September 29, 2012

Konfession Part Deuce

Last year I konfessed my love for the Kardashian family when I reviewed their book, Kardashian Konfedential. Well, a lot can occur in a year. I am not saying that I despise the Kardashian krew, but I am somewhat over them except for Khloe and Lamar :) Coach Kemp and I actually stole some of their ideas for our fabulous e-session a few months back....

But this is not why I am posting! I have another confessions, this time with a 'C.' I have a serious problem with trilogies. It is not so much the actual trilogy but the anticipation and angst that comes with reading trilogies. Jeeze, this post has many confessional parts but I must also confess that during my graduate career, my leisure reading pretty much consisted of gossip magazines,, USAToday, and of course my blogs (that is one reason why I started blogging). Since defending my dissertation and commencement in May, I have read (and re-read) many books including:

Currently Reading 3rd book

So my problem which I recently explained to my new co-worker (she probably thinks I am somewhat strange for my confession), is that while reading the third book in the triology I cannot contain myself and have succumed to reading the last chapter while in the middle of the last book. This is so tragic, I know, but I merely cannot handle the anticipation of the conclusion.

What is my deal?

Do I need to visit a doctor? (LoL)

It is really killing me. I truly cannot fight the urge to know what is going to happen at the end. This really cannot be sane! Does anyone else do this? Please say yes.

I must also note that I am having this "problem" while watching series with my husband. We haven't finished the last season of "OZ" because I demanded that Coach Kemp tell me the conclusion, which he did and then I decided that I could not longer proceed with the series. We recently finished the 4th season of "The Wire" and I again asked him about the conclusion. I think he has caught on to my antics and has refused to summarize the plot. Little does he know, that I ahve already searched the internet to learn what happends. I am oh so resourceful :)


September 26, 2012

Coaches Corner: Georgian Princess

Welcome to another installment of 'Coaches Corner' in which I discuss some aspect of college basketball!

In a previous post about the U.S. Men's Olympic Basketball team, I shared that the most important asset  that a player/coach posses is his wife... To stay in that vein I interviewed Amanda Woodside, wife of former NDSU basketball player and current professional European player Benjamin Woodside, to share a little about her background, how they met, and life overseas. Enjoy!

How did you and Woodside meet?

Our romantic love story began in the Bison Sports Arena (BSA).  Benjamin was shooting hoops and I was at practice for the NDSU dance team, circa 2006. However we did not begin dating till much later.

So, you are a graduate of North Dakota State University as well. What was your major?

Entering college as a Freshman I declared a Public Relations major.  After a year of uncertainty I pulled a 180 and started taking engineering courses.  Three years later I graduated with an Industrial Engineering and Management degree.

Your husband plays professional basketball overseas. How many countries have you two lived in? Which country has been your favorite? Why?

We have been fortunate to live in 4 very different countries since graduating college.  Basketball has taken us to France, Slovenia, Georgia, and now Turkey. It is difficult to overall rank a country higher than another.  I enjoy many aspects of each location.  Each culture brings us new adventures, wisdom, and food!  However there are also difficult moments and humbling times, but I wouldn’t trade any of those experiences.  I will break down the positives from each country:

France: Loved their food, the good friends we met, its powerful history, and the language.

Slovenia: Awesome views, good location, absolutely beautiful, and somewhere I plan on retiring.

Georgia: Experienced some of the most incredible hospitality, and I like what it taught me living there.

Turkey:  We have only been here 3 weeks and I feel so comfortable.  It a warm, friendly environment.  The city we live in is HUGE with almost 5 million people and has a lot of offer.

What is ‘Georgian Princess’ referring to?

Hehe.  Well...while living in Georgia, Benjamin officially became a Georgian citizen and I, unofficially, became their Georgian Princess.  With a badge and all!

You must dish- are the ladies anything like what we see on Basketball Wives?

Unfortunately, yes, sometimes it can feel that way.  There have been some catty females, but that can happen anywhere, anyplace.  It all depends on what kind of women are mixed together.  We could go into a whole different interview for details on that topic.  Beyond the drama, I have been blessed to meet outstanding women who are very dear to me.

What is your most memorable basketball experience?

There are quite a few funny mishaps. However, with out a doubt it was last year.  We made a difficult decision to leave a team in the middle of the season.  Within 24 hours of that decision we had to pack up our entire life into 4 suit cases total, address any loose ends in that current country, and then fly blindly across the globe to (The Republic of) Georgia.  Whoa.  Side note: to ensure no risk of getting stressed out, we each enjoyed 3 long island cocktails during the layover.  

Thank you Amanda for this insightful interview into the life of a former Bison overseas. Please, wish them luck for this season! You can follow Amanda at her blog, Amanda Mosaic.


September 24, 2012

Monochromatic Nail Review

Let me be the first to put my foot in my mouth because I know I recently discussed my dismay in not being able to do Shellac (or gel manicures) any longer... Well, I went back to the stuff! I may be addicted. I do not know. I know, I know I can not decide if this is a good thing or bad but for now I am relishing in my gel manicures once again.

Like I stated previously, one must always pamper themsleves with a good manicure and pedicture on a regular basis. Now that I have a full-time job, I have upped my frequency to bimonthly instead of every three weeks! Perhaps, this will also salvage my pretty hands.

This time around I elected to do a monochromatic style. I rarely use red nail polish but it seemed to be calling me on Saturday! I frequently do french-style nails but with colors and I also enjoy doing one nail a different color so that it pops... This week, I combined my two favorite styles into one!

Wildfire and Decadence (darker color on tips and ring finger)
(All products used are CND Shellac)

What are your thoughts?!?

September 2, 2012

The Countdown Until....

Those that truly know me, know that I have a personal affinity for countdowns. I love looking down to life events. On many occasions I have caught myself saying: "In xx days we will be..." Well, this afternoon after going grocery shopping and while eating lunch Coach Kemp announced: "41 days until the season begins!" I believe my tendencies are beginning to rub off on him. Would't you say?!?

Well, the next 41 days will be fun-filled so I am looking forward to them all. But, the previous weeks were wonderful as well- we got married, honeymooned in the Grand Caymans, and I began my new job!  The last three weeks have been a whirlwind! So if the next 41 days and the basketball season are anything similar, whoa I won't be able to hold onto my seat.

Yesterday I tailgated Bison style before their game opener! Coach Kemp and the men's basketball team had 8+ recruits and their families in tow so I met up with one of my new co-workers, Jamie. Well, I can certainly attest that I already love Jamie and believe she will be my new "partner in crime!"  The game itself was amazing!!!! The Bison football team won 52-0 which was a nice show/production for the high school recruits. Also during the opening of the game, they rose the official 2011 FCS National Championship banner. The football opening act is really grand, I can honestly state that is it on the professional level. Here is a youtube video to prove.

I will be honest that tailgating is nowhere near the level of a SEC team (Go Gators!) or even Big Ten (On Wisconsin!), but I still had a blast!