January 8, 2015

Coaches Corner: Myles Across the World

Good morning! I have yet another Coaches Corner with a dear friend of mine, Ashley Jones, and we are family. Ok, so my family married into her boyrfriend's family but it is all the same, right! Here's the background, Myle's older brother is married to one of my first cousin's and I am enamored with the entire McKay family!  And well, Ashley fits in all so well, so I love her too!

How did you and Myles meet?
Myles has a cousin Shelby who is one of my closest friends. Back in middle school I was at her mother's house for a birthday party where I met Myles, but it wasn’t until sophomore year in high school that we really shared an interest for one another.

How do you two make each other better?
It's funny because Myles and I are a lot alike so when it comes to simple day to day stuff we are like a team. Besides that though, Myles is very organized and efficient and he keeps me on top of things with finances. I think I make him better on a more personal level by being his peace and reminding him to always be positive! We are best friends so we keep it very real with each other… good or bad.

What made you decide to move to Poland with Myles this year?
We were just at a point in our relationship that moving in together was going to make us stronger as a unit. Honestly, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by coming to Poland with my family. We have our son Matthew with us, who’s 8, and its been great just doing things as a family. Matthew has adjusted to life here pretty well! Now, don't get me wrong, he definitely misses home, but he is in school here and he is learning Polish. He also gets to experience things that a lot of children don’t, for example, we took him to Auschwitz nazi concentration camp to teach him about the Jewish Holocaust.

Prior to your move to Poland, you were working as a flight attendant. How did that job come about?
Yes, before coming to Poland I was a flight attendant. That job was awesome! I was working for Northwestern Mutual, a life insurance company, in Milwaukee and I was extremely bored! It was just not the right job for my personality, so I began looking around and I just applied for the flight attendant position with US Airways and within a month I was in phoenix. It was one of the best decisions I made because I got to see places I have never been and I was happy again with work. I love to travel and so far I think the best experience thus far with that was Hawaii. I have been to places here in Europe, but Hawaii was so peaceful and beautiful. The only downside was because I was there for work, I was there alone and not with friends or family.

Are the ladies anything like what we see on Basketball Wives?
Haha, the ladies that I have come in contact with are nothing like the Basketball Wives! Its a little bit different here in Europe because we rely on each other a bit more than in the states. We share which grocery stores to go to, we have game nights, and most activities we include each other. I believe I am building actual friendships here and there is no drama! :)

What is your most memorable basketball experience?
My most memorable basketball experience is most recently being able to experience the emotion that comes with actually being at the games. It's different than watching on TV or even talking to Myles on the phone afterward. Seeing Myles’ face after a win or Matthew's amazement at watching his dad work is truly unforgettable.

Ashley Jones

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