September 24, 2012

Monochromatic Nail Review

Let me be the first to put my foot in my mouth because I know I recently discussed my dismay in not being able to do Shellac (or gel manicures) any longer... Well, I went back to the stuff! I may be addicted. I do not know. I know, I know I can not decide if this is a good thing or bad but for now I am relishing in my gel manicures once again.

Like I stated previously, one must always pamper themsleves with a good manicure and pedicture on a regular basis. Now that I have a full-time job, I have upped my frequency to bimonthly instead of every three weeks! Perhaps, this will also salvage my pretty hands.

This time around I elected to do a monochromatic style. I rarely use red nail polish but it seemed to be calling me on Saturday! I frequently do french-style nails but with colors and I also enjoy doing one nail a different color so that it pops... This week, I combined my two favorite styles into one!

Wildfire and Decadence (darker color on tips and ring finger)
(All products used are CND Shellac)

What are your thoughts?!?

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