April 23, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW): 4.22.2014

Thank you to everyone that sent me kind text messages and Facebook messages after yesterday's post. In the end, I do know that everything with this move will go smoothly, so I really do not have much to be concerned with. But, I am an ultra planner and don't handle "surprises" well. My emotions are pretty much in check, well until Sunday, and things are falling into place. In all, I just felt it necessary to share why I was quiet for a week and a half. I do realize that families move frequently for many reasons, and I am no different. I am just not that great with sudden change. I have really had to grow with this being married to Coach Kemp. Our first few years of dating, I was all about the 5-year plan, and sticking to it. Well, in this business 5 years is a very long time. I had conceded to a 2-3 year plan, but I may be rethinking that idea as well!

Today I received such a kind present from Julie Kowalcyk that I must share before delving into my regularly scheduled post, which I am planning to return to. I took a picture of the scarf that she gifted me as well as some presents my mother sent me last week. Well, the scarf is green with navy polka-dots so I can remember my Toledo Basketball Family. I am very appreciative for the gift and the fun season that was had at the University of Toledo. My mother also sent me these cute green heals from Zara as well as two pairs of earrings. She also sent Coach Kemp a few green ties and a pocket square. I love the care packages that my mother frequently sends. She also has special things for all of us, including Prince!


Over the weekend, while Coach Kemp was in town, I made this healthy Spinach, Caramelized Onion, and Feta Cheese Quiche. It was super easy and really tasty, even Coach Kemp who prefers the whipping cream-ladden version quiches devoured it. In this recipe, I did not make my own crust, I simply used the pre-made version. If I desired to make it a smidgen healthier, I would have only used eggs whites and made my own crust. I think I will try this recipe again with these modifications and share at a later date. Currently, I am trying to eat all the food in the house, including all the frozen meats. So, my meals, as you will see for dinner, are not that delicious!

Snack #1

I ended up having to go to the main office, so on my way home, I took a little detour to one of the local HerbaLife smoothie stores in town, Nutrition Resolutions. I had not had a smoothie in some time, and wanted something different, so I had the Snickers flavor. I forgot to take a picture before throwing the cup in the trash!


I got really adventurous for lunch and had my all-time favorite Turkey Mash with a sweet potato. I did add a smidgen of agave, which I typically do not do.

Snack #2

En route to Renegade I had one of my ever favorite Cookies and Cream Quest Bars! Have you read my full review?


Although this does not look all that appetizing it was actually good. On Monday I boiled a few pieces of chicken breast to use during the week. Yes, I recently purchased that Costco sized bag of chicken breasts! Lord help me, lol. The other night when Coach Kemp was in town, he asked if I wanted to buy a whole chicken from The Fresh Market. I typically jump at this idea, but I quickly notified him that I have only been eating chicken breasts and ground turkey during the week. The sight of chicken breast and ground turkey on the weekends, is simply not appealing. Basically this is 1/2 C orzo + steamed brussel sprouts (in water), and chicken breast. I did add some Italian seasoning and salt as well as Parkway Spray butter; which most likely is not qualified as a healthy fat, but again, I am trying to eat all the foods in my fridge.


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