February 28, 2014

Coach Michelyn: In Coach Kemp's Footsteps?

I try to read/peruse USAToday every day in efforts of keeping abreast to the happenings in our nation and world. I think it comforts me or brings me back to my pageant days when I actually read each and every article, taking notes and developing potential interview questions/responses.

Today an article, In her husband's footsteps: Wives succeed their spouses in Congress, got me thinking about being a wife, in general, and specifically a coach's wife. Would I be able to take over Coach Kemp's job if the unfortunate situation would arise? As an aside this is a very light-hearted post, as I am not aware of any coach's wife taking over for their husband in the history of Division I Collegiate sports.

Bellow Blue Photography

I mean from the look of these photos, one may think I got some skills on the court!

Bellow Blue Photography

Did it, or did it not go in?

I frequently get asked if I played basketball in high school/college, or if I ran track. Unfortunately, the answer to both of those questions is no. I was a competitive dancer all my life, and picked up my fondness for running as an undergraduate at the University of Florida.

Ok, let's get back to the subject!

When I think about all the components of being a Coach, I do believe there are a few job skills that a college coach must encompass. Here is a short list of "characteristics", in no particular order, and how I fair.

First, I am a "people person" and am approachable. I believe this is an important quality for a coach since you meet so many fans; interact with prospective student-athletes, their parents, and coaches; and must work with your staff to be successful.

Second, one must be organized; I am Type-A, so we got that covered. But on top of being organized one must have a good memory which is already one of my pit-falls. Now, do not get me wrong, I can remember the outfit I wore on any major holiday and/or important event, but ask me how many points Junior scored at his last game and I am clueless. How coaches remember all those details, is beyond me!

Another characteristic is being competitive. Coach Kemp and I discuss this all the time, as we both agree that I may trump him in the "competitive" department. Now do not get me wrong, Coach Kemp loves preparing for a game, and coming out on top; but he believes I can be a little intense. My intensity usually comes out when we are discussing drills, practices, and concepts (even psychological) that may be beneficial for the guys to be successful. I definitely go over-board, talking about 5 hour practices, crazy drills, etc. He quickly reminds me that all of my ideas, ok maybe not all, but a majority are banned by the NCAA. Oh, yea completely forgot about those bylaws!

Which leads me nicely into the FACT that I know nothing about the technical aspects of basketball (rules, court layout, and player positions)! Yes, I was a cheerleader, but I still get confused on whether the ref has called a 30-second and 75-second time-out. And let's not even discuss fouls. I am the crazy fan that yells at the refs the entire game: "Wasn't that a foul, he got a little close to XXX!" or "Hol' up, he grabbed XXX's jersey! I demand a foul!"

And my constant screaming, leaning, and grabbing arms... I apologize to all individuals who sit next to me at games, because yes, I yell, lean whenever a 3-point is attempted, and then grab whoever's arm is closest. I know, it is no good; and there are a few nights I wonder how I got myself into this predicament! Honestly, but joking! So the behaviors outlined above are probably not a good look for a college coach, or any coach for that matter! I am 100% certain that I would not be able to maintain my composure during a game.

Which may conclude and answer my question on whether I could take over the reigns for Coach Kemp!


Question of the Day: Could you do your husbands job? Could he do yours?

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