January 9, 2015

Bump Watch: Week 15

Is it Weds?! No, I know, this post is coming quite a few days behind schedule. This is week 15, and today I transitioned into week 16 but we will discuss that one next Wednesday!

How Far Along:: 15 weeks

Size of Baby:: Miss Kemp is the size of a navel orange

Gender:: It's A Girl!

Stretch Marks:: Keeping up with my lotions + oil routine.

Sleep::I have decreased sleep from 10 hours, but it is closer to 8. Next week I plan to transition back to my am workouts, so will aim for 7-8hrs each night all week.

Exercise::Returning to CrossFit SEO was challenging. My body was super achy, and I am not able to turn-over/recover as quickly. I too took a little break from running, but re-scheduled some runs for Week 16 and onward.

Cravings:: I have been really desiring the Vegetarian Jimmy John's sandwich, but haven't caved in. Maybe if I follow my upcoming run schedule, I will reward myself next Saturday! 

Miss Anything::Work has been a little cray-cray, and I desperately could use a glass of wine... I have decided to add on some yoga classes instead.

Symptoms::One of the ladies at CrossFit SEO, who is due in about 6 weeks, encouraged me to drink a gallon or more of water a day. I have been following her advice, and my stomach has eased up quite a bit.

Belly Button In or Out:: In

Movement:: I purchased the Graco Prenatal Listener, but have yet to try it. It states that the heart beat can be heard late in the second trimester, so I feel like I have a few more weeks until then. 

Looking Forward to::More days with my mother!

Best Moment of the Week:: Finding out the sex of Baby Kemp!


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