February 18, 2015

Random Musings

Today's Bump Watch post will be coming a day late. My web designer aka Coach Kemp left early yesterday morning before adding the border on my Week 21 photo!

How dare he, right? I know, I scoffed when I realized the snafu!

In other pregnancy-related news... While in Tampa, I ordered the Snoogle. It as well as too many baby clothes was awaiting my return on Sunday. How I ever slept without that thing is beyond me! I honestly may just replace my pillow with it, even after this pregnancy! 

Coach and Prince are not too keen on the giant pillow as it takes up 35% of prime real estate on our queen sized bed - yes, we need to buy a king bed ASAP!

I too purchased three pairs of maternity jeans which are sure to be featured in my upcoming A-Game Attire posts!  I now have three maternity leggings, three maternity jeans, and lots of nursing tanks... Thinking I will try to hold out on any other maternity purchases until the end of this show! Let's be honest, I wear workout clothes and sweat pants 95% of my days.

In non-pregnancy related news - when is winter over? Granted, I was in Florida for an extended stay, but this cold weather and snow is for the birds. I am ready for a warm weather destination vacation.

Question of the Day: How are you surviving this horrid winter?

Michelyn Cynthia

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