March 24, 2011

Sweet 16!

Disclaimer: I am probably the MOST unqualified individual to write a post about sports, in general, and particularly basketball; but, I decided that this is my blog and dating a basketball coach does give me some credibility. So, continue reading if you would like some mid-day amusement over my predictions for this weekends' games. Plus, my analysis of teams is way more entertaining and succinct than those you can find on ESPN!

Thursday Night Games

UConn vs. San Diego State: This is the only game that I will not be watching as I have no preference or interest in who wins, but I predict that Connecticut will take this game. Why? The Connecticut mascot seems a little more fierce and I have never heard of San Diego State until last week!
Winner: UConn

BYU vs. UF: Uhm, is this even a question? My FLORIDA boys got this in the bag! Do not let the sports broadcasters fool you with their discussions of Kenny Boynton's sprained ankle. His absence at a practice or two will not jeopardize his performance; rather, it is allowing him more time to "rest!" Shoot, I have an unidentified ankle "issue" and I ran 8 miles post accident. He will bring his A game. (Yes, I am going to the doctor tomorrow).
Winner: UF

Arizona vs. Duke: #1 seed Duke takes on #5 seed Arizona. Although Arizona had a miraculous and well deserved win verse Texas, we are talking about Duke.
Winner: Duke

Butler vs. WI: This is a tough call... and I am anxiously waiting for 9pm (CT) to watch these two teams duke it out. It is apparent to me that WI has not gotten the respect they deserve in this year's tournament. I am sure you all have heard (or read) about the remarks and questioning per "Wisconsin Basketball." Although to some, WI plays "safe" basketball it appears to work for them. They work as a team, play defense and score! Aren't those essentials for winning? So, I am certain everyone thinks I am going for WI on this one, but I am on the fence. Butler has 11 players returning from last year's team and they have much to prove to the world. This will be decided at the buzzer but because I am acting like a sports broadcaster, I must give a final decision....
Winner: Butler

Friday Night Games

Marquette vs. UNC: This is the Friday night game that I do not have much preference or analysis for... I am hoping Marquette wins!
Winner: Marquette

OSU vs. Kentucky: This is going to be a great game! Thank goodness it will proceed VCU vs FSU. Because I have a fondness for SEC basketball, I am inclined to believe that Kentucky will take this due to their speed and agility. This too will be a close game!
Winner: Kentucky

VCU vs. FSU: Have you watched VCU? If I did not know any better I wold have thought I was watching an ACC or SEC team. Although FSU did beat Notre Dame, killing many hopes of winning their office's bracket competition, FSU is... FSU (Go Gators!). But on a serious note, VCU has the tenacity, coaching staff, and talent to beat "that other school!"
Winner: VCU

Kansas vs. Richmond: Rock, Chalk Jayhawks! Simply put, Kansas has more experience thus they will win!
Winner: Kansas

Who do you think will win on Thursday and Friday?


March 18, 2011

Bridal Bliss

Those that know me, know that I am OBSESSED with weddings. So many of my close friends have commented that I should become a wedding planner! In all, I am simply enamored with everything about the nuptials “process.” Ha ok, so it is not a “process” in a mechanical sense of the term, but there are normalized rituals, events, celebrations, etc. that occur from the time a couple becomes engaged until the day the couple says “I Do!” And well, I am OBSESSED with it all! I could and do discuss minute details with my engaged friends for hours; I have even stayed up 24hours on a Chicago street corner to make sure a friend found her ideal wedding dress! Perhaps, I just love my friends? Or is it my fondness for weddings?

So one may ask why I love weddings. Well, I find enjoyment and pleasure planning events, like parties, in general, and getting dressed is my daily a.m. excitement! Put that together with two people in LOVE and you have the most exciting year of events! 

As one can guess, I am counting down the days until Prince William and Catherine get married. Just in case you were not well informed, their wedding date is Friday, April 29th. They even have an official Royal Wedding website! It is saved on my favorites tab! 

Great news last night (well actually early this morning), one of my girlfriends got ENGAGED!!!!! Yea! I am excited, beyond belief. I have yet to get all the details of the proposal story, but I am still ecstatic for the couple. I really really respect both of these two individuals as a couple and individually. Power couple in the making! I said it first!

Five weddings this summer, three of which we can attend because two sets are on the same day. How does that happen? Ugh, I have been so upset about this. I am thinking there should be a “wedding calendar” so a newly engaged couple can pick their family/friends “open” weekends! No, haha? It has not been too much of a conundrum since Jason is standing in one as am I, so that dictates which of the two that weekend we WILL be attending. 

To close, a few of my favorite wedding moments!

The Dress!!!

First Kiss

The Vows

The Newly Married Couple

To love & prosperity <3

March 11, 2011

TRX: Total Body Workout!

Being that I am on the quest for optimal health and fitness, I realize the importance of cross-training. I have shared my reasons for enjoying running, but I have a new found love. Well, I actually have a few favorite cross-training activities, but one that I will discuss today.

TRX Suspension Training! J recently gifted me a month's worth of small-group classes at my health club, and I am in LOVE! Well, I must admit that I have a fondness to personal training, in general, and the small-group format is ideal for me. I capitalize on having the presence of another individual give me directives when its comes to weight-training. And the small-group format is great because I do not want to be the wimp of the group!

At Capital Fitness we typically have a class of about 4 people... today there were only two of us! (Class sizes vary, but the ones I attend have between 2-4 people).

TRX is wonderful for people at any fitness level. By varying one's body angle, foot placement, speed, etc. the degree of difficulty changes. Although you can buy the suspension trainer cords and workout DVD online, I personally enjoy the camaraderie and energy that a health club affords. Hmm, I really enjoy the amenities :) like the sauna, pool (I have never gotten IN the pool), jacuzzi, spa, fit people, in general, lol!

I highly recommend those looking for something new to give it a try. TRX is also coming to the Princeton Club West soon! Here is an informational video:

Next up on my strength training list is Dumbbell Training and CrossFit! Currently, they do not have either at my health club, but I am keeping my eyes open for the opportunity!


March 4, 2011


“Insomnia is a gross feeder.  It will nourish itself on any kind of thinking, including thinking about not thinking.”  ~Clifton Fadiman

Over the last few weeks, I have been suffering from horrible insomnia. Now, I must admit that I know the culprit to my inability to sleep- stress! The unfortunate thing about my culprit is that it is not going away anytime soon. I have tried many remedies including yoga, deep breathing exercises, positive thinking; you name it. I have even tried counting from 100, but that has left me quite agitated because mid-count I become engrossed in multiple thoughts and forget where I was…

I finally shared my dilemma with my supervisor and she suggested that I take melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland; and it helps control your sleep and wake cycles.  Melatonin is a relatively inexpensive, over-the-counter supplement and can be purchased at any drug store or super center like Wal-Mart. It is recommended that you take one pill about 1 hour prior to your desired bedtime. Although I have only been taking it for a few days, I can definitely tell the difference in my ability to fall asleep. If you are having difficulties falling asleep, I recommend it. I am not one to revert to prescription drugs so sleeping pills was never an option.

“And if tonight my soul may find her peace 
in sleep, and sink in good oblivion,
 and in the morning wake like a new-opened flower
 then I have been dipped again in God, and new-created.”
~D.H. Lawrence

<3 Michelyn

March 2, 2011


So as you all know I am feverishly working on my dissertation. Yesterday I was in the library for 10 HOURS! Reading the literature on my dissertation topic, summarizing it, then writing an intelligent and coherent paper takes A LOT of work. I am not so certain that obtaining a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) requires intelligence; but, I assure you it requires perseverance, dedication, interest in a specific topic, energy, and so much more!

Ok, so that is not why I am writing today… I must admit that my mind does wander quite a bit while “working.” These days my mind keeps taking me to ideal cities to live. I have even gotten so bad that I am now frequenting real estate websites in these cities.

Now, I am a person that believes in “speaking your world into existence;” however, I am beginning to think that I may be taking it a little far, if I do not say so myself.

A girl can dream can’t she?

Ideally I would move to one of these cities like tomorrow and live there for about 5 years. After that I would be ready to live in the suburbs with a lawn and white picket fence! Here are my four wishful places of residents.

  1. CHICAGO. Although I would never have dreamed that I enjoy the winter; I have come to really appreciate winter-weather wardrobe. I L-O-V-E boots, coats, furs, sweaters… And well, Chicago is the town to show off that type of wardrobe! What is there not to love about the Windy City? My boyfriend’s father had an apartment there for a short period of time. I was so distraught when he decided to sell his place. It was right by Navy Pier (sad face). Although Chicago is in the Midwest it definitely has an East Coast vibe which I love. There are plenty of restaurants, theatres, museums, parks, sporting events, nightlife. Ugh, so much I am getting envious thinking about it!
  2. PHILADELPHIA. Jen, my best girlfriend and BAP, (plus her hubby and baby in the oven) reside in Philadelphia. Specifically, they live in the Northern Liberties area so I have frequented this area often. I like Philly because it is so close to New York and New Jersey. Jen can get in the car and zip over to New Jersey in like 10mins or she can take the train to New York! Who would not love that ability? Although I do enjoy the bustle of New York- I could never envision myself living there because it is simply too much. But, I would thoroughly enjoy the option for “weekend get-aways.”
  3. HOUSTON. Ok, so I have never been to Houston or Texas for that matter, but I have heard that Houston is a “fun” city, so I have been perusing those real estate options, as well.
  4. MINNEAPOLIS. Although I realize that Chicago and Minneapolis have MANY differences, I still would not mind living in the Cities for many of the same reasons. However, in my opinion, Minneapolis does have a Midwestern feel which I do enjoy! Plus, Prince lives there!

Where would you like to move?

<3 Michelyn