December 5, 2012

Wedded Bliss Wednesdays

Now that the actual wedding festivities have passed, I thought it would be fun for me to reflect on the many aspects of planning a wedding and the actual day itself. I know some of my friends and relatives were surprised that I elected to not share during the wedding-planning process; however, I really wanted the whole day to be a surprise.

Plus, any more suggestions and comments from outsiders would have driven me batty. I can be so indecisive. Once I make a decision, I find it is best that I simply go with it instead of seeking additional consultation. I had too much going on last year (completing my dissertation, internship, first year cohabitation) to stress about what others thought about my plans. Now that it is over and we thought it was a success, the comments can come on flowing. I know there are plenty of things I could have done differently, but in all, I do believe the day was perfect for Jason and I. 

So join me on Wednesdays when I will discuss many aspects of the BBB (Brains, Beauty, and Basketball) wedding! 



  1. Yeah - I hope you will do a rundown of all the dresses!

    1. I will. I will do an interview with the designer as well :)