February 21, 2014

February 2014 Currently...

  • Over the snow, rainy sleet, and any cold, wet-related weather! I know, I live in Ohio, but I am very hopeful that we have passed all the winter storms. Cold weather, at this point is not bothersome, but being wet + cold = OLD.
  • Reading: 

  • Gloating with the University of Toledo's Mens Basketball season thus far! As of 2/21/2014, our record is 22/4 with five more games before the tip-off the MAC Conference Tournament. Stay tuned to my Tuesday, Toledo Tough Review and Preview posts to stay abreast to last few games in the regular season! 
  • Looking forward to my Tampa trip in early March. I am so excited to announce that I will be the emcee for the inaugural Miss Sun Coast and Miss Nature Coast pageant, preliminary to Miss Florida
  •  Getting sentimental that Mr. Prince is growing and maturing. He is now raising his leg to pee, lol. He's growing into a dog, no longer a puppy; only 4 months until he turns 1 year! Where has the time gone? We did adopt him at the age of 2 months, and he weighed barely 5lbs, now he weighs 13lbs. He is our growing boy, and we love him to pieces! 
  • Forging ahead in my 7-week challenge. You can follow my daily eats in WIAW (2.11.2014 & 2.18.2014) posts from the month, as well as my weekly workouts here and here

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