February 27, 2015

Bump Journey: Months 1-5

Reflecting back, I probably should have written this post by trimesters, but it did not come to me until more recently. Since I have passed the half-way mark, I figure I might as well document the presence or absence of some of the common pregnancy symptoms.

I know no two pregnancies are the same and I want to remember how this pregnancy progresses compared to any ones that I may have after.

I also want to apologize as I do realize that more and more of my posts are pregnancy-related. I know some readers may not be that interested in my pregnancy, and I am ok with that. I do advertise as a life and style blog, and currently my life is pretty focused on being pregnant. 

Breast Tenderness: In the first trimester this was my biggest symptom besides frequent urination which I will touch on below. I remember praying to the workout gods that our WODS would not entail double-unders or burpees because it hurt so much to jump and have to lie on my stomach/chest. This specific symptom has passed, and now I am just ever concerned to when the lady parts will stop growing. Trust me, I asked the OB about that! The response was not what I wanted to hear, lol.

Breathlessness:This too began in my first trimester but is only an issue when doing workouts. Very early on I shared the news with Jolene at CrossFit SEO so she would know why I was a little lethargic during workouts. I am not sure many people really knew but the breathlessness really arose when running with a 20lb medicine ball. Running has always been my strength at CrossFit, and I remember having to tell Jolene that I could no longer run with a medicine ball because I would become so very winded. Granted, I was also dealing with cold weather, not like it is now, but that just compounded the issue.

Presently, in the 2nd trimester, it is quite comical as I get winded during the warm-ups - high knees, butt kicks, high jumps, etc. have me gasping for air. I have laid off of running because of the cramping I was getting. Instead, I row which does not leave me as breathless.

Constipation: Good on this front, though I do try to consume 1 gallon of water/day, which I believe has helped with my regularity. I did discuss having some feelings of constipation - full stomach and abdominal pain - however, I believe this right before I really popped between weeks 19 and 20.

Cravings: To Coach Kemp's dismay, I have not had any severe food cravings. I discussed this in a previous post, Satisfying Those Pregnancy Cravings.

Dreams: My crazy dreams have decreased substantially, but we're pretty consistent between weeks 12-17. The theme of the dreams were partying with my high school and college girlfriends! Ok, those sound like normal dreams, perhaps, but they were very vivid and just odd - not the partying part- but some of the settings. Thinking the dreams were a symbol of letting go of my party days, though I haven't seen those since graduate school lol. 

I got over really well with fatigue. Now, I did enjoy sleeping between 8-10 hours/night during the first trimester, but I never felt truly lethargic during the day. 

Food Aversions:
During the first few weeks Coach could not consume wine. I could smell it from like a mile away, and it made me repulsed. I too couldn't stomach my beloved Quest bars. Just the thought of them made me queasy. I too wasn't feeling smoothies until my recent trip to Tampa in which I made my mom drive all over Brandon in search of a smoothie shop. Unfortunately, we didn't find one but we were on the hunt! 

Momnesia hit me full force around Week 21, and has only worsened. Let's see where to start! Oh you know, I sent a girlfriend flowers to the incorrect address! Thank heavens I merely transcribed the house number, and somehow, they got to her door-step. Then there was that time that I sent my cousin, not one but about 3 letters to her former address. Her family moved over a year ago. Many of my momnesia episodes have included addresses, as you can see. There are countless other scenarios which have made me question my brain functioning.

I now have lists for my my lists, and am contemplating hiring an assistant. Actually, I just need to stop trying to juggle 5,000s things/day. I am horrible at only feeling competent with my plate completely full. I have historically been a person who performs best when balancing many plates. Little Miss Kemp will force me to narrow down my scope in many facets of my life. 

Only had this symptom for about one week around Week 17

Increased Urination:
I have historically required many trips to the ladies room throughout the day. At one time I was even checked for all kinds of serious/semi-serious heath issues and they all came back negative. At that time, I was like 18 years-old, the doctor just stated that I had a small bladder and not to worry. 

Now, the night-time bathroom trips is on a new level. I previously did not wake up frequently at night to use the bathroom, but now I get up about 4 times/night and it may only be getting worse. 

Mood swings:
I'm naturally moody, lol, but I don't think Coach would say I'm any moodier than normal.  And if he did, he's a smart man and wouldn't confess to it anyways. 

Michelyn Cynthia

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