February 19, 2015

Bump Watch: Week 21

Editorial Note: Wow! Did not realize my hair looked this crazy until just now! Yeah, this is how I typically look on a daily basis! Make-up free face and free-lance curls! I surely clean-up well, lol!

How Far Along:: 21 weeks

Size of Baby:: Little Miss Kemp is the size of a pomegranate!

Gender:: Girl!

Stretch Marks:: Looking good...

Sleep:: I mentioned this in yesterday's post, but I FINALLY purchased a Snoogle and am in love! I really thought I was getting some good sleep with a pillow in between my knees, but that Snoogle is a Game Changer! I have found reasons to take mid-day cat naps just so I can cuddle with my new pillow!

Exercise:: Going great! Glad to be back at CrossFit SEO. Jolene, the owner and head trainer, is out on maternity leave but she sends me daily modifications for each WOD. On Tuesday we did an EMOM with hang power cleans. Instead, I used two dumbbells, but practiced with the class using PVC pipes. I am still getting accustomed to a 'bump' as I hit myself several times with the PVC while practicing the hang power clean motion. I chuckled every time I hit my belly, and am very grateful for her personal texts of modifications while she is away on maternity leave.

All the members and coaches are very supportive while I get through WODs as well. It took me nearly double the time to complete 75 Burpees + Weighted Ball Slams (with a modification) than the majority of the class. They still cheered me on; so appreciative of my CFSEO Family!

Cravings:: Grilled Cheese sandwiches sound pretty good. The other night I had some nachos and cheese and it settled my desire for a grilled cheese sandwich for that day. Doesn't a grilled cheese sound pretty alluring especially with tomato soup, french fries, and ketchup on the side for dipping the sandwich and fries!!

Miss Anything:: Warm weather!

Symptoms:: Momnesia has been making a resurgence. I was doing really good for the first few months, only forgetting a few things. More recently, I sent a girlfriend flowers to the wrong address, luckily they arrived, and then sent another girlfriend a text 4 days later stating: "What was I supposed to text you?" I haven't left the dog anywhere or the stove on, so I am still winning!

Belly Button In or Out:: In but starting to protrude out a little.

Movement:: Yes, this week the movement is not as strong as Week 20. I asked my doctor about this and she assured me the waxing and waning of the strength is normal at this point in my pregnancy.

On My Mind:The ever-growing baby-to-do list. I have my registry pretty much done, and think I may have scheduled our birthing class, but then there are pediatrician decisions and a birth plan! Yikes, feeling slightly overwhelmed!

Best Moment of the Week:: Hearing Little Miss Kemp's heart beat at my doctor's visit on Tuesday. That sound will never get old!

Michelyn Cynthia

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