December 6, 2012

NDSU vs. Morehead + My Superstitions

Last night the Bison MBB played Morehead (Kentucky) at the Johnson Arena. And, the team won: 69-57!

Let me tell you... the team had me completely stressed out! Yes, me, this Type-Aer. Let me explain.

I am having some difficulties going to MELT in the early morning hours (that is 5:35am workouts), so I elected to do the 5:30pm class instead. Well, this put me in a pickle as the MBB played at 6pm. When I jumped into my car, the men were ahead in the first half (13 to 11).

I got home, took a shower, made my dinner salad and then decided to watch the rest of the game through the Morehead's website. WRONG MOVE!

By this time, the game was well into the second half with a score of 33 to 19. I started watching in the second half and I swear at that moment, the game took a terrible downslide! The Bison went on a 12-0 run and had me pleased THEN in the last 5 minutes of the game Morehead's turned up the pressure- mean mugging all over the court. They then responded with a 19-2 run of their own.

Like seriously, this is when my superstitious behaviors came into play. I first damned myself for even thinking of watching the game. Like really, the team was doing well! I should have stuck with the mobile ESPN checks. And then decided to turn off the computer and ate my salad in silence. Thank goodness the salad was delicious  because I was in a terrible mood because of the game.

Well, we know the end... the guys pulled it through, but this really brings to light my insanity, lol. I truly have a problem during away games. I swear that if I change my routine the game will turn on the dime. I have so many examples of this insanity that I could most likely write a whole blog about it.

Here is an example. I recently traveled to Green Bay after the men won 3 games straight. While Jason was getting dressed, he placed his shoes on the bed and I freaked out that it was bad luck. Jason responded that he had put his shoes on the bed the entire time they were in Pitt. To appease me, he took the shoes off the bed and guess what happened... They lost to Green Bay!!!! See what I am talking about?!?!

Now I am screaming.... Throw the shoes on the bed!


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