January 23, 2015

Polishing It Up for Date Night!

Hallelujah, it is Friday! Your weekday has ended and the weekend will commence once the clock strikes 5:00pm, for you 9-5 'ers.

I am sure many of you have Girls Night Out plans or even a romantic night out with your partner... Me, I will be curled up with Prince and a book. Coach is out recruiting - story of my life!

We actually are planning a date on Saturday after our afternoon home basketball game. And then he will be heading back out on Sunday. Prince will help me fold the laundry, meal prep, and watch Miss Universe on Sunday! Isn't Prince a lucky canine! Hey, we may even go on a long, trail walk too.

When getting all gussied up for your night out, you must find the perfect outfit, put on your face (what I say when I need to apply make-up), and get your hair all jazzed up.

But wait! What about your nails!!!

Well, I have got you covered on that one too!

Recently, a former pageant friend of mine, Michelle Becker, sent me over some Jamberry Nails to sample.

 1) Regular nail polish stays on my natural nails for less than one day
2) I deplore doing self-manicures!
3) I despise paying for someone else to give me a manicure for it to chip in 2 days

Now that my confessional is out there, I must say that the application process for the Jamberry Nails was painless, quick and easy!

Now, I did paint 8 of my natural nails and even gave myself a quick home manicure (clipped nails, file them, pushed back cuticles - the whole nine yards) and am alive to share about it. Once my nails were dry, I applied the Jamberry Nails wraps on both of my ring fingers and have been amazed at how longevity of the Jamberry Nails!
Day 1 vs. Day 3 vs. Day 7
As you can see, the regular nail polish was kapoosh after three days, and honestly, they were already chipped after one trip to the shower. I do not even wash my hair every single day and this is the result. I too do not engage in household maintenance (i.e., hardcore cleaning) besides the dishes putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and "light" spot cleaning in between our biweekly cleaning service. I even requested that Coach clean the dishes on Sunday in efforts of truly preserving my nails.

Have you ever heard of Jamberry Nails?

If not, I highly recommend you visit Michelle's website! Honestly, the application was super easy and the results long-lasting!

With your purchase you receive a sheet with enough Jamberry Nails wraps for 2 manicures and 2 pedicures along with 6-8 extras. Currently there is a deal in which you buy 3, you get 1 FREE!

Additional Fun Facts About Jamberry:
  •  Over 300 designs to choose from!
  • Can't find one you like? Don't you fret because Michelle can custom-make any design that your heart desires!
  • There are also matching ones for Mom and Daughter! (Uhm, at what age can I begin applying those on Little Miss Kemp?!?!)
  •  Junior Jamberry lines for kids up to age 8
  • Jamberry nail lacquer that has no harmful chemicals & dries quickly. 
Disclaimer: I was given the Jamberry Nails to try, but all opinions are my own.



  1. I've been wanting to try these forever!

    1. You should buy them! You and Mariah could have a nail party and twin for a game or two! LoL She would absolutely love them, and there is no dry-time, another reason why I prefer gel polish over traditional polish.