April 24, 2014

Runners! Need A Chuckle??

I had planned to write my final recap of the Final Four weekend, but I am putting it off yet another day. I know, why am I even planning to write that darn thing? Mainly because I said I would, and too many times have I said I would write a recap of our wedding or even our Greece trip and it not come to fruition, that I am writing that last darn post even if its a month after! I do not care!

This post was inspired from an Instagram e-card that I saw while heading to the gym today. I ended up re-posting it on my feed. You can check it out here.

Well, it made me want to find some other running-related e-cards, and I have a few. LoL, I laughed pretty hard on a few of these. Wow, doesn't take me much to smile :)

So I am really bummed that after not drinking for 7 weeks, my tolerance for wine is COMPLETELY shot. On two occasions, I have drank one glass of wine, and arisen the next morning with excruciating head aches. I think I am done with wine and beer, but will stick with my vodka + water concoctions. Thank you! Nonetheless, this is funny!

Please tell me I am not the only person who can't shop at Target without spending over $100! Like honestly, what the heck is up with that store. My entry fee for the Glass City Marathon was nowhere near $175, but I know plenty of runners that drop that kind of dough on races! I am probably next...

No explanation needed, lol.

I am such an over-packer, and then adding my exercise clothes always pushes me overboard. But, if fitness is important than I believe in working out even on vacation. As you may know, I do believe this whole-heartedly.

And the most fitting one for the night:

Question of the Day: Which of these made you laugh out loud the most?


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