February 24, 2015

Bump Watch: Week 22

You are not going crazy! This post is coming a day early since we have an Ohio MBB tonight, so my readers will get two bump features in one week - so lucky! LoL

How Far Along:: 22 weeks

Size of Baby:: Little Miss Kemp is the size of a papaya!

Gender:: Girl!

Stretch Marks:: Lotion & Oil... Oil & Lotion :)

Sleep:: Oh my! I am hoping it was a fluke but I had the WORST night sleep on Sunday night! It all started when I consumed Pesto Zucchini Pasta with Turkey Sausage! The verdict is pretty clear that my pregnant body does not handle pesto very well! Ugh, and we are talking about home-made pesto not the store brand stuff. (If you are interested in my pesto recipe, here is the link)

After eating my dinner on Sunday, I became unusually nauseous and consumed a bowl of cereal in efforts of abating my ill-feeling stomach. When Jason returned from practice that night, he asked if I had been crying! I had not, but I explained that my stomach was not happy.

I head off to bed, and then begin tossing and turning because of stomach pains. This was accompanied by frequent trips to the bathroom - I am talking about every 1.5-2hrs! I was miserable! And besides the stomach pains, bathroom issues, my back started irritating me! Ugh! I was not a happy camper.

Jason arose around 7am and made me some ezekial toast which allowed to sleep a few hours without the above combination.

Yesterday when sharing my night horror with my mother, she reminded me of my ill feelings after conuming pesto while in Tampa. See, my pesto is good guys! I had previously made my infamous Pesto Chicken Quinoa Pasta dish for my dad when he was here in November, and he requested that I make it again when I was home. I, of course, obliged because it is so stinking easy and super delicious! And after eating it a few weeks back, my stomach was not happy either.

I guess pesto is banned from my diet for the next 18 weeks!

Exercise::Going great!

Cravings:: Smoothies. While I was in Tampa, I got two smoothies, one from Jamba Juice and the other from Smoothie King, and it has made me desire smoothies. Now, we do consume HerbaLife smoothies often, I actually was having a hard time drinking them during the first trimester but now that I had some while in FL, I want one everyday. They're not as good as the ones that someone else makes, unfortunately. Have you ever noticed that? That food items taste better when not prepared with your two hands, lol.

Miss Anything:: Not really! I am surprised that I do not miss a glass of wine, to be honest, but I haven't really desired one in a long while.

Symptoms::Feeling good

Belly Button In or Out:: Still in but starting to protrude out a little. I am thinking it's going to pop out in a few weeks.

Movement::Yes! She kicks and moves very low in my uterus, sometimes making it uncomfortable.

On My Mind: What are these Braxton Hicks I have read about?

Best Moment of the Week:: On Sunday when I realized that I was 6 months pregnant. Maybe that was the scariest moment and not the best, lol. This gig is moving quickly. Wondering if I can negotiate another 8-10 weeks after 40 weeks of pregnancy! Honestly, I planned my wedding in 13 months and that was after "unofficial planning" for about a year before the engagement. How are humans supposed to be prepared to care for another life in 10 months!

Looking Forward To:: Meeting my niece at the end of March. I know that is some time from now, but getting ever more excited to meet her as well as my our other friend's little boy in Madison!

Michelyn Cynthia

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