February 14, 2014

Portion Sizes & Citrus Tilapia Recipe

Now that I am really cognizant of every food item I place in my mouth, I have really been monitoring my portion sizes, especially for those things that can easily sabotage one's diet. I've got to be honest, I am one of those cooks that approximates when it comes to measuring. I follow recipes, and prefer to have a recipe than developing an entire dish from scratch, but I am not great, overall, at measuring things like salt, oils, and my condiments.

On the top is a great example of my "heavy" hand with fresh-ground nut butter, which is growing on me, then compared to 1 tbsp., bottom picture, that was measured out.

Welp, there you have it! I officially diagnosed myself as a "heavy hander," and have relegated myself to measuring everything. I am even on the quest to purchase a food scale, as I am somewhat frightened to learn about my potion sizes when it comes to my meats/fish. At our first session, they shared the "palm" tip, but I don't even trust myself with that one.

Sticking to this topic, I typically saute my vegetables in EVOO which is good, right? Well yes, but again portion sizes. I figured it was time to change it up a few notches so this morning I used organic tomato sauce to sauté some spinach, about 2 full handfuls. I also added some fresh oregano, a sprigs worth, paired this with my 2 eggs, and it was absolutely delicious.

At this point, I am monitoring my oil intake and portion sizes with proteins. In another few weeks I will begin to analyze my salt intake. At this time, trying to monitor everything may drive this woman batty!

On Wednesday, I promised the citrus tilapia recipe. Well, at that time I did not read the dispersal disclaimer on our 7-week manual. So, I searched the web for another great looking recipe.

Sweet & Spicy Citrus Tilapia



  1. I don't ever measure either! We stopped using evoo 90% of the time and I find that a little water does the same thing in a saute pan (except with potatoes). Do you buy your fresh nut butter or do you make it yourself?

    1. I will have to try water, never thought of that. I recently also started using organic tomato sauce, but you have to watch this as well because of the sugar. I am going to post about one of my new favorite breakfasts soon with this!