April 30, 2014

Glass City Marathon: Post Marathon Cheat Meals Divulged

For weeks, maybe even months, Coach Kemp and I discussed my post-marathon cheat meals. In hindsight, it is kind of comical that serious conversations were had pertaining to what we were going to eat after I ran 26.2 miles. But, Coach Kemp is a major foodie as evidenced here, that I am not certain why I was that surprised.

From the beginning, I was certain that I wanted The Original Gino's Pizza for dinner! If you are ever in Toledo, OH you must get this pizza. It's so good that we insisted that we do a casual dining experience when my parents were in town, and ordered their pizza. My father is also very particular about his food, and the two of them together is quite comical. And lord help us if we get my father-in-law in the mix. The three of them together at restaurants.... Let's just say, I pray that the food is to high standards, or there will be issues! 

So for dinner we ordered a large pizza. My half was simply pepperoni, and Coach Kemp insisted we try their Garlic Cheese Bread. I was not that impressed with the cheese bread, but the pizza itself, did not disappoint.

So let me back-up because I also ate some food immediately after the race. Coach Kemp wanted to eat a nice, hefty breakfast, at the The Original Pancake House. But, after the race I was pretty tired and the mere thought of waiting to be seated, and then my food, was simply not appealing. I was glad when he was ok with simply going to Barry's Bagels. I also was yearning for a Jamba Juice smoothie, and it is right next door.

So you are probably thinking well that does not look all that bad. I agree, it was not biscuits, gravy, and pancakes, which I would not have ordered at The Original Pancake House. Heavy food did not sound appetizing, and I desired something quick!

I do think that fast food smoothies can, at times, be healthier than general fast food; however, there are lots of sugar in the Jamba Juice smoothies. When I make my smoothies at home, I do not add syrup, and use fresh fruit and water. But, it was really refreshing. The bagel sandwich was smothered in cheese and bacon. I could have simply gotten egg white (which I did) and cheese, but I do have a weakness for bacon, so bacon it was :). 

And then the night cap for my cheat meals was ice cream. Coach Kemp and I were a little bummed that we were unable to frequent Handel's as it was closed by the time we were ready for dessert. Instead we went to Cold Stone

Question of the Day: What is your favorite cheat meal?

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April 29, 2014

April 2014 Currently...

So March was a little hectic and I neglected a March Currently, but remembered for this month!
  • Reading:

  • Gloating that I completed the Glass City Marathon on Sunday. Check out my related posts:
  • Enjoying my first few days in Athens, OH home to Ohio University, Go Bobcats! My first impressions of the university - Wow!
  • Getting sentimental that my days at our first home are coming to an end, but that is the life of a Coach's Family.
  • Speaking of Coach's Family! I had such a fun time at the Final Four. Spending quality time with Coach Kemp, and visiting with other coaches' wives is always a good time. I am not sure if I will attend next year in Indianapolis; it is only a car drive away! Check out my three posts - Post 1, Post 2, and Post 3!
  • Proud of my results from the Renegade 7 Week Challenge. Which leads me to...
  • Forging ahead in my post-marathon workout and eating regimen. I will post more about this next week as well. 
  • Excited that the 2013-14 school year is coming to an end which means Summer Break is only a few weeks away! 


April 28, 2014

Glass City Marathon: Just Do It!

I am officially a Marathoner and it feels blissful! Honestly, I am still in a little bit of shock that I actually ran 26.2 miles. Sure I trained pretty consistently for 16 (plus) weeks, but to actually do the deed on race day, was pretty special.

I have completed a number of half marathons in my 10 years of running, and every time I finished a half I would ask myself if I could do that again - as in run another 13.1 miles - and every time, my response was "absolutely not!"

This is my third installment of my "Glass City Marathon" blog posts. If you have not, please check out my two other posts, please find them below.

Glass City Marathon: Race Day Nutrition
Glass City Marathon: Last Week of Training & The Expo

I had the most difficult time sleeping after Coach Kemp arrived at midnight. Every hour or so I would wake-up to check the time. By 4:30 am, I simply gave up on trying to fall back to sleep and figured it was time to get at it. On Saturday I actually had an early morning-nightmare that I mixed up the race day. I woke up on Saturday freaking out that the race was actually on Saturday and not Sunday. So I was ok with waking up about 45 minutes prior to my planned wake-up call. I showered, not sure why I even thought to do that since I was planning to sweat it out, but it actually felt good. Had my breakfast, rolled out/stretched, and made sure my blog post was published.

Coach Kemp and I debarked a little later than I had desired, but it all worked out ok in the end. Actually, maybe it was meant to be. While we were walking we came across a herd of deer on Drummond Road! I have never seen deer in Old Orchard, sure I have seen then on the University/ Park Trail and they are frequently spotted in Ottawa Hills, but was unaware of their presence in Old Orchard! Here is my reaction to seeing them:

And then there was my needed bathroom break, which made it necessary to sprint to the start line. We made it in time, but once we got there I realized that one of my Yurbuds behind-the-ear contraption part was MIA. Coach Kemp freaked. He was worried I was going to be upset; how in the world would I run 26.2 miles without music, or struggling to listen to my music. But, I quickly noted that these mugs will stay in my ear! Thank goodness this happened to me many weeks ago. Remember my post about that experience? Where can I buy stock in this company?

The race officially began at 7:02 am, and I was in Corral C! Of course the first few miles consisted of lots of weaving and bobbing, which is always fun! Not. The half marathon, marathon, and relay runners ran together for about 8 miles. I obviously understand this concept, and can't imagine an alternative, but it just makes the course a little hectic at the beginning. And the 5-person relay race, in which each racer runs varying distance of the 26.2 miles brought a challenging aspect for me. This was nothing serious, but I would become frustrated (not really) when the relay racers would run past me. I wanted a big sign that read: "I have been running for 10, 15, 20 miles... Please do not sprint past me, thanks!" I had to constantly remind myself to not become competitive with the relay racers since they were running on fresher legs than I. They had blue on their bib, so I was constantly looking at the bibs of those that speedily went by, to boost my self-esteem, lol.

My Garmin is D-O-N-E, and have not worn it this whole training period; however, I do have some of my split information from this new (to me) App, RaceJoy! It is a super neat app that tracks you, the runner, during the race. Your friends and families can "track you," send you notes of encouragement, and lots more. Oh, and you can also allow the App to post your progress on Facebook and Twitter! My results as indicated by RaceJoy.

Mile 3
Total Time - 00:27:32
Pace - 9 min 10 sec

Mile 6
Total Time - 00:57:01
Pace - 9 min 10 sec

Mile 14
Total Time - 2:09:49
Pace - 9 min 16 sec

Mile 20
Total Time - 3:11:05
Pace - 9 min 33 sec

Mile 26.2
Total Time - 4:26:24
Pace - 10 min 10 sec

As you can see, I started out really well. At Mile 10, I first saw Coach Kemp who joyfully found my earbud wrap, but again, I am certain the earbuds would have stayed in for the entirety of the race. It was cool, so I was not sweating a lot on my face/head.

Things began to get a little difficult around Mile 15.5 when we looped around Olander Park's lake in which the first sign of wind was felt. Now, the wind was only bad for about a .5 mile, but it served as a forewarning of what was ahead... Miles 17-19 were pure dread. We were running against the wind. At this point, around Mile 19, I saw the 4:10 pacer pass, and was rejoiced that I had been doing so well, but also certain that I would not be finishing around 4:10! I tried to bring back memories of my Fargo days running against the wind, as those were tumultuous, but it was pretty miserable.

At Mile 19.5 I saw Coach Kemp for the third time. He actually passed me in the car on Sylvania Avenue, and I could barely lift my arm to acknowledge his presence. At that point, I was freaked that somehow the running had taken a toll on my upper extremities. Now, I think it was simply the wind as I was able to undress and wash my hair post-race with no difficulties.

At this point, Mile 19.5, I was exhausted from running against the wind. At Mile 21, I hit my WALL! At the water station, I had to walk, and I was really disappointed in myself for stopping; however, my walking pace may have been faster than the rate of my run.

A few additional stops to walk incurred again at Mile 22 and 24. I really tried to self-talk myself out of these walking periods, but it was challenging not to. I am still thankful that I am so familiar with the route, as I could give myself landmarks to run to before stopping!

Here is my "sprint" to the Finish Line. I know it does not look much like a sprint, but at that moment, I was giving it my all, lol

Question of the Day: Have you ever heard of RaceJoy? What other race-related Apps are out there that I am unfamiliar with?


April 26, 2014

Glass City Marathon: Last Week of Training & The Expo

Well, the day has finally come. If you are reading this post on Sunday morning, I have left my house by now. Coach Kemp and I walked to the Glass City Marathon which starts and finishes at the University of Toledo campus - about a 20 minute walk from our front door!

Are you surprised that I practiced this? Well, if you read my Race Day Nutrition post, then this would not come as a surprise. Yes, I too walked from our house to the Savage Arena on Saturday to get an estimate of how long it would take for us to walk, plus I had to pick up my race packet.

Now, it really took me about 25 minutes since I got stopped by a few of my neighbors, so if we are in crunch-mode, which we will not be, we can get to the start line in 20 minutes!

My last week of training went well, I already mentioned my 7-mile run on Saturday, in my post yesterday, but let's also see what workouts were done previously.

April 20 - 26

Rest Day

Renegade Strength
5 Miles

Renegade Metabolic

10 Miles

Renegade Metabolic

Rest Day

I was somewhat reluctant to take a rest day on Friday, but with some reflection, glad that I did. I am really bad at taking rest days, even though they are written into many training plans. I really have to force myself to do nothing. With it being warm outside, Prince is getting longer walks, so I guess I technically still got in a 20 minute brisk walk.

To read about my Saturday run, read this post.

Weeks Mileage: 22 Miles
Renegade Classes: 3

Overall, I really tried to listen to my body this week. Last Saturday I got a pre-marathon massage, read about it here, and believe that released lots of tension in my back and legs. On Friday morning I woke with a stiff back, and made a last minute decision to not go to Renegade. I do love those workouts, but know that that one workout was not going to impact my progress, but it could negatively impact my back and/or legs if I were to become more sore/tight.

Most training guides instruct you to run more runs but at shorter distances, and as you can see above, I did not follow those guides :) I am more concerned about the long mileage verse my pace, so felt it best to run one last long run. Plus, I wanted to run one last time on the University/Toledo Parks trail. I do believe today's race will be one of the last times I run on that trail. It has been good to me, so I had to get in one more before race day!

Saturday was also the expo, which was held at Savage Arena.

There was much commotion as they held the Children's races on Saturday! It was very cute to see all the kiddos excited for their race. When I left, most of them had finished and they were enjoying Chick-fil-A, yum!

I really like the race shirt, especially the color, which is showing as more of a red-tone than a dark coral.

And of course, I had to indulge in some race-related goodies!

I plan to wear the "i run" headband on race day, and love the light pink one with a crown! The teal one states: "Run Like a Diva," which will be cute with my new race shirt which has teal and purple, my favorite color. I also snagged a car decal that I am hoping Coach Kemp 'oks'.


Glass City Marathon: Race Day Nutrition

Its pre-race day Saturday! I am pretty set for tomorrow, well I think and hope at least! I have my clothes set aside, my alarm is set, and my breakfast is ready to be made! Well, I guess the last last 16 weeks (plus) have also prepared me for an endeavor of a lifetime, my first MARATHON!

I have mentioned in previous posts, my true goal is to start and finish alive, and I am fairly confident that will happen. My second goal would be to not walk; only to use the bathroom. And my third goal would be to have fun, while soaking in my last few days/weeks in Toledo.

Earlier this week, Chris at Renegade wrote a blog post about race day nutrition. I enjoyed his post, and after reading it was content that I had already been following many of his suggestions. Here are his three main points: (1) Do what you have practiced, (2) Supply your body with energy for competition, and (3) Don't eat foods that make you feel uncomfortable. Please read his post, but let's see how I have fared.

Do What You Have Practiced
Basically, Chris explained that to have peak performance one would want to practice and rehearse as if it were race day. He recommended waking up at the time you plan to race, run at the time of race (i.e., 7:00 am for the Glass City Marathon), and eat the foods/breakfast you plan to eat on Race Day!

Well, on a weekly basis, I arise at 5:00 am to workout at Renegade, and typically run in the evenings as my second workout. On my long run days, Sunday mornings, I eat oatmeal + protein and drink my BCAAs in my water pack while running. I plan to do this same routine tomorrow. I have a slightly sensitive stomach, and never really delved or experimented with the Gus and energy snacks. I, however, did find that the BCAAs provided a nice amount of energy. I also practiced drinking a little at each mile. I have a tendency of forgetting to drink. That is also expounded because of my frequent need to urinate. So mix that up, and I mistakenly try not to hydrate. I have, in the past, run 1/2 marathons without drinking any liquids, which has always backfired!

I also am stoked that I have run and/or driven on a good portion of the race route.

This morning I ran some of the Ottawa Hills (OH) portion that I have not covered before. I ended up running 7 miles, which is a little more than I had anticipated, but I got in a really nice groove. The only portion of the race that I am not familiar with is the Sylvania residential area. While running in OH, I saw a couple driving the course (I could see the female holding a print-out of the race course in her hand!) If I ever chose to do another full marathon, I think I will consider driving the course, especially if it is in an unfamiliar city. Overall, I am predicting about 4 miles of the race, I will be unable to really "know" where I am at. 

Supply Your Body With Energy for Competition

I am really glad that I joined the 7 Week Renegade Challenge as it was such an educational experience. I have completely yielded to the fact that nutrition plays a substantial part in having a "visible" fit body, and of course your insides. Ugh, I kind of detest this realization as I would much rather run 10 extra miles. I have always been a workout fanatic, but not always as strict with the foods that I put in my mouth. Now, I would still say that I am, or was, a "healthy" eater, but the training received by Chris and Jen transformed my definition of healthy.

Quick disclaimer - my post-race meals will certainly not fall within the "healthy" category. I am stating that now, so everyone knows that I am completely aware. However, I do believe people should chose their diet (defined as what you put in your mouth) consciously, and everything in moderation.

Don't Eat Foods that Make You Feel Uncomfortable

Basically, Chris was explaining that it is not in your best interest to try out some new food the day or even the week before a race. Last night I had shredded chicken (which I had boiled), quinoa pasta, steamed broccoli, and feta cheese; and I plan to have the same exact meal tonight!

I have been drinking lots of water, through the 7 Week Challenge, and even more the last few days. I am going to cut off my water intake at 8:00 am, and try to sleep at that time as well. Ha, I know that is super early, but I am at least going to wind down at that time. Coach Kemp will be arriving late tonight/early tomorrow morning so I am anticipating being woken in the middle of my slumber.

Question of the Day: When training for races do you follow the three suggestions above? What works for you?


April 25, 2014

Road to the Final Four: Saturday & Sunday

Saturday was the big day, and boy was I excited. I have mentioned in my other Road to the Final Four recaps that my in-laws were also in town for a medical conference. We met them at their hotel, The Gaylord Texan Resort, for brunch. They have a Mexican-style restaurant who supposedly has delicious fish tacos. I ordered grilled chicken, but everyone else at the table had the tacos. 

After eating, we lounged for a bit, and then traveled to the Final Four games. The weather was quite dreary on Saturday and Sunday. We arrived pretty early at the arena, before the doors were even open and had to stand in the rain for like 30 minutes, which was no fun! Then once we got in, photos had to ensue!

Alma Mater #1
Alma Mater #2

Ok, so I was pretty stoked that BOTH of my alma maters were playing in the Final Four!!! What are the odds that that will EVER happen again! Well, in my opinion, very likely since they are both stellar schools - academically and athletically. As we already know, both of my teams lost which was a complete and utter disappointment. Like really!

I got a little slack from a few of my Florida friends because in these photos you can't tell that there is also blue stripes! I promise, the shirt has blue stripes as well, but it was not until that day that I realized that I was actually wearing UConn colors! Now that was not planned! I obviously brought them more luck than Florida or Wisconsin!

While we were walking to our seats, we ran into this guy preparing to do some pre-game interviews!

 It was neat walking pass famous coaches and NBA players. We actually walked by Bruce Pearl and Coach Kemp didn't even notice. I was like, you just walked by Bruce Pearl and did not say "hi." I was so proud that I noticed a coach, and that Coach Kemp had not. Trust me, that was the only one I spotted out of the millions. We stopped and talked to many college coaches and former NBA players/coaches that I can't even begin to remember. I usually can follow the conversation, but in those instances, I simply stood back because I was lost!

See the blue?!?! I had planned to bring this top even prior to knowing who was playing in the final games. I then was even more excited when both my alma maters would be playing. One shirt - two alma maters; happy score for me! It's a Topshop blouse purchased through Nordstrom's. This is the top as a dress...

Sunday was very low-key. The weather dropped substantially and it rained all day. Coach Kemp and I went to brunch at Ellen's Southern Kitchen. It was DELICIOUS! I had a "healthier option," Mushroom Garlic Toast with egg whites and Coach Kemp went in with the Big 'Ol Country Breakfast!

Really, Coach Kemp loves to eat! That face says it all, lol.

We then went to The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. You can't take pictures of the 6th floor, but here is a photo of the sign that used to adorn the building.

If you are interested in US history, presidential history, or simply like JFK, I highly recommend the tour. I cried during portions of it, and had goose bumps through the remainder.

Question of the Day: Where have you traveled to recently?


April 24, 2014

Runners! Need A Chuckle??

I had planned to write my final recap of the Final Four weekend, but I am putting it off yet another day. I know, why am I even planning to write that darn thing? Mainly because I said I would, and too many times have I said I would write a recap of our wedding or even our Greece trip and it not come to fruition, that I am writing that last darn post even if its a month after! I do not care!

This post was inspired from an Instagram e-card that I saw while heading to the gym today. I ended up re-posting it on my feed. You can check it out here.

Well, it made me want to find some other running-related e-cards, and I have a few. LoL, I laughed pretty hard on a few of these. Wow, doesn't take me much to smile :)

So I am really bummed that after not drinking for 7 weeks, my tolerance for wine is COMPLETELY shot. On two occasions, I have drank one glass of wine, and arisen the next morning with excruciating head aches. I think I am done with wine and beer, but will stick with my vodka + water concoctions. Thank you! Nonetheless, this is funny!

Please tell me I am not the only person who can't shop at Target without spending over $100! Like honestly, what the heck is up with that store. My entry fee for the Glass City Marathon was nowhere near $175, but I know plenty of runners that drop that kind of dough on races! I am probably next...

No explanation needed, lol.

I am such an over-packer, and then adding my exercise clothes always pushes me overboard. But, if fitness is important than I believe in working out even on vacation. As you may know, I do believe this whole-heartedly.

And the most fitting one for the night:

Question of the Day: Which of these made you laugh out loud the most?


April 23, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW): 4.22.2014

Thank you to everyone that sent me kind text messages and Facebook messages after yesterday's post. In the end, I do know that everything with this move will go smoothly, so I really do not have much to be concerned with. But, I am an ultra planner and don't handle "surprises" well. My emotions are pretty much in check, well until Sunday, and things are falling into place. In all, I just felt it necessary to share why I was quiet for a week and a half. I do realize that families move frequently for many reasons, and I am no different. I am just not that great with sudden change. I have really had to grow with this being married to Coach Kemp. Our first few years of dating, I was all about the 5-year plan, and sticking to it. Well, in this business 5 years is a very long time. I had conceded to a 2-3 year plan, but I may be rethinking that idea as well!

Today I received such a kind present from Julie Kowalcyk that I must share before delving into my regularly scheduled post, which I am planning to return to. I took a picture of the scarf that she gifted me as well as some presents my mother sent me last week. Well, the scarf is green with navy polka-dots so I can remember my Toledo Basketball Family. I am very appreciative for the gift and the fun season that was had at the University of Toledo. My mother also sent me these cute green heals from Zara as well as two pairs of earrings. She also sent Coach Kemp a few green ties and a pocket square. I love the care packages that my mother frequently sends. She also has special things for all of us, including Prince!


Over the weekend, while Coach Kemp was in town, I made this healthy Spinach, Caramelized Onion, and Feta Cheese Quiche. It was super easy and really tasty, even Coach Kemp who prefers the whipping cream-ladden version quiches devoured it. In this recipe, I did not make my own crust, I simply used the pre-made version. If I desired to make it a smidgen healthier, I would have only used eggs whites and made my own crust. I think I will try this recipe again with these modifications and share at a later date. Currently, I am trying to eat all the food in the house, including all the frozen meats. So, my meals, as you will see for dinner, are not that delicious!

Snack #1

I ended up having to go to the main office, so on my way home, I took a little detour to one of the local HerbaLife smoothie stores in town, Nutrition Resolutions. I had not had a smoothie in some time, and wanted something different, so I had the Snickers flavor. I forgot to take a picture before throwing the cup in the trash!


I got really adventurous for lunch and had my all-time favorite Turkey Mash with a sweet potato. I did add a smidgen of agave, which I typically do not do.

Snack #2

En route to Renegade I had one of my ever favorite Cookies and Cream Quest Bars! Have you read my full review?


Although this does not look all that appetizing it was actually good. On Monday I boiled a few pieces of chicken breast to use during the week. Yes, I recently purchased that Costco sized bag of chicken breasts! Lord help me, lol. The other night when Coach Kemp was in town, he asked if I wanted to buy a whole chicken from The Fresh Market. I typically jump at this idea, but I quickly notified him that I have only been eating chicken breasts and ground turkey during the week. The sight of chicken breast and ground turkey on the weekends, is simply not appealing. Basically this is 1/2 C orzo + steamed brussel sprouts (in water), and chicken breast. I did add some Italian seasoning and salt as well as Parkway Spray butter; which most likely is not qualified as a healthy fat, but again, I am trying to eat all the foods in my fridge.


April 22, 2014

The Storm is Subsiding

I have to admit, the last two weeks have brought a whirlwind of emotion. I have finally gotten back into the swing of blogging, which took a backseat especially the first week after we learned that we would be moving to Athens! That first week, I was a mix of emotions.

Tuesday, was most certainly my lowest. I cried about four times throughout the day. Everything moved so quickly for this transition, and I am just now at a point where it has all digested. Now, I am a person that cries when she is sad, mad, happy, excited, hormonal - you name it!

My first crying session erupted during Coach Saul Phillips press conference at about 2:00 pm. He noted that my husband was his first hire, and at that moment, tears of delight came thundering down. Then, the whole press conference simply had me in a tizzy.

My second cry fest occurred later in day, after work when I went for a run. Yes, this lady cried while running! I know, who the hell does that?!?! Well, let me explain. While running, Emily Ryan began texting me a number of Athens-related questions, and I simply became overwhelmed. Now, what in the world was I doing looking at or even responding to text messages, is besides me. Her questions were very appropriate - basically about Athens, schools, the city, etc. but it just got me so flustered because I felt so unprepared for this move. But, I am so happy that I have been able to assist us ALL in this move; whether because I obviously have a little more time on my hands, (I have no little ones running around) or just being a sounding board, or the one that will do some investigating if needed. We have all been each other's assets in this move and I am very gracious to Nicole and Emily!

My third cry fest occurred while watching Dave Richman's press conference at 7:00 pm! This was the ugliest of cries, I might add, but 100% joyous! Coach Kemp and I are beyond enthused for the Richman Family. Coach Kemp and Coach Richman are really close, I mean he was in our wedding! Stephanie took me under her wings while in Fargo, and I am forever grateful for her friendship that continues to blossom. (Ok, I am getting teary-eyed just writing this paragraph!).

Then my final crying session occurred while trying to go to sleep. Many college basketball coach's wives will share that the basketball season is fun, but it is also very long and trying on your relationship and marriage. I was really looking forward to the end of the basketball season to relax, unwind, and celebrate another successful season, but there I was in my bed alone. I felt overwhelmed because hadn't I just spent a few summer months alone in Fargo while Coach Kemp moved to Toledo!?! How in the world were we in this predicament again?!? Luckily, Ohio University is not a long drive from Toledo, so I am glad we are able to see each other on the weekends, but it still is hard especially since he and the rest of the staff are extremely busy re-building the OU team. Currently, they are piecing together the final members of the 2014-15 men's roster which entails lots of travel. And to make matters worse, that first week I believe I was only able to talk to him for a total of 30 minutes! It was absolutely crazy. I had my father and his family members calling me, asking why he hadn't returned their calls, etc. I was like, well I have only spoken to him for like 30 minutes the last few days, so I am not sure what to tell you! I can't even begin to tell you how many phone calls and text messages he was receiving, honestly it was absurd.

So I thank each of you for continuing to visit BBB while I was on a little hiatus. I think I am back to my old self, blogging and not feeling so overwhelmed. I also have developed a to-do list which has subsided some of my anxiety about this move. I knew when we married that each move would become more and more challenging, and owning a home plus our little Prince has added a layer to the logistical planning that predominately lies on my shoulders. Now, do not get me wrong, I would not be very willing to give many, if any, of these responsibilities to Coach Kemp, so that is not a complaint, just the truth. In addition, I am very aware that this move may me a little more challenging than Move #1, but overall, this is pretty simple compared to Nicole and Emily who both have children to consider. So, I will stop my complaining for this post, and simply be happy!

Go Bobcats!


April 21, 2014

Workouts in Review VIII

Week of April 13-19

I think it is safe to say that I am getting a little fatigued of running. I have been training since January, approximately 16 weeks, which is pretty standard for marathon training, but I am ready for this race! Ready meaning that I am tired of running 5-6 days a week. I have mentioned before, my only true goal in this marathon is to start and finish alive. My secondary goal would be not to stop, unless of course, for a potty break. I have been training with a water sports pack, Skeeter Raspberry CamelBak hydration backpack, which I purchased years ago. Here is my post about it way back in June 2011! I know I look like a complete retard running with the sports pack, but I have trained wearing it, and figure there is no point to change my running style/routine now! I typically also put some of my BCAAs in the water which serves as hydration and energy. My third goal would be to run under 4 hours 30minutes, but that is just a hope and plea, lol.

15 miles
Renegade Strength
Renegade Metabolic
8.5 Miles
Renegade Strength
4 Miles
5.5 Miles
Renegade Strength
6 Miles

Saturday morning I had a pre-marathon massage! I typically frequent spas for massage treatments, but I have been wanting to try out Massage Envy Spa for some time. Overall, the massage itself did the trick of loosening my legs and lower back as I desired. My masseuse did a nice job with the sports massage, but I do not think I will be frequenting Massage Envy much in the future. I was not impressed with the fact that my 1-hour massage included my undress. In my opinion, I believe my 1-hour should begin once the masseuse begins the actual massage. The overall premises were respectable, there was a quiet waiting area with magazines and water as you waited, but the ambiance was nothing like a traditional spa. 

Question of the Day: Have you tried a Massage Envy in your city? What were your impressions?

Weeks Mileage: 39 miles
Renegade Classes: 3

April 16, 2014

Chambray & Stripes - Corilynn Style

If you have been reading this blog for at least three weeks then you know that I attended the Final Four in Dallas, TX with Coach Kemp. The Final Four corresponds with the National Association of Basketball Coach's yearly conference. I have already shared about my first three nights in two posts (Weds and Thurs & Fri), but I wanted to share a little more details about my outfit from Friday night!

I have been enamored with Corilynn's blog and clothing for some time now. Her designs are simple and elegant, and her daily style, showcased on her blog and Instagram, is stylish yet simple. When we decided that I would attend the Final Four this year, of course all of my energy surrounded what was I going to pack! I was elated to have a reason to purchase a skirt from her line.

Here we are at the Adidas party. I ordered The Pencil Skirt:: Awning Stripe in a size 4. I did have to have the skirt taken in quite a bit in the waist but it fit snug in hips and rear, just for your knowledge! I have plans to order The Riding Skirt, and am thinking that a Size 4 will fit because the skirt is A-line, verse pencil-style.

Please check out her clothing line, and also "back her" in her new adventure with Kickstarter! Have you heard of Kickstarter?  Well it is an avenue that allows small businesses to start up or grow their companies. Regular individuals, can invest or finance their project! Well, she only has 7 MORE DAYS and is under $2,000.00 away from her goal. See the thing is that you either are 100% funded or you are not! And, if you don't get 100% backing then your investors won't get their purchase. And well, I want another Corilynn design in my closet, like yesterday!

I paired The Riding Skirt with a chambray J. Crew top, and some baubles from Brina Box. This is not a great picture, still learning how those Fashion Bloggers take selfies, but the necklace is the Almond Statement Necklace. I also wore my red Jessica Simpson pumps which I have had for a number of years. I purchased the purse last year while in Vegas from Guess by Marciano.

I like the mix of colors, and I am look forward to wearing my Corilynn skirt here in the Spring!

Question of the Day: Do you try to buy local, or at least in the USA? What stores are your favorite?


April 14, 2014

Toledo Tough: Final Edition

If you would have asked me 11 months ago if I would be writing this post, I would have said absolutely not! However, in this world of college basketball, I have quickly learned that one must never say "absolutely not." Before marrying Jason, my father, a former professional football player, tried his best to consult me on the life that I was embarking on. One in which entails frequent moves and living in all parts of the country. Two years ago, when we were still engaged, I kind of shrugged off my dad's comments, seemingly thinking that Jason and I would not fall into that category of "frequent movers." Well, maybe I should have read all the articles he sent, asked a few more questions, and took those conversations more seriously!

Now, I am very proud of my husband and the 10 strong years he has spent in this business, and I knew when I signed that wedding certificate on August 11, 2012, that I was embarking on the roller coaster of being a coach's wife. But, I did not know I was buckling in the Kingda Ka !

In my final edition of "Toledo Tough" I must graciously thank a few of the amazing individuals that I have had the pleasure of befriending.

I have been really lucky to meet some awesome coach's wives with the two staffs that I have been a part of, thus far. I am so enthused that I will be rejoining Nicole Phillips and Emily Ryan who I knew well while at NDSU, and the ladies at Toledo did not fall short on amazingness.

First, I have to thank Julie Kowalczyk, wife of our head coach Tod Kowalczyk. She showed an energy and enthusiasm for making all of our families feel at home. Her kindness was evident from the time we left for our trip to Greece in early August.  She should definitely be complimented for consistently dressing Race and Rose to the tee at all Rocket games!  Most importantly, she has supported the wives and shown us togetherness, which made a great season of Rocket basketball even more enjoyable.  Such a sweet lady!

A lady I knew well, prior to even meeting in person was Allie Kalsow. I have spoken fondly of Allie in a previous post, but we bonded instantly especially since our husbands have been friends for like 12 years. Allie introduced me to Renegade, and we all know how much I love Renegade. Before she had to head off to her job as the Cleveland Cavaliers Sideline Reporter, yeah she is kind of important in the state of Ohio, we frequently went on runs around the city. She introduced me to the many parks and trails that Toledo is known for. She was my workout/running buddy while we vacationed in Greece. I have fondly lived through her as she beautifies and dresses for her job! Ok, so obviously I sometimes wish I had reasons to get all glammed-up on a more frequent basis!

My game-time BFF because of her crazy, in-game commentary is hands down the lovely Rebekah Bennet! It must have been interesting this season watching the two of us during games. Rebekah accurately yelling at the refs/players for various reasons, and me just yelling complete nonsense! Ha, gosh watching games was so much fun sitting next to Rebekah! I have been quite honest to my ignorance to the sport of basketball; Rebekah was my "ace boon koon" because she knew what she was yelling/talking about! Although we were both high school cheerleaders, she was obviously way better at following the game than I. Did I also mention that she has three of the most adorable boys around! She "allowed" me to get a little parenting practice, which I am forever thankful because I am predicting my doom luck of having only boys! Oh, and she is an educator, so many conversations were had about public education, students academic progress, etc. Overall, Rebekah was my buddy for education-related conversations as well as topics about Toledo Basketball!

And last but certainly not least is the beautiful, LaTisha (Tish) Carr, wife to Jordan Mincy! I knew the minute I met this DIVA, that we would have a connection! We first met after her late night flight into Toledo for her first visit which also happened to be my first visit as well. She was dead tired, but still rocking her Louis Vuitton and Gucci! The Kowalczyk's hosted a welcome BBQ, and somehow the ladies conversation was on beauty and fashion, and Tish's expertise in this area is insurmountable. Not only is Tish a beauty, but she is also a thoughtful, caring person. We both had a few emergency situations when the husbands were out of town, and it was very reassuring that we were both able to rely on each other for support. Being a coach's wife can be stressful and lonely, and knowing you have others to assist you in times of need is wonderful.

The coach's wives impacted my stay in Toledo, but I also must thank a few additional Toledo folk for their generosity and kindness.

First, to Ed and Janet Schofield who we were introduced to by the AD at NDSU, Gene Taylor. Who would have thought that we would have had a Fargo connection in Toledo, but one was waiting for us! Ed and Janet opened their home to Jason and I, invited us to various events, and have just been simply kind. Hoping I am able to see them and their children one last time before I head south!

I too need to thank Brian Jones, Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine, and his family. Brian welcomed Jason and I upon my arrival, and has just been awesome this entire year. And I have a special place in my heart for his daughter Avery. Her bedroom is purple (my favorite color) and she also loves pink. Uhm, she could be my daughter, and is adorable! Zach is pretty handsome too :)

I would be remiss if I did not thank Larry Burns, Vice President for External Affairs. Wow! I have been so impressed with him from his dress, to his personality, and to his commitment to the university. Larry has such an infectious personality; I am always glad when I see him. When I first moved to Toledo, he took me on a personal tour of the university. On that tour I was most impressed with the friendliness that he showed to all the students we passed while riding in the university golf cart. We would pass students, and he would great them, ask then how they were, and even knew many by name. I was completely taken aback, and hope that the students realize how fortunate they are. And of course there is his dress, which is dapper for all occasions. If you aware about the Toledo MBB Tie One On fundraiser for prostate cancer was the brainchild of Larry Burns! He wears bow ties on a daily basis, and I always look forward to his suit and dress shirt combinations!

Thank you all for all the Toledo memories!


April 12, 2014

Workouts In Review VII

Week of: April 6-12

On Sunday, we were still at the Final Four, I am aware that I need to complete my recaps of Saturday and Sunday, they are coming this week. Saturday night ended up being a late night since we attended the Final Four games, so Sunday I was a little tired. I only ran 3 Miles on the treadmill at the hotel gym. Plus, there were many coaches getting workouts, so I was really only able to be on the treadmill for a total of 30 minutes.

Early, and I mean early, Monday morning we got on our first of two flights back to Toledo. I was happy to get back to my Renegade classes in the evening. Gosh, am I going to miss these workouts, when I move to Athens. Chris sent an email to determine if there are any facilities in the Athens area that are similar, I am hoping someone responds back. I started at Renegade in August, and it honestly is one of the highlights to my day. Chris and Jen have really helped me transform my thinking about food and fitness, and I would have considered myself a pretty healthy person prior. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to be a member of their gym!

Renegade Strength

Tuesday was a challenging day for me, check out tomorrow's post for details, but I did squeeze in an afternoon run which was much needed.

7.5 Miles

Renegade Strength

7.5 Miles

Renegade Strength

Renegade Mix - with the husband!!!!

7.5 Miles

Weeks Mileage: 25.5
Renegade Classes: 4

Question of the Day: How have you investigated or learned about gyms in your city? Coworkers recommendations? Google search? Facebook?


April 6, 2014

Road to the Final Four: Thursday & Friday

Well hello from Texas! Some days have been busier than others, so I decided to combine my recaps of Thursday and Friday!

On Thursday, I woke around 9:00am feeling really good after my night out with the boys on Wednesday! Honestly, I was quite concerned with my ability to "hang with the boys" solo but I had a lot of fun on Wednesday. I was not sure what Thursday had in store, I knew that many of my fellow basketball wives were arriving Thursday evening, so I figured I should get a good workout in. I was pleasantly surprised when I was the only person in the workout room for like 3 hours! I ended up running 10 miles and then followed that up with a 10 mile bike ride as well! Coach Kemp returned from the NABC conference around 4:00pm, and we just rested up.

Coach Kemp's parents were also in town as Dr. Kemp, my father-in-law, had a medical conference to attend. We met his parents at the The Oceanaire Seafood Room. Dinner was delightful, I ate the Wild Alaskan Halibut. And even more special because of the company that we were surrounded by. My father-in-law is a huge Wisconsin fan and he was not very pleased with my outfit!

The comical thing is that it was really a coincidence that I was wearing orange and blue!

After dinner we headed back to our hotel where we waited for the ladies to arrive. Unfortunately, Stephanie and Katie's flights were majorly delayed so Coach Kemp and I headed out to meet our Toledo staff in the McKinney area of town.

Friday was a really, really fun day! Well, if you are a basketball fan, at least. I again woke up around 8:00am, and worked out. On Friday the gym was PACKED with coaches so I was very pleased with myself for running a long-distance run the day before. I did a quick 3.5 mile jog and then headed to the Hilton Anatole - team hotel for the Gators and Badgers! I went to the Hilton Anatole to meet up with Emily Ryan, wife to Will Ryan and daughter-in-law to Bo Ryan. It was nice to catch up with Emily and her boys since I haven't seen them in a number of months. Prior to heading out to the AT&T Stadium, we hung out in the Badger dining/game room. I did not get too many photos because the players and coaches/staff were also in the room; however, it was really neat. I also had a nice conversation with Kelly Ryan, I will post more about that later.

We then got on the UW Family and Administrator bus and headed to the AT&T Stadium which is actually in Arlington, TX. Wow! That stadium is humongous!

Even though I am married to a coach, I have never attended a shoot-around, so it was a first for me. I think Coach Kemp was a little bummed that he was not able to experience the fun since he is such a big Wisconsin fan. Although we have been having fun, Coach has also been attending lots of convention meetings. 

After the 50-minute shoot-around, we re-boarded the bus and headed back to the Hilton Anatole. By this time, Coach Kemp let me know that we had plans with some of our basketball friends, so I had to rush back to our hotel to get dressed!

We dined with Coach Richman, Coach Olson, and their wives at Ocean Prime! I highly recommend their Teriyaki Salmon - it was so yummy! After dinner we went to the Adidas party, and out to a few other bars/clubs in the Uptown area. 


April 3, 2014

Road to the Final Four: Wednesday

Wednesday morning I woke up around 7:00am to feed Mr. Princey-Poo before he went to the trainers' for his Board and Train, eat my own breakfast, and to review all my packings for our trip. I, again, had the delicious breakfast concoction from Tuesday- honestly, if you haven't tried it you are missing out.

First, it's one the easiest and quickest breakfasts around, basically all you have to do is microwave the oatmeal, and you are done. Well ok, you have to assemble everything too. Just to remind you, this is 1/2 C Old Fashioned Oatmeal, 1/2 C Almond Milk, 1/2 Banana, 1 Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder, and 1Tbsp. Almond Butter. 

I then headed out early to Renegade for a quick pre-vacation workout! Have I mentioned how much I love Jen and Chris?!?! Well, I do! I love their clients (which includes myself and Coach Kemp), the workouts, and their whole philosophy on health and fitness. If you are in the Toledo, Ohio area, I highly recommend that you check them out. I mean they did win "Best of Toledo" personal trainer! 

I first made a quick stop at the Kroger that is right across the street from their new facilities. Holy Moly is that Kroger on King Street nice! Its like a mix between The Fresh Market and Publix all in one! I walked around the store for like 10 minutes, just going up and down the aisles, I wish we lived closer! My intent was not to scope out the Kroger, I was there to explore the many Crystal Light options available. My goodness was I overwhelmed!

Like really! The market for flavoring one's water is this big?!?! Where have I been living? I really enjoy drinking plain water, on occasion I will add a little lemon/lime, but I just drink water. I, on average, will drink a diet Coke once a week, I really don't enjoy juices or milk, and am trying to not get in a serious coffee habit.

I did end up purchasing two Crystal Light Flavors, Raspberry Lemonade and Cherry Pomegranate. Last night I used the Raspberry Lemonade in my drink - vodka, water, and extra lime/lemon.

I was very pleased with this beverage and felt great this morning. I think I have found my new drink of choice. I would recommend, and will in the future, buy the squirt bottle. I opted to buy two boxes of the individual serving dry mix so I can share with the other coaches' wives.

So, I completely skipped a good portion of our day, yesterday, let me rewind. After my workout, I retuned home, showered, and then waited for Coach Kemp to return home from a short day at the office. Yes, the man worked even though we were leaving at 1pm. Did you read my post, "The Madness Never Stops" - honestly, the man works 365 days a year!?!

I was so pleased that Coach Kemp was able to score affordable tickets directly out of Toledo Express Airport. Our nearest, large airport is the Detroit Airport, which isn't far, like 45 minutes, but I just like to be done with it. Do you mind having to transfer flights? We went from TOL to ORD then to DAL, but we had no problems. I hear that a few wives are having some delays because of the rain storms in the midwest, I do hope everyone is able to arrive safely tonight!

Once we de-planed we had about an 1.5 hours between our flights which gave us plenty of time to get some food. I did have a snack post workout of 1/2 Braeburn Apple + my beloved Quest Bar. I had the White Chocolate Raspberry one, since I figured it would pair well with my apple, hehe. We found a Chili's while we were walking so stopped there for a quick lunch.

Can you see the disparity in our lunch options? Honestly, I am not sure how I muster the will-power to eat healthy with my beloved husband! He kills me some times, lol.

So it appears that their online menu is different than their airport and regular store menus. The chicken dish was from their "lighter choices" menu, and was surprisingly really good! The broccoli was simply steamed and the brown rice had some corn inside it. The chicken had a sauce, which if I was being really strict, I would have asked for them to cook without. My recollections is that the meal was about 550 Calories, but I don't know the macros breakdown, which is ok for the next few days.

As we were walking to the Chili's we passed Garrett's Popcorn. A little confession, I love sweets and it is my weakness. Like to the point that I would much rather have a piece of cake and/or cookie over any meal, and I do mean any. When I was younger, I would get an appetizer when dining out with my parents just so I could order dessert.  I was pleasantly full after our lunch, but my sweet tooth was kicking in hard-core. We decided to walk a little bit, our gate was at the most oddest of locations, and had little seating options. As we walked, we stumbled across Argo Tea Cafe! Have you guys tried it? Well let's just say the heavens opened, because I was really fighting the urge to say screw it and get some popcorn. Now the tea is nowhere close in flavoring as the popcorn, but at least I was able to settle my sweet tooth, and not completely sabotage my diet before we had even arrived in Texas!

I tried the Green Tea Strawberry Creme which is one of their seasonal drinks. It was super tasty!

By the time we both took potty breaks, we were ready to board our second flight en route to Dallas, TX!

While on this longer flight, I watched the first season of The Americans! Over the last few days, Coach Kemp and I watched Season 2, and then Coach Kemp got me Season 1 for the flight! Oh my goodness, I jumped and screamed a few times in flight. LoL! The flight attendants and the passenger seated next to me thought I was crazy! Coach Kemp kept looking at me with his "be quiet" face! Really?!?! How is a girl supposed to not react while watching that show. If you have not gotten into the series, I highly recommend it. Basically, the series is about two Soviet KGB officers posing as Americans during the 1980s, Cold War period!

And then we landed in Dallas. Took the NCAA shuttle bus to our hotel, got settled, and got the party started! I was the only wife/girl friend on Wednesday, so the night was pretty chill. We went to dinner at Hooters!

I ordered their grilled fish tacos which were really yummy! I also had a few of Coach Kemp's curly fries!

Overall, the night was really fun. I did not take too many pictures, being the only female, I tried to play it cool, hehe. I am really looking forward to a few wives being around. When we first got to the hotel around 6pm, we stopped by one of our friends room to chill and have a few drinks. I left to shower, and then Coach Kemp returned to our room reporting that all the guys would be ready in 30 minutes! Ok, prime example of why I need additional females! Yikes, I am a pretty quick dresser, but last night put my abilities to the test! Then lets not even discuss walking around downtown Dallas! All those basketball long legs, were not considering my 5-inch heels! 

April 2, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW): 4.1.14

Well, I am all packed for Texas, yee ha! Just ate my morning breakfast, allowing that to settle before trekking off to Renegade for my final WOD of the week!

Well, if you read my post from yesterday, you will know I was inquiring about your thoughts on preferred low calories/carb spirits. I figured I should pose the question to our Facebook group, and I got plenty of ideas. Many folks commented that they just forego their health conscious ways, and just let lose. Well, I am allowing myself to indulge for a number of days, so I did not want to embrace that philosophy. So, no margaritas, long island iced teas, or extra fruity drinks. Of course some mentioned the light beers but then some others reinforced my idea about the Crystal Light! Crystal Light has so many options, even "mocktails," so before going to my workout, I am going to stop by the grocery store and buy one or two boxes!


Oatmeal + 1/2 Banana + Chocolate Protein Powder + 1 Tbsp. Almond Butter


Cookies & Cream Protein Shake w/ Spinach

1 1/2 C 0% Greek Yogurt + 1/2 Braeburn Apple + Sweetener and Sweet Potato

J. Alexander's Alaskan Salmon

Question of the Day: Are you on a "get fit" for summer quest? Or for some other bug event?