complete Performance 1.0 Hoodie Now that the weather is turning a little more cool, sweatshirts and long sleeve attire are ever more important, especially when you workout at a box because you WILL be running outdoors in ALL elements - rains, snow, sleet. Just last week it was pouring here in Athens and I just knew that the WOD would not include running outside... Guess who was wrong?!?! The WOD incorporated running 2.5 laps around the building and then 21 slamballs--7 times! Everyone was drenched!

9. Constantly Varied Gear This company has some of the cutest WOD, running, and workout tanks that I have seen thus far. They no longer have the tank above, but it was too cute not to post! Cute tanks and shirts are great for conversation starters, especially if you are new to a box.

Question of the Day: What gear do you think is essential for a CrossFit workout?


October 13, 2014

Would You Rather....

Have you ever played this as a drinking game? Well you don't have to play it as such, but it is how I was first introduced to the game. It's actually pretty amusing and a great way to get to know a group of people.

I played it with a few of my co-workers a few months ago (after hours and on a weekend!). When used as a game, you must guess the response of the individual. If you get it wrong, or do not guess the choice picked by the person, you have to drink.

Obviously there is no drinking involved with this post, but I thought it would be fun. Of course I want to know your responses too :)

1. Be blind or be deaf?
Although I consider my hearing to be a huge asset, I would chose to be deaf verse blind. When having conversations with others, I feel like one gathers so much more from one's expressions and body language as opposed to just the words that are coming out their mouth! 

I too enjoy running way too much, and relish my scenic routes to give that away. It would be a little more dangerous to run solo if I could not hear, but I would prefer to see the car coming for than just hearing it coming my way.

2. Be taller than you are or shorter than you are?
I would love to be taller and not because I think I am short. The pediatrician expected that I would be 6ft, but I am only about 5ft 7.5 inches tall. When I was younger I did not enjoy being the tallest girl in my class, or at least one of them, but now I would think of it as an asset. 

Hello modeling contract or Division I college scholarship in volleyball or tennis!

I did try tennis as a child, and believe I would have enjoyed it more had it been an indoor sport, ha! But, who would not like to adorn those cute tennis skirts all the time?!? And, I do love volleyball, although I only played for the junior varsity team while in middle school - 7th grade to be exact. I too love those little hot shorts that volleyball players wear! Such nice legs and firm booties, ha! 

3. Be a teenager or a senior citizen for the rest of your life?
Can you ask a question before answering? LoL.

So, I am kind of split with this one...

I would only want to be a senior citizen, aged 65 or older, if I could look like Ernestine Shephard. If you don't know who she is look her up (I have placed the link to her Wiki page on her name). Ok, so if I could be Ernestine, then yes, I would prefer to be a senior citizen.

Now, if that was not the case, then I would prefer to be a teenager. I had a pretty nice upbringing and family life, so I would love to go back and relive my glory days at Academy of the Holy Names (all-girl parochial school in Tampa, Fl) with all my girls! 

4. Have no hands or no legs?
I love running.... no hands. I can get prosthetics, right?

5. Lose your front teeth or both eyebrows?
Little known fact - my eyebrows are cosmetically tattooed on, so sure, take away my natural one's because I still will have some stenciled on!

6. Eat a worm or a cockroach?
I just puked in my mouth contemplating this one. Is it a myth that cockroaches carry diseases?

Hmm, a worm seems slimy so could be swallowed in one gulp. Hey, worms can be found in some tequilas - bottoms up!

7. Spend a day in the Sahara or North Pole?
I really do not enjoy being cold - like not one bit, so hands down I prefer to spend a day in the Sahara. 

8. Have a personal chef or a personal driver?
This one is easy peasy - a personal chef! I work from home, and only drive to go to the gym daily! Shoot, if I was really zealous I would run to CrossFit SEO; its about a 5 mile run (one-way). 

I by no means despise cooking, but in the same right I do not find an enormous amount of joy and pleasure out of the activity. A personal chef would ensure that I am meeting a perfectly balanced paleo diet, and I would be ever so grateful!

9.  Always have to whisper or always have to shout?
Whisper - shouting makes one's vocal chords sore and who likes that?

10. Can't taste or can't smell?
Uhm, aren't these entwined? 

This is a toss-up and smell has won! I like food too much not to be able to truly enjoy what I am eating. But, I believe smell is involved with that but we will side-step that small fact.

11. Wipe with sandpaper or saran wrap?
Seriously? Saran wrap, next!

12. Have Twitter shut down for a day or your blog disappear for a day?
I am not that engaged in Twitter so I would much prefer that I lose Twitter than my blog. But, you should still follow me anyways!

Now, if the question was Instagram verse my Blog, that would be a little more of a challenge... If it was for one day, I guess I would still prefer that my blog stay active, not that is gains me any monetary benefits, but I am trying to increase popularity and readership. Plus, I can peruse many IG pictures through Facebook so it would not be too much of a loss.

And, it is only for ONE day :)

13. Have a permanent wedgie or have the tag on your shirt constantly scratch your neck?
This one has me squirming in my chair! Ok, now that I am done squirming and figure that a permanent wedgie is really no different than thong panties, I am definitely down with a permanent wedgie. 

Don't you hate it when you have a tag that itches? Or, do I have some sensory processing issues?

Question of the Day: Would you rather...


BBB Fall 2014 TV Guide

Growing up I was very active with dance - like 5-6 days/week active; positively prohibiting me the opportunity for exorbitant tv watching. Still as an adult, I would not consider myself an avid tv watcher, or even a movie buff! It's always an uncomfortable topic when people ask me what my favorite movie is or actor; I just never know what to say... I can't even remember the last time I went to see a movie.

More recently, I have started "scheduling" a tv show everyday... Yes, I used the word scheduling because I use my Google calendar to remind myself to turn the tv on at a specific time so I won't forget to watch my one show for the day. 

When Coach Kemp is out of town, it is very likely that he will return with the tv never being turned on. He thinks this is so strange! Instead of watching tv, you can find me on the internet - online shopping; reading blogs and news; or exploring entertainment and sports websites. Unfortunately, I can't say I am at home reading 100s of novels, but I may be working on this venture too. Stay tuned about that!

Let's see what I am watching and why!

Sunday - Boardwalk Empire

If you are trying to scale back on the time you spend watching tv, please do not take away HBO's drama, Boardwalk Empire. This is the fourth and final season of the show, and I am somewhat disappointed that they will not be returning. However, this season has been so good!

Did you watch last night? Not one but two people were killed!

I would recommend catching up on all of the previous seasons before trying to make sense of this season since they are trying to wrap-up the whole story line!

I personally enjoy period dramas and history, in general, although I would not consider myself a history fact expert. Some of the other period pieces that I enjoy watching include: The Americans and Downton Abbey.

The show is inspired by the book Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City by Nelson Johnson about historical criminal kingpin Enoch L. Johnson. The series includes story-lines about other famous criminals including: Al Capone, Arnold Rothstein, Charles Luciano, Johnny Torrio, and whole bunch more who are working against prohibition. And it's not only about the criminals but the politicians and government agencies that are intertwined with the entire organization. 

The show starts and ends with you on your toes! 

Monday - Dancing with the Stars

I have ebbed and flowed with my following of Dancing with the Stars! In recent years, I have not even turned on the channel to catch one episode, but I have been partial to Alfonso Ribeiro's dancing skills and started watching last week.

The dancer in me is enamored with his showmanship and and personality, so I have added this one to my list. I, however, am not surprised in his popularity given the fact that he comes from a dance and theatrical background so I would hope his abilities would be expected!

Now, I do get excited for So You Think You Can Dance!

Tuesday - Not A Darn Thing!

On Tuesday's we take Prince to dog training classes in Lancaster - about 45 minutes from Athens, so I don't plan any tv watching because of this.

Wednesday - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Hands down my favorite series on television has to be Law & Order! Lord help me if I find a Law &a Order marathon on tv because all productivity ceases! And it does not matter whether it is the traditional Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, or Law & Order: Criminal Intent - I am glued to the tv for as long as possible.

You see, growing up I would watch NYPD Blue, Law & Order, CSI, and New York Undercover (not all at once) with my mother. My fondness for police television shows is pretty intense and long-standing.

I am thoroughly enjoying this new season in which Olivia Benson is now the sergeant. I missed Season 15 in which I believe her title was changed from Senior Detective to Sergeant, and I just love her in her new role!

And she has adopted a son which is tied into the series, of course! I believe it was the second episode in which little boy's mother's case was revisited. I was freaking out when they tried to murder him and his nanny!

Thursday - Biggest Loser

It should not be a huge surprise that I enjoy watching The Biggest Loser! I actually really, really enjoy Extreme Weight Loss which has ended for now, and then I saw the BL was coming back so I decided to start watching this reality weight loss show!

I do not have any favorites - trainers or competitors, but I do like that they picked former athletes this season.

Friday - Amazing Race 25

This is another show that I have not watched in it's previous runnings although I competed against Amy at Miss USA 2008, and was happy when she and Jason won. And, they are now engaged - how fun, right!

I am super pumped for Amy & Maya from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Sweet Scientists! And no, I am not simply rooting for them because they are graduate students at Wisconsin, but because I know Maya personally. When I was in school we used to go running all the time around Madison. She was much speedier than I, but she would gladly slow her pace for runs a couple times a week.

I am not sure if you have been watching, but if you have not; please do! Maya is the sweetest person ever! This was even showcased during the second episode when she gave an extra pair of tennis shoes to another team! Uhm really?!? This is a COMPETITION Maya, lol. No, but in all honesty she is such a kind, genuine person and I was not surprised with her act of kindness!!!!

Guilty Pleasures: Real Housewives series, Love & Hip Hop (Atlanta and Hollywood), and Say Yes to the Dress

Question of the Day: What tv shows do you watch during the week?


October 11, 2014

Weekly Round-Up I

Happy Saturday folks! I hope you are enjoying your weekend, probably watching football.

So far I am 2-1 in college sports (NDSU and Wisconsin won; Ohio lost). I'm not even sure if I'm going to watch the FL vs. TN game! Jeez, their season has been really frustrating! Can you even believe the newest news about the Treon case? Like really!?!? I am not even going to delve into the scandal because I truly believe that in every case there are multiple truths because of each person has a vested interest, and may view one event in a different light given their mindsight and interests.

I keep this blog very light and non-controversial, so I will move on! 

Well, I completed 4 weeks of the Whole 30 Challenge, and then kind have been in limbo. I prefer not to admit that I have a lactose intolerance, but let's face the truth. Coach Kemp has also been inspired with Lebron James! Did you know he did a few rounds of the Whole 30? I believe he did 67 days. All of this has led us to consider delving more into the Paleo Diet. 

Our lifestyle as a Paleo-er (yes, I made that word up), begins on Sunday. But, this week we have slowly transitioned back to a low carbohydrate dinner. Ok, I have started, Coach Kemp is getting there lol.

Actually, I think we historically ate a pretty low carbohydrate manner. My hope is to cut out, or continue to omit, processed foods and sweets. Ya'll this lady got a sweet tooth!!

So here is the round-up of some eats, and of course, my Athens Farmers Market purchases.

Tandoori Chicken (Recipe Coming Soon) & Roasted Veggies with Bacon

Omelette with Roasted Vegetables (from above), Strawberries & Salad

Tandoori Chicken Salad

Stone Ground Mustard Turkey Burger (Recipe Coming Soon), Salsa Guacamole
& Sweet Potato Fries

You Have to accept my apologies for the horrible state of those sweet potato fries! Coach Kemp typically cuts the fries and I act as the sous chef - coating with olive oil, salt, and pepper; and the monitoring them in the oven. Well, Coach Kemp was handling the turkey burgers so I felt obliged, even though he asked multiple times if I wanted him to cut the sweet potatoes, to do the act from start to finish. Obviously, I need to know my role in sweet potato fries making!

Tandoori Chicken Frittata & Salad

Turkey Burger Salad

Ground Turkey Spaghetti Squash

Steak Salad from Cutler's
I only ate half of this salad for dinner, and then gobbled it for lunch the next day. Don't you love left-overs?

2 Scrambled Eggs & Roasted Vegetables with Bacon & Garlic

$14.50 worth of good from Athens Farmers Market

Next week I will also start including my weekly workouts in this round-up as well. After the half marathon, I took Sunday and Monday off for all types of workouts. I started back at CrossFit SEO on Tuesday, and completed some fun WODS for the remainder of the week. 

Question of the Day: What type of diet do you try to follow? Why?


October 7, 2014

What is Next?!?

If you have been following this blog for more than this first post, you may have garnered that I am a planner. Planner in the sense that I like to have an accurate outlook on events that will be occurring in the near future (i.e., 2-6 months).

It is a good and bad quality of mine since you cannot plan for 100% of life events. I am truly trying to live more in the moment, rather than always wanting to know 'what is next.' However, I love Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, and Cozi! And yes, I utilize all three!!!

After my race on Saturday, I asked myself what race will I train for next?!? I have decided to put away my running shoes for a little while and focus on CrossFit which is my new obsession. Confession - this just means I will not be "training" for a race, I most certainly will still get in a few runs every week! (Got to keep it honest, lol).

Over the last few weeks I have made some major gains at my box, but I want to improve even more. I shared frequently how it was a struggle for me to balance my running with crossfitting. I do believe it eased with time, and my emphasis was most definitely on CrossFit, rather than intense running training.Overall, there are major benefits for runners to incorporate strength training into their workout routine.

I do foresee myself running another half marathon and marathon in the near future - most likely not in 2014 though!

I am currently on the watch for a Turkey Trot in my area for Thanksgiving Day! My father will be in town, and I am trying to support push his athletic-training endeavors.

Question of the Day: Are you a planner or do you take things day by day?


October 6, 2014

Run Like A Girl Half Marathon 2014

The last half marathon that I ran was October 2011 when I first moved to Fargo, ND - The Fargo Moorhead Half Marathon. Three years had passed since I had run in a half marathon; granted I  ran my first marathon in April of this year, but three years with no races is really inexcusable (IMO)!

I had planned to run a few other half marathons prior, too many to list out, so although I would have liked to have trained "better" for this race, I knew I just needed to bite the bullet and do it!

I have been documenting my 6 weeks of training as well as my CrossFit workouts (HERE), but overall most of my runs were simply distance. I did no hill training or speed workouts, which would have made me better prepared for the race, overall.

My Performance
My Garmin crashed a few months ago, and I have not bit the bullet with buying a new one. Instead, I did buy a new watch & heart rate monitor-only, the Polar FT60. I recommend the heart rate monitor, and of course, like the color! I say all that because I am unable to provide mile-by-mile breakdowns of my half marathon performance; rather, just an overall summary of the race.

I ran the race in 1hour 50 minutes; with an average pace of 9:08.

The competitor in me was not that thrilled with my results; however, when I look back at some of my previous race results I am proud!

Madison Half Marathon
Madison, WI
Madison Half Marathon
Madison, WI
Madison Mini Marathon
Madison, WI
Dick Lytie Spring Classic
Green Bay, WI
Jacksonville Bank Half Marathon
Jacksonville, FL
Fargo-Moorhead Half Marathon
Fargo, ND
Run Like A Girl
Columbus, OH

The race day was chilly, about 50 degrees in Columbus. Right before the half marathon began it started to drizzle which was foreshadowing the hail storm that would ensue mid-race. I am glad that it was hail rather than rain because of the temperature. I actually enjoy running in the rain when it is warm out, not so fun when it is freezing. In my books - Cold Weather + Rain = No Fun. If it had not drizzled/hailed, I would say that the temperature was pretty ideal for a fall run.

Quick Car Selfie En Route to Columbus Commons

Pre-Race with Mr. Prince
I was feeling really good for the first 7 miles, when all of a sudden side cramps (or stitch) hit me on my right side! They were pretty painful... Coach Kemp had to get back to campus by noon for practice, so I knew there were no options for walking during this race!

I was in a little panic because the pain was worsening as I was running. I first tried breathing in deeper while running, which is the first recommended intervention, although that did nothing! Besides deep breathing, it is recommended that one stop running and walk to support deeper breathing overall. Like I said above, stopping was not an option.

For 1 mile I dug my hand under my rib cage and just did a deep tissue massage while breathing in and out. I probably looked quite funny, but they did begin to subside by about mile 9. When I saw the 10-mile marker, I knew I was smooth sailings from there. I got another tinge of side-pains at mile 11 but was able to run them out.

My speed did slow around miles 7-9 when I was dealing with the side cramps, but then I picked it back up after mile 10 when I knew I could push through to the finish line.

I am fairly certain that the side cramps were the cause of shallow breathing and some anxiety about my training. My longest run was only 9 miles so at about mile 6.5, negative thoughts began surfacing. For me, mileage between 4-7 is pretty "easy" when I am not seriously trying to train for a race.

I too was nervous because on Thursday I had a horrendous run. I had to call Coach Kemp to pick me up because I was having some major stomach issues. The issues started in the morning, and by the afternoon I figured I was in the clear. Unfortunately, they resurfaced after a solid 4 miles of running, and therefore, had to cut my 7-mile run down to 5. Overall, my lousy run on Thursday placed a hint of stress for my race day performance. Some say bad runs prior to the big run are good luck! Ha, maybe so. I opted to not run on Friday before the race last minute because of fears of yet another bad run pre-race day.

I got ever more excited as the route neared downtown. I was so happy that we ran along the street that Coach Kemp took to get to Columbus Columns. I am such a visual person, so having had experienced driving on the street, and being able to physically gauge how much further I had to run to get to the finish line really gave me a surge to sprint the last 1/2 mile.

Finish Line Dash

Finish Line Dash Part II

I am unable to provide any commentary about the post-race festivities since we had to jet out of town. Coach was cool with me getting a free bottle of wine and taking one last photo before darting off to our car.

Overall, it was a fun Saturday for Team Kemp. I was able to run a half marathon, Prince frolicked with humans, and Coach Kemp promptly arrived for the inaugural men's basketball practice of the 2014-15 season (and he noted it went well).

Impressions of the Race
Besides my side cramps, I really enjoyed the race and recommend it to others. I am not certain of the number of runners for all races, but it was nice small to medium in size, but well organized.

The race is marketed for women, but I did see a few (ok, 3 to be exact) male runners along the way; many all of whom were running/walking with women. My competitive nature got a little peeved at one couple, lol. In my head I was thinking that the male was an ideal "pacer." I got over that quick, but it did cross my mind.

The location of the start/finish line and parking was perfect! The race was held at the Columbus Commons and parking is adjacent as well as a Sheraton. We opted to stay at the Hilton Easton, located in Gahanna, a suburb of Columbus. Our drive to downtown was pretty quick, maybe 15 minutes.

They too are dog and children friendly! Prince enjoyed watching and interacting with anyone who would show interest! And, the race started with a Kid 100 meter dash!

I too loved that we ran along the river on the Columbus Bike Trails. I am envious of those living in the downtown Columbus area, and kept imagining myself running along the trails on a daily basis - rundreaming of all the possibilities.

The route was a little hilly, but no extreme highs. Although I despise hills, I actually enjoyed the valley-type run as it made it interesting for me. 

And last but certainly not least - all adult finishers received a bottle of WINE!