April 30, 2014

Glass City Marathon: Post Marathon Cheat Meals Divulged

For weeks, maybe even months, Coach Kemp and I discussed my post-marathon cheat meals. In hindsight, it is kind of comical that serious conversations were had pertaining to what we were going to eat after I ran 26.2 miles. But, Coach Kemp is a major foodie as evidenced here, that I am not certain why I was that surprised.

From the beginning, I was certain that I wanted The Original Gino's Pizza for dinner! If you are ever in Toledo, OH you must get this pizza. It's so good that we insisted that we do a casual dining experience when my parents were in town, and ordered their pizza. My father is also very particular about his food, and the two of them together is quite comical. And lord help us if we get my father-in-law in the mix. The three of them together at restaurants.... Let's just say, I pray that the food is to high standards, or there will be issues! 

So for dinner we ordered a large pizza. My half was simply pepperoni, and Coach Kemp insisted we try their Garlic Cheese Bread. I was not that impressed with the cheese bread, but the pizza itself, did not disappoint.

So let me back-up because I also ate some food immediately after the race. Coach Kemp wanted to eat a nice, hefty breakfast, at the The Original Pancake House. But, after the race I was pretty tired and the mere thought of waiting to be seated, and then my food, was simply not appealing. I was glad when he was ok with simply going to Barry's Bagels. I also was yearning for a Jamba Juice smoothie, and it is right next door.

So you are probably thinking well that does not look all that bad. I agree, it was not biscuits, gravy, and pancakes, which I would not have ordered at The Original Pancake House. Heavy food did not sound appetizing, and I desired something quick!

I do think that fast food smoothies can, at times, be healthier than general fast food; however, there are lots of sugar in the Jamba Juice smoothies. When I make my smoothies at home, I do not add syrup, and use fresh fruit and water. But, it was really refreshing. The bagel sandwich was smothered in cheese and bacon. I could have simply gotten egg white (which I did) and cheese, but I do have a weakness for bacon, so bacon it was :). 

And then the night cap for my cheat meals was ice cream. Coach Kemp and I were a little bummed that we were unable to frequent Handel's as it was closed by the time we were ready for dessert. Instead we went to Cold Stone

Question of the Day: What is your favorite cheat meal?

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