Team Kemp

Coach Kemp and I met as young children in Madison, Wisconsin as our parents forged a friendship that would last a lifetime. Little did our parents know that their friendship would eventually lead to a matrimony betweeen their children! As a young and strong-willed little girl, I stood by my future husband, in defending his honor against his older brother (I used to hit Chad with my purse- always keeping it classy). In the mid eighties, my family moved to Tampa, Florida but our parents remained close friends.

After an extended period of time, Coach Kemp and I were reunited in 2005 after his eldest brother, Chris, attended the Badger football bowl game in Tampa. He suggested that Coach contact me. From there, a strong relationship was forged though late-night phone conversations and The Facebook!

After a brief hiatus- Coach Kemp broke up with me- he regained his senses and sought my affection once again. After dating for another two years, Coach proposed to me while attending a friend's wedding in Washington, DC. His proposal was very thoughtful and monumental. The proposal occurred on the very steps where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his "I Have A Dream" speech, the Lincoln Memorial.

And we are still writing "our story" today as we live out Coach Kemp's dream of being a Division I college basketball coach, currently living in Athens, OH.

We are the proud parents of a Pomeranian Mix dog, Prince, who we adopted from the Toledo Animal Shelter. We joyfully welcomed our daughter, Violet Catharina on June 14th, and loving our life as a family of 3 (+1, the dog).