September 29, 2012

Konfession Part Deuce

Last year I konfessed my love for the Kardashian family when I reviewed their book, Kardashian Konfedential. Well, a lot can occur in a year. I am not saying that I despise the Kardashian krew, but I am somewhat over them except for Khloe and Lamar :) Coach Kemp and I actually stole some of their ideas for our fabulous e-session a few months back....

But this is not why I am posting! I have another confessions, this time with a 'C.' I have a serious problem with trilogies. It is not so much the actual trilogy but the anticipation and angst that comes with reading trilogies. Jeeze, this post has many confessional parts but I must also confess that during my graduate career, my leisure reading pretty much consisted of gossip magazines,, USAToday, and of course my blogs (that is one reason why I started blogging). Since defending my dissertation and commencement in May, I have read (and re-read) many books including:

Currently Reading 3rd book

So my problem which I recently explained to my new co-worker (she probably thinks I am somewhat strange for my confession), is that while reading the third book in the triology I cannot contain myself and have succumed to reading the last chapter while in the middle of the last book. This is so tragic, I know, but I merely cannot handle the anticipation of the conclusion.

What is my deal?

Do I need to visit a doctor? (LoL)

It is really killing me. I truly cannot fight the urge to know what is going to happen at the end. This really cannot be sane! Does anyone else do this? Please say yes.

I must also note that I am having this "problem" while watching series with my husband. We haven't finished the last season of "OZ" because I demanded that Coach Kemp tell me the conclusion, which he did and then I decided that I could not longer proceed with the series. We recently finished the 4th season of "The Wire" and I again asked him about the conclusion. I think he has caught on to my antics and has refused to summarize the plot. Little does he know, that I ahve already searched the internet to learn what happends. I am oh so resourceful :)


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