February 12, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) : 2.11.14

Welcome to my first installment of What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW), and as you can tell by the date I am actually referring to what I ate on Tuesday but posting on Weds! I know us bloggers love a good title.

I am personally on Day #3 of the 7-week challenge, and all I really yearn for is a glass (or two) of wine and blue cheese dressing for my salad. Am I asking for so much? Yes, stay with the plan Michelyn. Ok, so without further ado, here is my menu:

Pre-Workout Fuel:

It is obvious that I need to purchase a new Blender cup; this one is about one year old and has been through the ringer, but inside I have 1 scoop of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). This is the Scivation XTEND  Raspberry Blue flavor. This was my first time drinking this pre-workout concoction, and overall it was pretty good. I am a water drinker and had to get acclimated to the sweetness of the beverage. I am an odd duck (says my husband), I really do not enjoy juices, and am always "watering down" any fruit beverage. I much prefer water or a diet soda, which are truly not good for you anyways.   I am thinking I may also enjoy their Strawberry Kiwi and Watermelon Madness flavors as well, I will let you know my thoughts on those two flavors as well.


For breakfast I had two whole eggs, cauliflower hash browns, and blueberries. This was my first attempt at cauliflower hash browns and although it tasted alright, I am not sure if my execution was on point. My trainer, Jen, said you simply saute shredded cauliflower in EVOO with garlic. Well, that is what I did... I had it again today, Wednesday, and let it sit a little longer. It still does not resemble some of the pictures I see from Google, but I am also not adding any cheese. Overall, it is pretty tasty, so whatever!

Snack #1
Snacks = Protein + Fruit + Veggie!

In my early morning snack, I devoured steamed broccoli and carrots from dinner the previous night with some organic salsa, two Sargento 2% cheese sticks, and a mandarin orange.


Lunch is a "Pinterest Find," Paleo Chicken Stuffed Peppers (recipe altered a little - no tomatoes or coconut butter). The recipe can be found  at This Mom's Sweet Life After Babies. Jason too had this for lunch and raved about it! I consider this a double score, he even ate it cold! I did add a little hot sauce for some jazz! Overall, it was very tasty and full of veggies, which I love!

Snack #2
Remember, snack consists of protein, raw nut butter; fruit, half a medium apple; and vegetable, steamed broccoli and carrots.


For dinner I made Citrus Tilapia, recipe to be shared tomorrow, and a small salad. It is also suggested that we have another serving of vegetables, but I am currently struggling to eat all of this food, so I nixed the side vegetable and only had a salad. For the dressing, I missed EVOO, balsamic vinegar, and Penzeys Italian Seasoning.

Overall, I am feeling quite full all day. I used to love salads, but was not so thrilled with my salad from last night. I guess it's not the vegetables that I enjoy most, but the salad dressing!! One of the other members shared another salad dressing recipe that I will try soon, I am hoping that will re-ignite my love for salads...


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