October 8, 2012

De-toxification Plan....

On about 500 occassions I have told myself and/or Coach Kemp that I was going to STOP eating dairy. I would like to keep the measley four readers that I have and not thoroughly discuss my reasons for this, but I am fed up with my lack of self-restraint and inability to actually accomplish this goal!

So, what does any normal person do?

Put themselves on blast on their blog!

Wow, this feels great.... I will up-date you all on my progress. I am defintely hoping that my morning confession to my husband that I should stop consuming dairy products will end, TODAY!

I have also decided to include caffeine (i.e., soda, coffee, energy drinks). I will allow myself the occasional cup of tea!




  1. Good Luck girl! You can so do this if you plan ahead with some alternatives in the fridge. Keep us updated how it goes.

  2. What?! For real?? You go! More power to ya. Please do keep me updated. Coffee would be the most difficult (as I'm slurping on a cup right now). hehe.