January 21, 2015

Bump Watch: Week 17

How Far Along:: 17 weeks

Size of Baby:: Miss Kemp is the size of an onion

Gender:: It's A Girl!

Stretch Marks:: I believe we are good!

Sleep:: 8-9 hours of sleep/night and this lady is much happier. I too am still sleeping on my stomach, I did discuss this with my OB and he said that it was ok. He stated that at the point that it is unsafe to sleep on one's stomach would be when I am truly unable to sleep on my stomach. So, in the meantime, I will continue to sleep on my side and stomach.

Exercise::I did not run as frequently this week as planned, but went to four CrossFit classes. Better intentions for the upcoming week.Thus far this week (Mon-Sun); I have been Mon, Tues, and Weds!

Cravings:: I had been craving the Vegetarian Jimmy John's sandwich, but then watched FedUp again on Friday night at the box. Coach and I previously saw the movie back in October right around the time that we started the Whole 30. Yeah welp, that movie completely deterred me from desiring the sandwich. Have you ever watched the movie? I highly recommend you watch it, whether you are pregnant, have children, or not. You will be utterly disgusted with our nation's food and drug administration's policies.

Miss Anything:: I am not feeling overly pregnant or desiring a of foods that I can't consume.

Symptoms:: I had a dull headache for about 5 days straight which has been pretty miserable. I purchased Peppermint essential oil that I have been using when I feel it returning, had some ladies comment about Tylenol. I have never been a big medicine taker which outrages my husband, Coach Kemp. He came home for lunch yesterday, Tuesday, stating that I needed to find some sort of method to cure my ailment, and he agreed with the Tylenol - per usual. 

Belly Button In or Out:: In

Movement:: At my most recent doctor's visit, my OB confirmed that I would begin to feel movement between weeks 16 and 25. He then stated that I may be presently feeling movement, but simply not aware of the actual sensation. So now I am paranoid whenever I feel something in my stomach. I can't say if I am having allusions, or if it's Little Miss Kemp's movement at this point.

Looking Forward to:: Just hoping this relatively easy pregnancy continues in this fashion. Being positive from this point forward that it will!

On My Mind: Natural vs Medicated Birth. I have read three pregnancy books this month - I know C-R-A-Z-Y! I have decided that I will begin doing further investigations of this matter in February. I figure 5 months will provide ample time to decipher out a plan!

Best Moment of the Week:: Confirming Miss Kemp's newborn photos with Ann Fredricks Photography. And, hearing her heart beat at my most recent appointment - 150 bpm.


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  1. I have one word for you…. MEDICATION! LOL, maybe I'm just a wimp :)