February 27, 2015

Bump Journey: Months 1-5

Reflecting back, I probably should have written this post by trimesters, but it did not come to me until more recently. Since I have passed the half-way mark, I figure I might as well document the presence or absence of some of the common pregnancy symptoms.

I know no two pregnancies are the same and I want to remember how this pregnancy progresses compared to any ones that I may have after.

I also want to apologize as I do realize that more and more of my posts are pregnancy-related. I know some readers may not be that interested in my pregnancy, and I am ok with that. I do advertise as a life and style blog, and currently my life is pretty focused on being pregnant. 

Breast Tenderness: In the first trimester this was my biggest symptom besides frequent urination which I will touch on below. I remember praying to the workout gods that our WODS would not entail double-unders or burpees because it hurt so much to jump and have to lie on my stomach/chest. This specific symptom has passed, and now I am just ever concerned to when the lady parts will stop growing. Trust me, I asked the OB about that! The response was not what I wanted to hear, lol.

Breathlessness:This too began in my first trimester but is only an issue when doing workouts. Very early on I shared the news with Jolene at CrossFit SEO so she would know why I was a little lethargic during workouts. I am not sure many people really knew but the breathlessness really arose when running with a 20lb medicine ball. Running has always been my strength at CrossFit, and I remember having to tell Jolene that I could no longer run with a medicine ball because I would become so very winded. Granted, I was also dealing with cold weather, not like it is now, but that just compounded the issue.

Presently, in the 2nd trimester, it is quite comical as I get winded during the warm-ups - high knees, butt kicks, high jumps, etc. have me gasping for air. I have laid off of running because of the cramping I was getting. Instead, I row which does not leave me as breathless.

Constipation: Good on this front, though I do try to consume 1 gallon of water/day, which I believe has helped with my regularity. I did discuss having some feelings of constipation - full stomach and abdominal pain - however, I believe this right before I really popped between weeks 19 and 20.

Cravings: To Coach Kemp's dismay, I have not had any severe food cravings. I discussed this in a previous post, Satisfying Those Pregnancy Cravings.

Dreams: My crazy dreams have decreased substantially, but we're pretty consistent between weeks 12-17. The theme of the dreams were partying with my high school and college girlfriends! Ok, those sound like normal dreams, perhaps, but they were very vivid and just odd - not the partying part- but some of the settings. Thinking the dreams were a symbol of letting go of my party days, though I haven't seen those since graduate school lol. 

I got over really well with fatigue. Now, I did enjoy sleeping between 8-10 hours/night during the first trimester, but I never felt truly lethargic during the day. 

Food Aversions:
During the first few weeks Coach could not consume wine. I could smell it from like a mile away, and it made me repulsed. I too couldn't stomach my beloved Quest bars. Just the thought of them made me queasy. I too wasn't feeling smoothies until my recent trip to Tampa in which I made my mom drive all over Brandon in search of a smoothie shop. Unfortunately, we didn't find one but we were on the hunt! 

Momnesia hit me full force around Week 21, and has only worsened. Let's see where to start! Oh you know, I sent a girlfriend flowers to the incorrect address! Thank heavens I merely transcribed the house number, and somehow, they got to her door-step. Then there was that time that I sent my cousin, not one but about 3 letters to her former address. Her family moved over a year ago. Many of my momnesia episodes have included addresses, as you can see. There are countless other scenarios which have made me question my brain functioning.

I now have lists for my my lists, and am contemplating hiring an assistant. Actually, I just need to stop trying to juggle 5,000s things/day. I am horrible at only feeling competent with my plate completely full. I have historically been a person who performs best when balancing many plates. Little Miss Kemp will force me to narrow down my scope in many facets of my life. 

Only had this symptom for about one week around Week 17

Increased Urination:
I have historically required many trips to the ladies room throughout the day. At one time I was even checked for all kinds of serious/semi-serious heath issues and they all came back negative. At that time, I was like 18 years-old, the doctor just stated that I had a small bladder and not to worry. 

Now, the night-time bathroom trips is on a new level. I previously did not wake up frequently at night to use the bathroom, but now I get up about 4 times/night and it may only be getting worse. 

Mood swings:
I'm naturally moody, lol, but I don't think Coach would say I'm any moodier than normal.  And if he did, he's a smart man and wouldn't confess to it anyways. 

Michelyn Cynthia

February 26, 2015

A-Game Attire with Uncommon Wife Life

I’m Lisa Compton, wife of Tigh (pronounced like tie) Compton, Associate Head Men’s Basketball Coach at the University of Pikeville (UPIKE), in Pikeville, Kentucky. Since graduating from UPIKE in 2012, I have worked in public relations and marketing.
Whitney Friend Photography
Around one year ago, I started a blog – Uncommon Wife Life – as a way to share my stories, meet others that share this basketball wife life, and all the other random things I love!

How did you and Coach meet?
My journey as a coach’s wife began long before I was actually married. Tigh and I met in college when he was a student assistant and I was a university cheerleader. His seat on the bench was on the main end, next to the water cooler – which was also next to where I took my stance on the sidelines.

Tigh has since worked his way from the seat next to the water cooler to becoming the head coach’s left hand man. During his transition, I have since graduated and we have been happily married for almost two years…leading to my new role as a coach’s wife. Like I mentioned earlier, my journey as a coach’s wife began long before we married. In college, as a cheerleader, I too went to many of the away basketball games and cheered on the sidelines at the home games. The difference today, I am cheering from the stands. The lifestyle my husband and I have created is not ideal for most young couples in eastern Kentucky, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Basketball brought us together.

Tell us a little about your college team.
UPIKE is a National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Division I, liberal arts university, located in eastern Kentucky - the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. UPIKE is where we met and the place we call home.

The UPIKE Bears are the 2011 NAIA Division I National Champions and the 2013-2014 Mid-South Conference Regular Season and Conference Champions. I am more than honored to have been part of all of this, not only as a student, but as a coach’s wife.

What is your most memorable basketball experience to date?
As I mentioned earlier in the post, the UPIKE Bears are the 2011 NAIA Division I National. I was able to cheer on the Bears at the National Championship as a UPIKE cheerleader. Seriously, the most exciting nine days of my entire life!
That and our games against rival teams – they get so intense!

Explain your game day attire. Where do you typically purchase your game day attire?
I grew up in a small town with a plethora of locally owned embroidery/tee shirt shops. I am a FIRM believer in the ‘shop local’ campaign. Most, if not all, of my game day shirts come from Stitches and Designs, Tee’d Up, or have been given to me for free from all of the giveaways they do on campus. Each year, I always try to get a new shirt design for the upcoming season. I always pair these shirts/sweatshirts with American Eagle skinny jeans and boots. Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (sometimes later than that), I am dressed up. I love being comfortable on game days!

What tips can you provide to other coach’s wives?
There are three things I think ALL coach’s wives should have. These three things have helped me tremendously:

A hobby. There are many lonely nights and boring weekends, especially during the season. A few years ago I picked up crocheting. I have found that it not only passes the time, but that I am pretty good at it! We currently do not have children or pets, so I always look for something new to crochet. If crocheting isn’t for you, try escaping the world with a good book.

‘Thick skin.’ People are going to say things that you don’t want to hear – whether it be a rude comment about your husband or a nasty remark about your team. Sometimes, more often than not, you just have to bite your tongue. On some rare occasions, I find myself sitting next to the opposing team’s number one fan. I normally let most remarks and comments slide, but it is hard hearing such discouraging words being spoken. But that is the name of the game. It happens.

Patience. Coaches put a great amount of time into what they do. My coach is normally not finished with duties until an hour or so after the game. Then you add in travel time, and all of it is extended if it’s an away game. Being patient is hard, especially after an exciting win and a tough loss.

Lisa Compton
Uncommon Wife Life

Praise Lisa for her phenominal tips for coach's wives. I agree with her wholeheartedly on all three tips. Thinking she needs to join the Beauty Blogger Book Club as another hobby besides crocheting- hint, hint!

I love how Lisa embraces Pikesville, KY by shopping local. I just love Etsy which is also a wonderful avenue to find custom-made items! I wonder when Lisa will get her own Etsy shop up and running with her crochet items. If you follow her on Instagram, she occasionally posts her latest creations! Wow, I love finding people extra things to do with their time.

Thank you again to Lisa for her A-Game Feature! Please head on over to her blog and follow, Uncommon Wife Life, as she chronicles her life as a coach's wife!

If you, or are a friend, is interested in being featured in an upcoming A-Game post, please Contact Me for additional information!

Michelyn Cynthia

February 25, 2015

Green Fever vs. BGSU

Last night's Green Fever left all the Ohio Bobcat fans with well, a cold - a general sense of feeling unwell.

I knew this was going to be a tough home game given the game played at BGSU. Sure, there were stretches when I thought we would make a come-back but they never completely made way.

It seems like not only has this winter season been tough on Athens, but also the men's basketball season.

Now, the opposite can be said of our women's team who faces Buffalo tonight in the Convocation Center to clinch the MAC East title! Wishing them much luck tonight!

With winter vortex and my lack of planning these days, my A-Game Attire pictures are lacking scenery. We took these pictures after the game, despite the loss!

My back is blocking the '&' symbol on this wall!

Cardigan: Brochu Walker via Nordstrom Rack (old)
Tank: Target
Jeans: Joe's (Maternity); Nordstrom (Non-maternity)
Necklace:Target (Old)
Booties: Matiko via ShopBop (Old)
Purse: Louis Vuitton

Michelyn Cynthia

February 24, 2015

Bump Watch: Week 22

You are not going crazy! This post is coming a day early since we have an Ohio MBB tonight, so my readers will get two bump features in one week - so lucky! LoL

How Far Along:: 22 weeks

Size of Baby:: Little Miss Kemp is the size of a papaya!

Gender:: Girl!

Stretch Marks:: Lotion & Oil... Oil & Lotion :)

Sleep:: Oh my! I am hoping it was a fluke but I had the WORST night sleep on Sunday night! It all started when I consumed Pesto Zucchini Pasta with Turkey Sausage! The verdict is pretty clear that my pregnant body does not handle pesto very well! Ugh, and we are talking about home-made pesto not the store brand stuff. (If you are interested in my pesto recipe, here is the link)

After eating my dinner on Sunday, I became unusually nauseous and consumed a bowl of cereal in efforts of abating my ill-feeling stomach. When Jason returned from practice that night, he asked if I had been crying! I had not, but I explained that my stomach was not happy.

I head off to bed, and then begin tossing and turning because of stomach pains. This was accompanied by frequent trips to the bathroom - I am talking about every 1.5-2hrs! I was miserable! And besides the stomach pains, bathroom issues, my back started irritating me! Ugh! I was not a happy camper.

Jason arose around 7am and made me some ezekial toast which allowed to sleep a few hours without the above combination.

Yesterday when sharing my night horror with my mother, she reminded me of my ill feelings after conuming pesto while in Tampa. See, my pesto is good guys! I had previously made my infamous Pesto Chicken Quinoa Pasta dish for my dad when he was here in November, and he requested that I make it again when I was home. I, of course, obliged because it is so stinking easy and super delicious! And after eating it a few weeks back, my stomach was not happy either.

I guess pesto is banned from my diet for the next 18 weeks!

Exercise::Going great!

Cravings:: Smoothies. While I was in Tampa, I got two smoothies, one from Jamba Juice and the other from Smoothie King, and it has made me desire smoothies. Now, we do consume HerbaLife smoothies often, I actually was having a hard time drinking them during the first trimester but now that I had some while in FL, I want one everyday. They're not as good as the ones that someone else makes, unfortunately. Have you ever noticed that? That food items taste better when not prepared with your two hands, lol.

Miss Anything:: Not really! I am surprised that I do not miss a glass of wine, to be honest, but I haven't really desired one in a long while.

Symptoms::Feeling good

Belly Button In or Out:: Still in but starting to protrude out a little. I am thinking it's going to pop out in a few weeks.

Movement::Yes! She kicks and moves very low in my uterus, sometimes making it uncomfortable.

On My Mind: What are these Braxton Hicks I have read about?

Best Moment of the Week:: On Sunday when I realized that I was 6 months pregnant. Maybe that was the scariest moment and not the best, lol. This gig is moving quickly. Wondering if I can negotiate another 8-10 weeks after 40 weeks of pregnancy! Honestly, I planned my wedding in 13 months and that was after "unofficial planning" for about a year before the engagement. How are humans supposed to be prepared to care for another life in 10 months!

Looking Forward To:: Meeting my niece at the end of March. I know that is some time from now, but getting ever more excited to meet her as well as my our other friend's little boy in Madison!

Michelyn Cynthia

February 22, 2015

MAC Mania Week 16

Happy Monday!Only 4 games in MAC play! We are getting to then end of this season, some may be relieved while others are gloating!

How is your favorite MAC team doing?

Ball State
Central Michigan
Bowling Green
Eastern Michigan
Northern Illinois
Kent State
Western Michigan

* Includes Exhibition game

 Week1     Week 6     Week 11
Week 2    Week 7      Week 12
Week 3    Week 8      Week 13
Week 4    Week 9      Week 14
Week 5    Week 10    Week 15

Michelyn Cynthia

Tidying Up The Diet

My gym, CrossFit SEO, is starting a Paleo Challenge on Monday for 6 weeks. If I were not pregnant, I would jump at the opportunity to document and reflect on this challenge as I did last year with the Renegade 7 Week Challenge.

Then I got to thinking... Maybe I should do my own version of a Paleo/Gluten Free Challenge for 5 weeks in efforts of "tidying up the diet." I was thinking on Saturday about the foods that I have been eating, or to be more specific; the lack of fruits and vegetables, as well as infrequent meals, and I was ashamed.

Now before anyone calls the doctor or sends hate mail, I am defining "diet" as the foods that one consumes and not necessarily a restrictive, low calorie/fat diet to lose weight. Surprise! This lady ain't losing no weight anytime soon.

Let's take Friday, for example, in which I consumed nachos and cheese for brunch! Yeap, I skipped over breakfast, even though I did an early morning workout at CrossFit SEO, and did not consume any food until nearly 11:00am. Was I terribly busy! Hell no! And what type of excuse is that for a pregnant lady! I then consumed a banana with 1 TBSP of natural peanut butter around 3:00pm. And the one healthy meal that I consumed was for dinner in which we had gluten-free turkey meatballs, baked sweet potato and a salad. Oh, you know then I got bored and had popcorn around 9:00pm drizzled with natural peanut butter! Ok, so my mid-day snack was healthy, but the nachos for brunch and popcorn! I got to do better!

So for the next 5 weeks, I will share my menu plan for the proceeding week. Honestly, it will be a specific menu of our dinners which will either be Paleo or Gluten-free. I try to eat the same thing for lunch multiple days in a row so that I don't have to think too much! The simpler the plan, the better in my books!

Here is what I am thinking for Week 1

HerbaLife Smoothie (Not Paleo or Gluten-free) 

Scrambled Eggs with Organic Bacon or Applegate Breakfast Sausage
Paleo Sweet Potato Biscuits or Ezekial Bread
Sauteed Spinach, Sauteed Mushrooms, or Roasted Broccoli with Onion
Berry Salad

Snack #1
Apple, Carrots, or Banana w/ Nut Butter
Carrots & Celery with Hummus (Not Paleo)

Sunday: Pesto Zucchini Noodles w/ Sausage & Salad

Monday & Tuesday: Man-Pleasing Chicken, Brussels Sprouts w/ Bacon & Sweet Potato Fries

Wednesday: Honey Garlic Pork Chops, Roasted Corn & Salad

Thursday & Friday:Paleo Taco Pie

Saturday: Out

Snack #2/ Dessert

I am really excited about this challenge as it will help me diversfy our meals and ensure that I am eating more well-balanced meals! It was starting to get a little shady over at Team Kemp residence. 

Michelyn Kemp

February 19, 2015

Bump Watch: Week 21

Editorial Note: Wow! Did not realize my hair looked this crazy until just now! Yeah, this is how I typically look on a daily basis! Make-up free face and free-lance curls! I surely clean-up well, lol!

How Far Along:: 21 weeks

Size of Baby:: Little Miss Kemp is the size of a pomegranate!

Gender:: Girl!

Stretch Marks:: Looking good...

Sleep:: I mentioned this in yesterday's post, but I FINALLY purchased a Snoogle and am in love! I really thought I was getting some good sleep with a pillow in between my knees, but that Snoogle is a Game Changer! I have found reasons to take mid-day cat naps just so I can cuddle with my new pillow!

Exercise:: Going great! Glad to be back at CrossFit SEO. Jolene, the owner and head trainer, is out on maternity leave but she sends me daily modifications for each WOD. On Tuesday we did an EMOM with hang power cleans. Instead, I used two dumbbells, but practiced with the class using PVC pipes. I am still getting accustomed to a 'bump' as I hit myself several times with the PVC while practicing the hang power clean motion. I chuckled every time I hit my belly, and am very grateful for her personal texts of modifications while she is away on maternity leave.

All the members and coaches are very supportive while I get through WODs as well. It took me nearly double the time to complete 75 Burpees + Weighted Ball Slams (with a modification) than the majority of the class. They still cheered me on; so appreciative of my CFSEO Family!

Cravings:: Grilled Cheese sandwiches sound pretty good. The other night I had some nachos and cheese and it settled my desire for a grilled cheese sandwich for that day. Doesn't a grilled cheese sound pretty alluring especially with tomato soup, french fries, and ketchup on the side for dipping the sandwich and fries!!

Miss Anything:: Warm weather!

Symptoms:: Momnesia has been making a resurgence. I was doing really good for the first few months, only forgetting a few things. More recently, I sent a girlfriend flowers to the wrong address, luckily they arrived, and then sent another girlfriend a text 4 days later stating: "What was I supposed to text you?" I haven't left the dog anywhere or the stove on, so I am still winning!

Belly Button In or Out:: In but starting to protrude out a little.

Movement:: Yes, this week the movement is not as strong as Week 20. I asked my doctor about this and she assured me the waxing and waning of the strength is normal at this point in my pregnancy.

On My Mind:The ever-growing baby-to-do list. I have my registry pretty much done, and think I may have scheduled our birthing class, but then there are pediatrician decisions and a birth plan! Yikes, feeling slightly overwhelmed!

Best Moment of the Week:: Hearing Little Miss Kemp's heart beat at my doctor's visit on Tuesday. That sound will never get old!

Michelyn Cynthia