March 2, 2011


So as you all know I am feverishly working on my dissertation. Yesterday I was in the library for 10 HOURS! Reading the literature on my dissertation topic, summarizing it, then writing an intelligent and coherent paper takes A LOT of work. I am not so certain that obtaining a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) requires intelligence; but, I assure you it requires perseverance, dedication, interest in a specific topic, energy, and so much more!

Ok, so that is not why I am writing today… I must admit that my mind does wander quite a bit while “working.” These days my mind keeps taking me to ideal cities to live. I have even gotten so bad that I am now frequenting real estate websites in these cities.

Now, I am a person that believes in “speaking your world into existence;” however, I am beginning to think that I may be taking it a little far, if I do not say so myself.

A girl can dream can’t she?

Ideally I would move to one of these cities like tomorrow and live there for about 5 years. After that I would be ready to live in the suburbs with a lawn and white picket fence! Here are my four wishful places of residents.

  1. CHICAGO. Although I would never have dreamed that I enjoy the winter; I have come to really appreciate winter-weather wardrobe. I L-O-V-E boots, coats, furs, sweaters… And well, Chicago is the town to show off that type of wardrobe! What is there not to love about the Windy City? My boyfriend’s father had an apartment there for a short period of time. I was so distraught when he decided to sell his place. It was right by Navy Pier (sad face). Although Chicago is in the Midwest it definitely has an East Coast vibe which I love. There are plenty of restaurants, theatres, museums, parks, sporting events, nightlife. Ugh, so much I am getting envious thinking about it!
  2. PHILADELPHIA. Jen, my best girlfriend and BAP, (plus her hubby and baby in the oven) reside in Philadelphia. Specifically, they live in the Northern Liberties area so I have frequented this area often. I like Philly because it is so close to New York and New Jersey. Jen can get in the car and zip over to New Jersey in like 10mins or she can take the train to New York! Who would not love that ability? Although I do enjoy the bustle of New York- I could never envision myself living there because it is simply too much. But, I would thoroughly enjoy the option for “weekend get-aways.”
  3. HOUSTON. Ok, so I have never been to Houston or Texas for that matter, but I have heard that Houston is a “fun” city, so I have been perusing those real estate options, as well.
  4. MINNEAPOLIS. Although I realize that Chicago and Minneapolis have MANY differences, I still would not mind living in the Cities for many of the same reasons. However, in my opinion, Minneapolis does have a Midwestern feel which I do enjoy! Plus, Prince lives there!

Where would you like to move?

<3 Michelyn


  1. if i had my druthers, i'd definitely move to paris!!

    here's to dreams coming truuue :)

  2. Michelyn - please remove Houston off your top four list girl! There are beautiful parts of Texas and unfortunately houston is not one of them. Big city, congestion, very little arts & fashion, fake sense of the coast (they have a barge in Galveston that they call a beach!). Please imagine yourself in the trendy part of Dallas or Austin instead :)

  3. despite having travelled and having lived in a few, i still think toronto is my favourite city. love love love it!

    i'm with you on chicago, mb, although the wind in the city has certainly tried its best to change my mind; still, i'm hanging on, but if i'm being most honest, i think the wind is winning!

    philly's in there, mos def. i'd include new york, too.

    abroad, i'd love to try out london. not for any other reason than i think it'd be fun to live in a place where you can walk down the street wearing pink patent leather pants and folk wouldn't look twice! lol

    tokyo (despite tsunamis), mumbai, amsterdam, cape coast, cape town.... i'm serious. i'd like to more than visit; i'd want to stay in all these places! and now that school's out for me i can't wait to be about the business of laying down roots/routes. =)