January 27, 2015

Miss Universe: Predictions & Thoughts

Watching Miss Universe while 18 weeks pregnant was not the most ideal thing to do!

I realize that I am not that huge right now, but the stomach is only getting bigger by the day (Are you following my weekly Bump Updates?), and we still have another 22 weeks to go. I thought perusing some of my pictures as Miss Wisconsin USA would abate my anxiety of only getting larger or providing some hope that I, at one point, was thin!

Unfortunately, it only did the opposite!

Luckily, I thought ahead and ate a relatively healthy diet the whole day, which was one very small consolation for my misery. Since Sunday, I have killed, as much as a pregnant lady is advised, my CrossFit workouts on Monday and Tuesday! Oh, the struggles of body image while pregnant.

Early Sunday morning, Prince and I got up and reviewed all the 88 candidates vying for the title of Miss Universe. Ok, Prince just sat in my lap while I did all the decision-making. Every once in a while he would wiggle or squirm but he agreed with all of my decisions - smart dog.

Coach enjoys watching the pageants with me, and typically joins on my prediction game but he decided that narrowing the contestants from 88 to 15 was too daunting.

Here is my top 15, picked before the show, in no particular order:

Brains, Beauty & Basketball's Top 15 Predictions
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
Costa Rica
Great Britain

As you can see from my asterisks, I did pretty damn well with predicting the Top 15 for Miss Universe 2014!

I was most bummed that Miss Guam, Brittany Bell, did not make the cut. She actually competed at Miss USA in 2010 as Miss Arizona! Love her natural curly hair too (not pictured in any of her 'official' Miss Universe photos!)

I absolutely LOVED that the opening number showcased their National Costumes! I remember hoping that Miss USA would bring back the State Costume competition for Miss USA when I competed, but it did not occur. The last time that this was held at Miss USA was 1993. I would love to see a resurgence of this area, even if it is not weighed in the final standings.

After opening number, the girls changed into Sherri Hill sponsored two piece cocktail outfits – I believe there were three styles for the top and two skirt options. I actually prefer when everyone wears the same outfit, or they are all different. My brain wanders from girl to girl pondering if she chose the right ensemble for her figure. Oh gosh. Just have one dress option or many. Maybe I am a little neurotic!

And from there, our official Top 15 semi-finalists were announced. Here is the official Top 15, with my asterisks by the Top 10 that thought would continue after the swim suit competition.

 Brains, Beauty & Basketball's Top 10 Predictions (in asterisks)
Indonesia *

Excuse me a moment - toot toot! Uhm yes, I was pretty much dead on for the Top 10, with 9/10 of my girls going forth.

I enjoyed the swimsuit portion of the competition except all of the extra accessories that the non-finalist contestants adorned. At one point before that portion of the competition, the camera showed the girls backstage getting ready to enter and I simply prayed that the contestants would not be wearing the gloves, headpieces, and feather boas.

Luckily, the girls came out wearing their Yamamay sponsored swimsuit with simple, silver cover-ups which was great! Of course, the cover-ups were removed instantly, but the effect and movement of the silver material always bodes well for the camera.

After the swimsuit competition, we dwindled down the Top 10 to 5. Here is the Top 10, and my 5 picks!

Brains, Beauty & Basketball's Top 5 Predictions (in asterisks)

Prior to the on-stage question, this was my order for the title!

Jamaica - Miss Universe

USA - Tie for 1st RU

Colombia - Tie for 1st RU
Ukraine - 3rd RU
Netherlands - 4th RU
During the commercial break, I said a few prayers for Miss Jamaica. Actually, I said them aloud because Coach said an “Amen!”

Ugh, I was utterly disappointed in nearly all of the contestants’ responses… However, I also sympathized for the contestants because I could barely understand many of the questions being asked of the judges! Like honestly, you must enunciate and speak clearly. I mean Colombia had a clear advantage since she was able to hear the question in English, and then her interpreter repeated it in Spanish! And I will be completely honest, after Miss Jamaica’s response, I was simply crumbled and got lost in my anguish for what I had just heard. My prayers to the pageant gods had not been heard.

I mean look at this woman…

And many in the stands and Twitter-land agree with me. This Washington Post article discusses many viewers dismay when Miss Jamaica was named 4th runner-up!

At the end of the day, pageants are so hard to predict! Any of the 88 women who vied for the title could have done a fabulous job as Miss Universe, especially the Top 5 from Sunday night. I, along with many others, were simply blown away by Miss Jamaica and disappointed when she did not go home with the title! I am certain that many more doors will open for her, and wish her the best of luck!

* All pictures were taken from the Miss Universe website*



  1. So fun!! I missed the pageant but love watching! Thanks for sharing the recap! xo, Claire

    1. Hi Claire! Glad you enjoyed my recap :) Hope you visit again.