March 18, 2011

Bridal Bliss

Those that know me, know that I am OBSESSED with weddings. So many of my close friends have commented that I should become a wedding planner! In all, I am simply enamored with everything about the nuptials “process.” Ha ok, so it is not a “process” in a mechanical sense of the term, but there are normalized rituals, events, celebrations, etc. that occur from the time a couple becomes engaged until the day the couple says “I Do!” And well, I am OBSESSED with it all! I could and do discuss minute details with my engaged friends for hours; I have even stayed up 24hours on a Chicago street corner to make sure a friend found her ideal wedding dress! Perhaps, I just love my friends? Or is it my fondness for weddings?

So one may ask why I love weddings. Well, I find enjoyment and pleasure planning events, like parties, in general, and getting dressed is my daily a.m. excitement! Put that together with two people in LOVE and you have the most exciting year of events! 

As one can guess, I am counting down the days until Prince William and Catherine get married. Just in case you were not well informed, their wedding date is Friday, April 29th. They even have an official Royal Wedding website! It is saved on my favorites tab! 

Great news last night (well actually early this morning), one of my girlfriends got ENGAGED!!!!! Yea! I am excited, beyond belief. I have yet to get all the details of the proposal story, but I am still ecstatic for the couple. I really really respect both of these two individuals as a couple and individually. Power couple in the making! I said it first!

Five weddings this summer, three of which we can attend because two sets are on the same day. How does that happen? Ugh, I have been so upset about this. I am thinking there should be a “wedding calendar” so a newly engaged couple can pick their family/friends “open” weekends! No, haha? It has not been too much of a conundrum since Jason is standing in one as am I, so that dictates which of the two that weekend we WILL be attending. 

To close, a few of my favorite wedding moments!

The Dress!!!

First Kiss

The Vows

The Newly Married Couple

To love & prosperity <3


  1. It's a good thing we're besties because I love all things wedding too! Everyday they talk about the Royal Wedding on the Today show..Mr. Brandon is so tired of hearing about it but just this morning I told him how stinking excited I am to watch that wedding on tv...I'm with you on all the wedding excitement girl :)

  2. Of course, I think weddings are great and they usually bring a small (and I do mean small) tear to the corner of my eye, but what I love most are the wedding fashions! Not just the bride/bridesmaids, but the groom too. I love a GREAT dress and great tuxes! I am a fan of guys in bowties/ascots and tails (of all things, I guess I like formality?! LOL). Now, fashion also includes the color scheme, flowers, and decorations! Ok, maybe I do like all things weddings, too! LOL I guess what I don't like is the stress of it all, especially when it comes down to the final days before the ceremony.

  3. Wonderful topic you bring up Michelyn! And since you have brought it up, I think we need a wedding discussion phone sesh soon! I have recently came across some dilemmas. As ignorant as this sounds, I really didn't think I would EVER come to face any. Apparently I'm not a professional wedding planner. So we can kiss that goodbye! Thanks for the fun article. Loved it!

    P.S. Don't worry it's about 10:00am here, not 4:00am. hehe. Morning coffee and a little of your blogspot go nicely together :)