April 25, 2014

Road to the Final Four: Saturday & Sunday

Saturday was the big day, and boy was I excited. I have mentioned in my other Road to the Final Four recaps that my in-laws were also in town for a medical conference. We met them at their hotel, The Gaylord Texan Resort, for brunch. They have a Mexican-style restaurant who supposedly has delicious fish tacos. I ordered grilled chicken, but everyone else at the table had the tacos. 

After eating, we lounged for a bit, and then traveled to the Final Four games. The weather was quite dreary on Saturday and Sunday. We arrived pretty early at the arena, before the doors were even open and had to stand in the rain for like 30 minutes, which was no fun! Then once we got in, photos had to ensue!

Alma Mater #1
Alma Mater #2

Ok, so I was pretty stoked that BOTH of my alma maters were playing in the Final Four!!! What are the odds that that will EVER happen again! Well, in my opinion, very likely since they are both stellar schools - academically and athletically. As we already know, both of my teams lost which was a complete and utter disappointment. Like really!

I got a little slack from a few of my Florida friends because in these photos you can't tell that there is also blue stripes! I promise, the shirt has blue stripes as well, but it was not until that day that I realized that I was actually wearing UConn colors! Now that was not planned! I obviously brought them more luck than Florida or Wisconsin!

While we were walking to our seats, we ran into this guy preparing to do some pre-game interviews!

 It was neat walking pass famous coaches and NBA players. We actually walked by Bruce Pearl and Coach Kemp didn't even notice. I was like, you just walked by Bruce Pearl and did not say "hi." I was so proud that I noticed a coach, and that Coach Kemp had not. Trust me, that was the only one I spotted out of the millions. We stopped and talked to many college coaches and former NBA players/coaches that I can't even begin to remember. I usually can follow the conversation, but in those instances, I simply stood back because I was lost!

See the blue?!?! I had planned to bring this top even prior to knowing who was playing in the final games. I then was even more excited when both my alma maters would be playing. One shirt - two alma maters; happy score for me! It's a Topshop blouse purchased through Nordstrom's. This is the top as a dress...

Sunday was very low-key. The weather dropped substantially and it rained all day. Coach Kemp and I went to brunch at Ellen's Southern Kitchen. It was DELICIOUS! I had a "healthier option," Mushroom Garlic Toast with egg whites and Coach Kemp went in with the Big 'Ol Country Breakfast!

Really, Coach Kemp loves to eat! That face says it all, lol.

We then went to The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. You can't take pictures of the 6th floor, but here is a photo of the sign that used to adorn the building.

If you are interested in US history, presidential history, or simply like JFK, I highly recommend the tour. I cried during portions of it, and had goose bumps through the remainder.

Question of the Day: Where have you traveled to recently?


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  1. We have never been in the museum , but after hearing your comments we may go. We have been to the plaza and memorial several times but never made it upstairs.