February 17, 2014

Workouts in Review Week II

Feb. 9-15

8 miles (outside)

This run was "scheduled" to be 10 miles, but it seems like the running gods were not in my favor on this Sunday morning. I left the house in a rush, which should have been my signal that this was not going to go as planned. When I arrived at the parking lot for the trail, I realized that my earbud was missing the portion that goes around your ear, for security! The drive to my house is maybe 5 minutes, so I could have returned home but I did not want to agitate Prince, our 8 month old dog, who despises being left home alone (Coach Kemp was in the office with the rest of crew, very typical for an in-season Sunday.) Well, I am happy to report and highly recommend Yurbuds Sport Headphones. They are marketed and guaranteed to "never fall out" and those boogers lived up to their hype, even without the behind-the-ear contraption part.

Renegade Strength

Renegade Anabolic

Renegade Strength
7 miles (outside)

Actually, I really enjoyed the run, the weather was bearable and I saw many runners along the way which is always comforting. Then, it happened for the second time in less than 5 days, I saw yet another herd of deer. I too saw about 3-4 deer on Sunday on my return route and yet again I saw them in about the same area. This time my phone was handy (I wasn't so worried about fidgeting with my hone since my earbuds were 100% intact) so I took a picture for proof!

Ok, so you only see one in the picture, but there were more. What freaked me out this time, is that they "allowed" me to get closer before they skivvied into the bushes. I was actually scared to death, to be honest. What the heck does one do when encountered with a deer?!?! You can find a ton of suggestions on the internet on how to deter hitting a deer (Probably should have researched that PRIOR to living in Fargo! Hey, only the car was damaged, not the precious cargo inside). I then did a quick search on Runner's World, and they did not have any great suggestions either, they simply listed deer as a "dangerous" animal for a runner. Well no shit, I could have told them that!

OK, so I ended up walking very slowly past the area that I knew they had gathered. I tried to look completely forward to eliminate any signs of domination or impeding threat! Not sure if that is the best advice, but it has worked now twice, so I am sticking to it. What got me frustrated was that a "premier runner," you know one of those people that flies by you and your envious of their speed, running apparel, etc.  just kept running by! I was like "hello" we got animals lurking around, please stop and be cautious it's not a race. So rude! LoL

Renegade Anabolic

Renegade Strength
5 miles (treadmill indoors)

I think this may be my official last treadmill run for some time. I had purchased a monthly pass at an area gym to get me through January, and accidentally they did not cancel my key-fob until yesterday (Sunday). Lucky for me, I did get a few extra free days without anyone noticing, including myself.

Rest Day!

Mileage This Week: 20 miles
Renegade Classes This Week: 4

Overall, I did not get in nearly enough mileage as I would like. I am truly hoping to log closer to 25-30 miles/week. I am still adjusting to the increase in Renegade classes, as I typically took classes 2-3 times/week, prior to the 7-week challenge. Hoping for more mileage and maybe only 3 classes at Renegade!


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