December 3, 2012

The Bison MBB Season: October and November

It has been some time since I last posted... I forced myself to complete all my wedding thank you notes before delving into blogging which was my post-wedding goal. I am the type of person who enjoys completing one task thoroughly before starting the next. Plus, I knew that writing 200+ thank you notes in a timely fashion (i.e., in under 3 months) would take an incredible amount of discipline on my part. More on the actual thank you notes and that fiasco later.

Tonight, I would like to recap the Bison MBB's season thus far! Our standings look something like this:

Overall: 6 - 2          Summit League:1 - 0            Home:3 - 0            
Away:1 - 2            Neutral:2 - 0

The Bison men played in the Progressive Legends Classic which provided them the opportunity to play #1 ranked Indiana. This game was played on November 12! This was lost number 1 for the Bison, but a good game nonetheless. In an article, NDSU was given some credit for their athleticism and perseverance. When I first read the article I was somewhat peeved by the term "pesky," but when I re-considered, I was pretty proud of the MBB team. Many teams would have crippled and been so awstruck that they were playing against the #1 team in the country, but not our boys! They held their head high and fought to the end.  End Score: 61-87!

The second portion of the Progressive Legends Classic continued in Pittsburgh with 3 games! And we won all THREE! Yes, the MBB won games against: Youngstown State, Duquesne, and  James Madison. The North Dakota State men's team was named the Subregional Winner. Additionally, Taylor Braun garnered Subregional MVP honors for leading the Bison to three wins and teammate TrayVonn Wright earned a spot on the all-tournament team!

After the 3-night winning streak, the MBB flew on Thanksgiving Day and was delayed by a few hours as they traveled to Green Bay, WI. I met the team at the airport, my flight also delayed by a few hours but luckily I was saved by Nicole Phillips, wife of Saul Phillips while I was twiddling my thumbs and causing some ruckus for the airport security! Multiple TSA security guards approached me inquiring why I was sitting outside the gate at the airport! I was sitting reading my Nook with a huge Vera Bradley bag. Does that seem dangerous?!? Anywho, Nicole and the 'Team Phillips' crew took me out for lunch and away from the weary onlookers!

Ok, back on topic!

You know, long days on the road typically equals DISASTER! On Saturday night, the MBB lost to Green Bay in a game that the boys never really found their touch offensively. It was a tough road loss, our 2nd for the season. On Sunday, the team was down and anxious to get back home. I found them somewhat entertaining after the game. All of their heads hung low... They can be very tough on themselves. I wanted to say (I did not) that they should be proud of their winS at the Legends Classic, but as a competitor, I can understand their thoughts and dismay. NDSU vs GB: 59-74

Regular schedules + Rest = Success which was showcased in the Bison win against Omaha, 95-51. After the game I stated: "Why didn't you guys get to 100!" Ha, I am the coach's wife that is never happy with a simple WIN. I want a huge blowout!!!!

Well, the team heads out again bright and early tomorrow for another road game verse Morehead (Kentucky). Jason has been working on the scout all weekend, so wish them luck.

Also, the Bison football team is in the Quarterfinals this coming Saturday verse Wofford College as they continue their quest for the FCS National title! I wish the team luck and also the wives as I am sure they have been spending many nights alone as the coaches prepare for this weekend! #lifeofacoacheswife


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