December 12, 2012

Wedded Bliss Wednesdays: Matters of the Heart

Greetings BBB fans. I am excited to begin my journey with Wedded-Bliss Wednesdays. Are you excited?

Well, I figured I should start at the beginning of the wedding planning process. For us this began with the date of which I was provided two options: May or August. Given the fact that I graduated in May 2012, that took this option out of the equation. Jason also gave me two weeks in August in which we could have the wedding and also take a week-long honeymoon. So, August it was!

After solidifying and discussing our date options which were limited to college recruiting and camp season, I decided to start thinking about a theme...

I realized through this process that I am not very creative or innovative! I have plenty of friends who have taken themes from movies or time periods and really captured this within their wedding day.

 So, this got me thinking....

For years I have signed my name with a heart. This fact kept coming back to me... I knew I did not want the heart theme to be cheesy like so much of the wedding decorations can be, but I realized that hearts and love reflects Jason and I's relationship.

With that, we moved forward with "Matters of the Heart" being the underlying theme of our wedding. Side note, did you know that hidden Mickey Mouses are inserted subtly into the Disney World/Land theme parks. This little reference was discussed and brought up by my mother who had gone on a tour during a NFLPA conference a few years ago. 

We used the Disney mantra when incorporating hearts within the wedding and related events.  

So, hearts were present during the engagement session, on the invitation (which will be showcased next week), for the party favors, and other areas of the wedding.

Even purses!

And jewelery

Did you have a theme for your wedding?



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