December 17, 2012

Winning in the National Capital

It is such a wonderful time to be a NDSU Bison! Gene Taylor, the Athletic Director, is living the good life and BBB could not be more happy for him and his family!

Well, the boys did what I expected of them; they Won their third road game of the season! The game verse Towson was a great showcase of the capabilities of the team especially the players coming off the bench!

And then, the boys had a tour of our National Capital!

Below, the team in front of the Capitol Building from afar, lol.

And then the guys headed over to the place our proposal. Aww... I am sure Jason reminisced about that special night!

Overall, I would say they had a blast.

Up next, the MBB host Morehead on Friday night.


December 15, 2012

Mayhem in Minneapolis

A huge storm hit the Midwest late Saturday night/early Sunday morning and seemed to bring a haze over the Minneapolis area... This is my excuse for the set-back experienced by the Bison men on Tuesday night.

First Half Recap:
Short and simple, the guys played them even up until the last 3 minutes of the half. And then.... the Gophers went on an electric run in which they scored 8 unanswered points! Yikes, the Gophers ended the first half to lead by 11 points.

Second Half Recap:
The Bison started out the half cutting the lead to 8 and battled all the way to the end. But, they were out rebounded which proved to be too much to overcome. However in this half the Bison played the Gophers to a 2-point deficit. Their were plenty of positives to take away from this game as the Gophers are a Top 15 team in the nation, but I know the boys were not satisfied!

Check out this ESPN article about the game.

Next up the Bison travel to Maryland to play Towson!

Congrats to the Bison Football team for winning last night. They will head to the NCAA FCS National Championship once again in Texas. Yeehaa!

I have been slacking in my bi-weekly nail updates. I had to run out of the salon to meet a group of ladies for Ladies Night so I forgot to write down the Shellac blue color. It is one of the new shades, if that helps! On my left hand we glitterfied my ring finger instead of my index finger. BBB loves some glitz and glamour!


December 12, 2012

Wedded Bliss Wednesdays: Matters of the Heart

Greetings BBB fans. I am excited to begin my journey with Wedded-Bliss Wednesdays. Are you excited?

Well, I figured I should start at the beginning of the wedding planning process. For us this began with the date of which I was provided two options: May or August. Given the fact that I graduated in May 2012, that took this option out of the equation. Jason also gave me two weeks in August in which we could have the wedding and also take a week-long honeymoon. So, August it was!

After solidifying and discussing our date options which were limited to college recruiting and camp season, I decided to start thinking about a theme...

I realized through this process that I am not very creative or innovative! I have plenty of friends who have taken themes from movies or time periods and really captured this within their wedding day.

 So, this got me thinking....

For years I have signed my name with a heart. This fact kept coming back to me... I knew I did not want the heart theme to be cheesy like so much of the wedding decorations can be, but I realized that hearts and love reflects Jason and I's relationship.

With that, we moved forward with "Matters of the Heart" being the underlying theme of our wedding. Side note, did you know that hidden Mickey Mouses are inserted subtly into the Disney World/Land theme parks. This little reference was discussed and brought up by my mother who had gone on a tour during a NFLPA conference a few years ago. 

We used the Disney mantra when incorporating hearts within the wedding and related events.  

So, hearts were present during the engagement session, on the invitation (which will be showcased next week), for the party favors, and other areas of the wedding.

Even purses!

And jewelery

Did you have a theme for your wedding?



December 10, 2012

UND vs NDSU: MBB Gold Uniform Unveiling

Greetings Bison and BBB Fans. I am a very happy basketball wife as are the football wives!

Congratulations to the football team for beating Wofford College in a defense-packed game. The Bison team fought well and beat the Wofford Terries 14-7. Go Bison! Make sure you cheer on the football team as they host Georgia Southern in the NCAA FCS Semifinal on Friday. I wonder how many people will call out sick on Friday?!?!

Sunday was a busy day at the FargoDome as the MBB hosted the UND game and the football team held individual meetings and walk throughs. Well, all the commotion did not interfere with guys focus! The team also unveiled their new Nike yellow jerseys!

What do you think of their new jerseys?!

In the spirit of Golding out, Jason wore a yellow tie. Below, is a picture of us after the game!

I got the idea to tie my scarf in the "muffler" style from I must admit that it looked way cuter when I left the house. Please understand that this is after cheering on the team. Here is the video I watched!

Oh, and the team won :) 72-52!

Tomorrow the MBB play the Minnesota Gophers!!!!!


December 6, 2012

NDSU vs. Morehead + My Superstitions

Last night the Bison MBB played Morehead (Kentucky) at the Johnson Arena. And, the team won: 69-57!

Let me tell you... the team had me completely stressed out! Yes, me, this Type-Aer. Let me explain.

I am having some difficulties going to MELT in the early morning hours (that is 5:35am workouts), so I elected to do the 5:30pm class instead. Well, this put me in a pickle as the MBB played at 6pm. When I jumped into my car, the men were ahead in the first half (13 to 11).

I got home, took a shower, made my dinner salad and then decided to watch the rest of the game through the Morehead's website. WRONG MOVE!

By this time, the game was well into the second half with a score of 33 to 19. I started watching in the second half and I swear at that moment, the game took a terrible downslide! The Bison went on a 12-0 run and had me pleased THEN in the last 5 minutes of the game Morehead's turned up the pressure- mean mugging all over the court. They then responded with a 19-2 run of their own.

Like seriously, this is when my superstitious behaviors came into play. I first damned myself for even thinking of watching the game. Like really, the team was doing well! I should have stuck with the mobile ESPN checks. And then decided to turn off the computer and ate my salad in silence. Thank goodness the salad was delicious  because I was in a terrible mood because of the game.

Well, we know the end... the guys pulled it through, but this really brings to light my insanity, lol. I truly have a problem during away games. I swear that if I change my routine the game will turn on the dime. I have so many examples of this insanity that I could most likely write a whole blog about it.

Here is an example. I recently traveled to Green Bay after the men won 3 games straight. While Jason was getting dressed, he placed his shoes on the bed and I freaked out that it was bad luck. Jason responded that he had put his shoes on the bed the entire time they were in Pitt. To appease me, he took the shoes off the bed and guess what happened... They lost to Green Bay!!!! See what I am talking about?!?!

Now I am screaming.... Throw the shoes on the bed!


December 5, 2012

Wedded Bliss Wednesdays

Now that the actual wedding festivities have passed, I thought it would be fun for me to reflect on the many aspects of planning a wedding and the actual day itself. I know some of my friends and relatives were surprised that I elected to not share during the wedding-planning process; however, I really wanted the whole day to be a surprise.

Plus, any more suggestions and comments from outsiders would have driven me batty. I can be so indecisive. Once I make a decision, I find it is best that I simply go with it instead of seeking additional consultation. I had too much going on last year (completing my dissertation, internship, first year cohabitation) to stress about what others thought about my plans. Now that it is over and we thought it was a success, the comments can come on flowing. I know there are plenty of things I could have done differently, but in all, I do believe the day was perfect for Jason and I. 

So join me on Wednesdays when I will discuss many aspects of the BBB (Brains, Beauty, and Basketball) wedding! 


December 4, 2012

Coaches Corner: Fit + Well All Over the World

In another installment of Coaches Corner, I sat down with Emmy Smith wife to former NDSU standout  and professional European basketball star Andre Smith.

How did you and Andre meet? 

Andre and I met at NDSU in 2006 at a  basketball party…..he walked me home and I told him we should hang out again sometime and his reply was: "That's Ok. I'm going to marry you some day so it doesn't matter." Needless to say we eventually started dating awhile later and look at us now ;)

So, you are a graduate of North Dakota State University as well. What was your major? 


And, you played basketball for the Bison. Do you miss the sport? 

I totally miss Bison Basketball. Not just the games, but mostly the girls, teammates. I spent so much time with them I was so sad when it was over but fortunately I'm still really close with several of them.  As far as the actual game of basketball is concerned,  Andre fulfilled my desire to be involved with the sport. Our life for sure begins when the season starts and I love every minute of it. It's funny because I played guard in college, while he's  an inside guy. We have a lot of disputes over guard vs. big man and sometimes I wish people could record our arguments….it's entertaining. I still have so much passion for the game and I'm so thankful I get to watch Andre follow his dreams.

After college I got into personal training which was the smartest decision I made (besides marrying Andre!). I love to workout but I love helping people understand that working out is a part of life,  not just something you have to do. The fitness industry is also something I can take everywhere in the world because everywhere in the world people are working out! I recently became a certified health coach which is not only helping people get in to shape, but helping them to modify their life for healthy living.

Do you have any funny workout experiences overseas? 

Ha, Yes! So many I wish I could record them all. It's funny to me because being a former athlete I've always known how to workout with intensity and I consistently still do. But overseas, not many women do….don't get me wrong, there are countries where I've seen women workout hard, but the intensity isn't quite the same and I think I surprise some gyms with my craziness….haha, can't help it. It may also have to be with the fact that I've got a terrible sweet tooth. Just recently I was on the stair climber at the gym here in Russia, and some guy watched me for a full ten minutes…weird uh? I thought maybe he was waiting for someone, or to use a machine, but he literally just watched me. Yikes.

Your husband plays professional basketball overseas. How many countries have you two lived in? Which country has been your favorite? Why? 

This is his sixth season and his second season I started traveling with him. We were in England, then Turkey for two years and in Italy last year. Without a doubt Italy was my favorite. I loved it. I loved the food, the culture, the lovely people I met, the language (which I was so lucky to have a tutor to learn) and of course the historical parts of Italy (Rome, Venice). Such a beautiful country. We are in Russia this year and just like any new place, it takes some time to adjust, but I love our place and as long as I have Andre, I could live anywhere! 

What is ‘Fit and Well All Over the World’ referring to? 

Meaning that no matter what country I'm in with Andre, I can find ways to stay fit and well, or just plain healthy! In my opinion there's no excuse to not taking care of yourself, therefore, I believe you can be 'well' anywhere you want.

You must dish- are the ladies anything like what we see on Basketball Wives? 

Honestly I haven't experienced quite the extreme of Basketball Wives in America, but like everywhere you go there's a little drama, a little rudeness,  a little I'm on a high-horse action, but in my opinion the wives that are overseas with their husbands have to find ways to get a long because sometimes we're all we have! I love going to new countries and meeting new people…it's great. My best friend last year is from Croatia, how crazy is that?!

What is your most memorable basketball experience? 

There was a road game my junior year at NDSU and for some reason we were having a hard time preparing mentally for the game, so in the locker room we turned the music up (I think it was Fergie..haha) and just started going crazy, being silly girls. I'll never forget a few of us dancing on the benches and making up actions to the song. Needless to say, we went out and played one of our best games that season. We totally 'rocked' it if you know what I mean ;)

Thank you Emmy for the interview. I really enjoyed her stories about her former teammates, many whom I have had the pleasure to get to know personally. I also think this couple is special since they both played and love the sport of basketball.

Also, please follow Emmy's blog, Fit and Well All Over the World, as she chronicles fun workouts and healthy recipes. She recently posted some videos of workouts that can be completed in about 15 minutes. I am waiting for her fitness contract as her body is INSANE! I did just run a quick 4 mile run before reviewing her post. Really, if I had a body like that... I would need to move to the Caribbean ASAP!


December 3, 2012

The Bison MBB Season: October and November

It has been some time since I last posted... I forced myself to complete all my wedding thank you notes before delving into blogging which was my post-wedding goal. I am the type of person who enjoys completing one task thoroughly before starting the next. Plus, I knew that writing 200+ thank you notes in a timely fashion (i.e., in under 3 months) would take an incredible amount of discipline on my part. More on the actual thank you notes and that fiasco later.

Tonight, I would like to recap the Bison MBB's season thus far! Our standings look something like this:

Overall: 6 - 2          Summit League:1 - 0            Home:3 - 0            
Away:1 - 2            Neutral:2 - 0

The Bison men played in the Progressive Legends Classic which provided them the opportunity to play #1 ranked Indiana. This game was played on November 12! This was lost number 1 for the Bison, but a good game nonetheless. In an article, NDSU was given some credit for their athleticism and perseverance. When I first read the article I was somewhat peeved by the term "pesky," but when I re-considered, I was pretty proud of the MBB team. Many teams would have crippled and been so awstruck that they were playing against the #1 team in the country, but not our boys! They held their head high and fought to the end.  End Score: 61-87!

The second portion of the Progressive Legends Classic continued in Pittsburgh with 3 games! And we won all THREE! Yes, the MBB won games against: Youngstown State, Duquesne, and  James Madison. The North Dakota State men's team was named the Subregional Winner. Additionally, Taylor Braun garnered Subregional MVP honors for leading the Bison to three wins and teammate TrayVonn Wright earned a spot on the all-tournament team!

After the 3-night winning streak, the MBB flew on Thanksgiving Day and was delayed by a few hours as they traveled to Green Bay, WI. I met the team at the airport, my flight also delayed by a few hours but luckily I was saved by Nicole Phillips, wife of Saul Phillips while I was twiddling my thumbs and causing some ruckus for the airport security! Multiple TSA security guards approached me inquiring why I was sitting outside the gate at the airport! I was sitting reading my Nook with a huge Vera Bradley bag. Does that seem dangerous?!? Anywho, Nicole and the 'Team Phillips' crew took me out for lunch and away from the weary onlookers!

Ok, back on topic!

You know, long days on the road typically equals DISASTER! On Saturday night, the MBB lost to Green Bay in a game that the boys never really found their touch offensively. It was a tough road loss, our 2nd for the season. On Sunday, the team was down and anxious to get back home. I found them somewhat entertaining after the game. All of their heads hung low... They can be very tough on themselves. I wanted to say (I did not) that they should be proud of their winS at the Legends Classic, but as a competitor, I can understand their thoughts and dismay. NDSU vs GB: 59-74

Regular schedules + Rest = Success which was showcased in the Bison win against Omaha, 95-51. After the game I stated: "Why didn't you guys get to 100!" Ha, I am the coach's wife that is never happy with a simple WIN. I want a huge blowout!!!!

Well, the team heads out again bright and early tomorrow for another road game verse Morehead (Kentucky). Jason has been working on the scout all weekend, so wish them luck.

Also, the Bison football team is in the Quarterfinals this coming Saturday verse Wofford College as they continue their quest for the FCS National title! I wish the team luck and also the wives as I am sure they have been spending many nights alone as the coaches prepare for this weekend! #lifeofacoacheswife


October 17, 2012

Basketball's Hidden Gems

The USA Today-ESPN Top 25 men's college basketball poll was released earlier today. The poll is decided by one member of each of the 33 NCAA Division I basketball conferences. Here are the results:

1. Indiana (21)

2. Louisville (5)

3. Kentucky (5)

4. Ohio State

5. Michigan

6. N.C. State

7. Kansas

8. Duke

9. Syracuse

10. Florida

11. Arizona

12. North Carolina

13. UCLA

14. Michigan State

15. Creighton

16. Memphis

17. Missouri

18. Baylor

19. UNLV

20. San Diego State

21. Wisconsin

22. Gonzaga

23. Notre Dame

24. Florida State

24. Texas

For many of the schools/programs it is no surprise that they will/did make the Top 25 list. What really excites me are those Cinderella programs and "hidden gems" that rise through the rankings from unexpected defeats or those programs that merely did not receive enough respect at the beginning of the college basketball season. 

Now that I have been married to a college basketball coach for 2 months, I can consider myself an expert at analyzing and choosing these "hidden gems."  I have chosen five that I am certain will rise through the rubbles and surprise some during March Madness. In no particular order....

Murray State: For starters, Murray State will be returning one of the best guards in the nation, Isaiah Canaan. Additionally, they have rightfully partaken in the March Madness festivities the last three years as the Ohio Valley Conference champion. From my understanding, there is a new team in the OVC that may stir up the pot but my prediction stays firm with Murray State!

Tennessee: I do have a slight affinity for SEC teams and am delighted to see my alma mater, UF, in the #10 place. I do believe that TN will move up the ranking as the season progresses. This is Cuonzo Martin's second year as head coach which has allowed him to settle into his position and I believe they are once again 'on the rise.' Fans should be on the look-out for Jeronne Maymon whose birthplace is Madison, WI. (As an aside, great people were born in Madison!). 

Stanford: Coached by Johnny Dawkins. Its hard to pin-point a single, individual player that shines on this team HOWEVER they return a group of student-athletes that have played together for 3-4 years which typically equals success! They have a tough road ahead as Arizona, Washington, UCLA, and Oregon will be major factors on the West Coast. Another tid-bit is that the 2011-12 basketball team won the NIT Championship.

Colorado State: So, many people are thinking that I have no idea what I am talking about since Tim Miles is no longer the Rams head coach. Well, you must also consider that the team of players from last year, whom qualified for the NCAA tournament all return. I wish new head coach, Larry Eustachy all the best with his Rams team. Also, good luck to Coach Miles at Nebraska!

Miami (FL): In addition to being partial to SEC teams, I am also partial to teams in the state of Florida. Ok, now that we got that out of the way I can share my technical justifications for including Miami. All kidding aside, Miami returns many of their key players from last year and their head coach, Jim Larrannaga made the Final Four while coaching at George Mason. 

What are your predictions for the 2012-13 men's basketball season?

October 16, 2012

Two for the Price of One: Nail Review

I am a week late on my bimonthly manicure updates. Well, I got a little something extra for you. I know, I know- you can barely contain yourself with delight but I not only have one but two manicure reviews. Wahoo! I hope no one fell out of their seat!

Haha, ok so it was not that great of a sale but whatever! Last Saturday I had my typical beautician paint my nails in a Bison of themes:

CND Shellac:
Base Coat: Asphalt (dark grey color)
2nd Layer: Hotski to Tchotchke (green)
Pinkie Only:  2nd Layer + Spectrum Shimmer Additives Effect

You may be wondering why did I get my nails re-done today. Well, I was not loving the pinkie action and then I inadvertently chipped/broke my thumb nail. I figured those two factors justified getting my nails done again. I cheated on my beautician and got pampered at a place 'around the corner.'

The name of this color is "Sweet Chocolate" but I do not recollect the brand...

Which do you like best?

How do you justify getting a manicure?

October 13, 2012

See Ya in May

Well folks, the basketball season officially started yesterday......

This means that Coach Kemp will be at practice, games, preparing for games, and recruiting even more.

This morning he rose at 8am for another weekend of recruits and practice. His day was packed with breakfast with the "official" recruits (including parents and high school coaches),  tours around campus, meetings with important people (i.e., Athletic Director Gene Taylor, admissions, specific colleges dependent on their potential majors), catered lunch, team autograph session prior to the game, the Bison football games (They lost! Happy I did not stay to see that, instead I went shopping :) ), and now he is at practice until 9pm. Who would envy him?

Well, the season is jam-packed and officially ends in May!

Is it May yet :)

October 8, 2012

De-toxification Plan....

On about 500 occassions I have told myself and/or Coach Kemp that I was going to STOP eating dairy. I would like to keep the measley four readers that I have and not thoroughly discuss my reasons for this, but I am fed up with my lack of self-restraint and inability to actually accomplish this goal!

So, what does any normal person do?

Put themselves on blast on their blog!

Wow, this feels great.... I will up-date you all on my progress. I am defintely hoping that my morning confession to my husband that I should stop consuming dairy products will end, TODAY!

I have also decided to include caffeine (i.e., soda, coffee, energy drinks). I will allow myself the occasional cup of tea!



September 29, 2012

Konfession Part Deuce

Last year I konfessed my love for the Kardashian family when I reviewed their book, Kardashian Konfedential. Well, a lot can occur in a year. I am not saying that I despise the Kardashian krew, but I am somewhat over them except for Khloe and Lamar :) Coach Kemp and I actually stole some of their ideas for our fabulous e-session a few months back....

But this is not why I am posting! I have another confessions, this time with a 'C.' I have a serious problem with trilogies. It is not so much the actual trilogy but the anticipation and angst that comes with reading trilogies. Jeeze, this post has many confessional parts but I must also confess that during my graduate career, my leisure reading pretty much consisted of gossip magazines,, USAToday, and of course my blogs (that is one reason why I started blogging). Since defending my dissertation and commencement in May, I have read (and re-read) many books including:

Currently Reading 3rd book

So my problem which I recently explained to my new co-worker (she probably thinks I am somewhat strange for my confession), is that while reading the third book in the triology I cannot contain myself and have succumed to reading the last chapter while in the middle of the last book. This is so tragic, I know, but I merely cannot handle the anticipation of the conclusion.

What is my deal?

Do I need to visit a doctor? (LoL)

It is really killing me. I truly cannot fight the urge to know what is going to happen at the end. This really cannot be sane! Does anyone else do this? Please say yes.

I must also note that I am having this "problem" while watching series with my husband. We haven't finished the last season of "OZ" because I demanded that Coach Kemp tell me the conclusion, which he did and then I decided that I could not longer proceed with the series. We recently finished the 4th season of "The Wire" and I again asked him about the conclusion. I think he has caught on to my antics and has refused to summarize the plot. Little does he know, that I ahve already searched the internet to learn what happends. I am oh so resourceful :)


September 26, 2012

Coaches Corner: Georgian Princess

Welcome to another installment of 'Coaches Corner' in which I discuss some aspect of college basketball!

In a previous post about the U.S. Men's Olympic Basketball team, I shared that the most important asset  that a player/coach posses is his wife... To stay in that vein I interviewed Amanda Woodside, wife of former NDSU basketball player and current professional European player Benjamin Woodside, to share a little about her background, how they met, and life overseas. Enjoy!

How did you and Woodside meet?

Our romantic love story began in the Bison Sports Arena (BSA).  Benjamin was shooting hoops and I was at practice for the NDSU dance team, circa 2006. However we did not begin dating till much later.

So, you are a graduate of North Dakota State University as well. What was your major?

Entering college as a Freshman I declared a Public Relations major.  After a year of uncertainty I pulled a 180 and started taking engineering courses.  Three years later I graduated with an Industrial Engineering and Management degree.

Your husband plays professional basketball overseas. How many countries have you two lived in? Which country has been your favorite? Why?

We have been fortunate to live in 4 very different countries since graduating college.  Basketball has taken us to France, Slovenia, Georgia, and now Turkey. It is difficult to overall rank a country higher than another.  I enjoy many aspects of each location.  Each culture brings us new adventures, wisdom, and food!  However there are also difficult moments and humbling times, but I wouldn’t trade any of those experiences.  I will break down the positives from each country:

France: Loved their food, the good friends we met, its powerful history, and the language.

Slovenia: Awesome views, good location, absolutely beautiful, and somewhere I plan on retiring.

Georgia: Experienced some of the most incredible hospitality, and I like what it taught me living there.

Turkey:  We have only been here 3 weeks and I feel so comfortable.  It a warm, friendly environment.  The city we live in is HUGE with almost 5 million people and has a lot of offer.

What is ‘Georgian Princess’ referring to?

Hehe.  Well...while living in Georgia, Benjamin officially became a Georgian citizen and I, unofficially, became their Georgian Princess.  With a badge and all!

You must dish- are the ladies anything like what we see on Basketball Wives?

Unfortunately, yes, sometimes it can feel that way.  There have been some catty females, but that can happen anywhere, anyplace.  It all depends on what kind of women are mixed together.  We could go into a whole different interview for details on that topic.  Beyond the drama, I have been blessed to meet outstanding women who are very dear to me.

What is your most memorable basketball experience?

There are quite a few funny mishaps. However, with out a doubt it was last year.  We made a difficult decision to leave a team in the middle of the season.  Within 24 hours of that decision we had to pack up our entire life into 4 suit cases total, address any loose ends in that current country, and then fly blindly across the globe to (The Republic of) Georgia.  Whoa.  Side note: to ensure no risk of getting stressed out, we each enjoyed 3 long island cocktails during the layover.  

Thank you Amanda for this insightful interview into the life of a former Bison overseas. Please, wish them luck for this season! You can follow Amanda at her blog, Amanda Mosaic.


September 24, 2012

Monochromatic Nail Review

Let me be the first to put my foot in my mouth because I know I recently discussed my dismay in not being able to do Shellac (or gel manicures) any longer... Well, I went back to the stuff! I may be addicted. I do not know. I know, I know I can not decide if this is a good thing or bad but for now I am relishing in my gel manicures once again.

Like I stated previously, one must always pamper themsleves with a good manicure and pedicture on a regular basis. Now that I have a full-time job, I have upped my frequency to bimonthly instead of every three weeks! Perhaps, this will also salvage my pretty hands.

This time around I elected to do a monochromatic style. I rarely use red nail polish but it seemed to be calling me on Saturday! I frequently do french-style nails but with colors and I also enjoy doing one nail a different color so that it pops... This week, I combined my two favorite styles into one!

Wildfire and Decadence (darker color on tips and ring finger)
(All products used are CND Shellac)

What are your thoughts?!?

September 2, 2012

The Countdown Until....

Those that truly know me, know that I have a personal affinity for countdowns. I love looking down to life events. On many occasions I have caught myself saying: "In xx days we will be..." Well, this afternoon after going grocery shopping and while eating lunch Coach Kemp announced: "41 days until the season begins!" I believe my tendencies are beginning to rub off on him. Would't you say?!?

Well, the next 41 days will be fun-filled so I am looking forward to them all. But, the previous weeks were wonderful as well- we got married, honeymooned in the Grand Caymans, and I began my new job!  The last three weeks have been a whirlwind! So if the next 41 days and the basketball season are anything similar, whoa I won't be able to hold onto my seat.

Yesterday I tailgated Bison style before their game opener! Coach Kemp and the men's basketball team had 8+ recruits and their families in tow so I met up with one of my new co-workers, Jamie. Well, I can certainly attest that I already love Jamie and believe she will be my new "partner in crime!"  The game itself was amazing!!!! The Bison football team won 52-0 which was a nice show/production for the high school recruits. Also during the opening of the game, they rose the official 2011 FCS National Championship banner. The football opening act is really grand, I can honestly state that is it on the professional level. Here is a youtube video to prove.

I will be honest that tailgating is nowhere near the level of a SEC team (Go Gators!) or even Big Ten (On Wisconsin!), but I still had a blast!


July 25, 2012

Coaches Corner: Olympic Fever

In recognition for the Summer Olympic games which opens on Friday, July 27th, I thought it was only fitting to bring another edition of coaches corner with a wedding twist. As we all know In my opinion, a man's significant other, most notably his wife, is the most important person in his life. Therefore, I felt it fitting to introduce the USA men's basketball team with special emphasis on the player's wives/significant others!

NBA Team
Wife/Significant Other
Carmelo Anthony
LaLa Anthony
Kobe Bryant
Vanessa Bryant
Tyson Chandler

Anthony Davis

Kevin Durant
LeToya Luckett
James Harden
Andre Iguodala

LeBron James
Savannah Brinson
Kevin Love
Elise Novak
Chris Paul
Jada Paul
Russell Westbrook
Nina Earl
Deron Williams
Amy Williams

LaLa (Alani) Anthony). Well known as a disc jockey and co-host of a few shows with MTV, Carmelo's wife and mother to his son. In addition to her role as mother, wife, and entrepreneur, she also has a few movies to her credit including: Two Can Play That Game (2001), Urban Massacre (2002), Monster Island (2003), and You Got Served (2004). I enjoyed watching her wedding on LaLa's Full Court Wedding which has now expanded into a reality show about their lives, LaLa's Full Court Life. Her wedding made me swoon...

Vanessa Bryant.  Well, I am not here to judge anyones' relationship, but it appears that Vanessa has once again forgiven Kobe (double cough). I must admit that they have the CUTEST daughters in the entire world and she is a pretty hott momma herself, definitely MILF material! As we all know, Kobe met Vanessa on the set for a music video and it was love at first sight?!?! 

LeToya Luckett. Via my sources in the gossip world, I learned that LeToya is potentially dating Kevin Durant. Now, this is the same LeToya that dated Slim Slugg... I wonder if she will cheer on her man in London and confirm the tabloids?!? Let's wait and see...

Trina. Ya'll going to kill me... Back on my gossip soap box, but the word out there is that Trina, yes, this Trina

is now dating James Harden. It appears that this year all of the Thunder players are getting"boo-ed up." I still can not get the memory of me seeing her live in concert back in my undergraduate days at UF out of my mind. Me and one of my girlfriend's were bartenders at the club where she was performing and she was just overall MORE than what I was expecting! 

Savannah Brinson. Lebron's soon-to-be wifey and mother to his two children seems sweet and very supportive. I am not sure if I would have stuck around for upteen years without having a name change, but I am not mad her.... All I have to say is congratulations on the engagement (long time coming) and thanks for being my newest addition to the "Michelyn's Wedding Ring Envy Club."(I do in all honesty love my ring, so this is more sarcasm than reality.) From what I understand, her ring cost an estimated $300,000 and consists of a large (4-5 carat) pear shaped diamond with stones adorning the sides, presumably set in platinum. I can not wait for this celebrity wedding!


SN: The boys will make cute ring bearers!

 Elise Novak. Now here is a cutey for you. Kevin Love's girlfriend is too precious. She is a pre-med student at UCLA where she is also on the dance team. Perhaps she will show us a move or two during the Olympic games!

Jada Paul. Chris and Jada's wedding was showcased on Essence's Bridal Bliss and I did enjoy reading their love story. Check out their lavish wedding... She too used purples/lavendar. Must be a sign :)

Nina Earl. My sources suggest that former UCLA women's basketball player, Nina Earl is dating Russell Westbrook. If these two do make it down the aisle their children will be predestined to be superb athletes. 

Amy Williams. This couple makes me cry because they have known each other since they were in the 2nd grade! They began dating in high school, married after college, and now have two daughters! Loves it!!!!