December 4, 2012

Coaches Corner: Fit + Well All Over the World

In another installment of Coaches Corner, I sat down with Emmy Smith wife to former NDSU standout  and professional European basketball star Andre Smith.

How did you and Andre meet? 

Andre and I met at NDSU in 2006 at a  basketball party…..he walked me home and I told him we should hang out again sometime and his reply was: "That's Ok. I'm going to marry you some day so it doesn't matter." Needless to say we eventually started dating awhile later and look at us now ;)

So, you are a graduate of North Dakota State University as well. What was your major? 


And, you played basketball for the Bison. Do you miss the sport? 

I totally miss Bison Basketball. Not just the games, but mostly the girls, teammates. I spent so much time with them I was so sad when it was over but fortunately I'm still really close with several of them.  As far as the actual game of basketball is concerned,  Andre fulfilled my desire to be involved with the sport. Our life for sure begins when the season starts and I love every minute of it. It's funny because I played guard in college, while he's  an inside guy. We have a lot of disputes over guard vs. big man and sometimes I wish people could record our arguments….it's entertaining. I still have so much passion for the game and I'm so thankful I get to watch Andre follow his dreams.

After college I got into personal training which was the smartest decision I made (besides marrying Andre!). I love to workout but I love helping people understand that working out is a part of life,  not just something you have to do. The fitness industry is also something I can take everywhere in the world because everywhere in the world people are working out! I recently became a certified health coach which is not only helping people get in to shape, but helping them to modify their life for healthy living.

Do you have any funny workout experiences overseas? 

Ha, Yes! So many I wish I could record them all. It's funny to me because being a former athlete I've always known how to workout with intensity and I consistently still do. But overseas, not many women do….don't get me wrong, there are countries where I've seen women workout hard, but the intensity isn't quite the same and I think I surprise some gyms with my craziness….haha, can't help it. It may also have to be with the fact that I've got a terrible sweet tooth. Just recently I was on the stair climber at the gym here in Russia, and some guy watched me for a full ten minutes…weird uh? I thought maybe he was waiting for someone, or to use a machine, but he literally just watched me. Yikes.

Your husband plays professional basketball overseas. How many countries have you two lived in? Which country has been your favorite? Why? 

This is his sixth season and his second season I started traveling with him. We were in England, then Turkey for two years and in Italy last year. Without a doubt Italy was my favorite. I loved it. I loved the food, the culture, the lovely people I met, the language (which I was so lucky to have a tutor to learn) and of course the historical parts of Italy (Rome, Venice). Such a beautiful country. We are in Russia this year and just like any new place, it takes some time to adjust, but I love our place and as long as I have Andre, I could live anywhere! 

What is ‘Fit and Well All Over the World’ referring to? 

Meaning that no matter what country I'm in with Andre, I can find ways to stay fit and well, or just plain healthy! In my opinion there's no excuse to not taking care of yourself, therefore, I believe you can be 'well' anywhere you want.

You must dish- are the ladies anything like what we see on Basketball Wives? 

Honestly I haven't experienced quite the extreme of Basketball Wives in America, but like everywhere you go there's a little drama, a little rudeness,  a little I'm on a high-horse action, but in my opinion the wives that are overseas with their husbands have to find ways to get a long because sometimes we're all we have! I love going to new countries and meeting new people…it's great. My best friend last year is from Croatia, how crazy is that?!

What is your most memorable basketball experience? 

There was a road game my junior year at NDSU and for some reason we were having a hard time preparing mentally for the game, so in the locker room we turned the music up (I think it was Fergie..haha) and just started going crazy, being silly girls. I'll never forget a few of us dancing on the benches and making up actions to the song. Needless to say, we went out and played one of our best games that season. We totally 'rocked' it if you know what I mean ;)

Thank you Emmy for the interview. I really enjoyed her stories about her former teammates, many whom I have had the pleasure to get to know personally. I also think this couple is special since they both played and love the sport of basketball.

Also, please follow Emmy's blog, Fit and Well All Over the World, as she chronicles fun workouts and healthy recipes. She recently posted some videos of workouts that can be completed in about 15 minutes. I am waiting for her fitness contract as her body is INSANE! I did just run a quick 4 mile run before reviewing her post. Really, if I had a body like that... I would need to move to the Caribbean ASAP!



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