March 24, 2011

Sweet 16!

Disclaimer: I am probably the MOST unqualified individual to write a post about sports, in general, and particularly basketball; but, I decided that this is my blog and dating a basketball coach does give me some credibility. So, continue reading if you would like some mid-day amusement over my predictions for this weekends' games. Plus, my analysis of teams is way more entertaining and succinct than those you can find on ESPN!

Thursday Night Games

UConn vs. San Diego State: This is the only game that I will not be watching as I have no preference or interest in who wins, but I predict that Connecticut will take this game. Why? The Connecticut mascot seems a little more fierce and I have never heard of San Diego State until last week!
Winner: UConn

BYU vs. UF: Uhm, is this even a question? My FLORIDA boys got this in the bag! Do not let the sports broadcasters fool you with their discussions of Kenny Boynton's sprained ankle. His absence at a practice or two will not jeopardize his performance; rather, it is allowing him more time to "rest!" Shoot, I have an unidentified ankle "issue" and I ran 8 miles post accident. He will bring his A game. (Yes, I am going to the doctor tomorrow).
Winner: UF

Arizona vs. Duke: #1 seed Duke takes on #5 seed Arizona. Although Arizona had a miraculous and well deserved win verse Texas, we are talking about Duke.
Winner: Duke

Butler vs. WI: This is a tough call... and I am anxiously waiting for 9pm (CT) to watch these two teams duke it out. It is apparent to me that WI has not gotten the respect they deserve in this year's tournament. I am sure you all have heard (or read) about the remarks and questioning per "Wisconsin Basketball." Although to some, WI plays "safe" basketball it appears to work for them. They work as a team, play defense and score! Aren't those essentials for winning? So, I am certain everyone thinks I am going for WI on this one, but I am on the fence. Butler has 11 players returning from last year's team and they have much to prove to the world. This will be decided at the buzzer but because I am acting like a sports broadcaster, I must give a final decision....
Winner: Butler

Friday Night Games

Marquette vs. UNC: This is the Friday night game that I do not have much preference or analysis for... I am hoping Marquette wins!
Winner: Marquette

OSU vs. Kentucky: This is going to be a great game! Thank goodness it will proceed VCU vs FSU. Because I have a fondness for SEC basketball, I am inclined to believe that Kentucky will take this due to their speed and agility. This too will be a close game!
Winner: Kentucky

VCU vs. FSU: Have you watched VCU? If I did not know any better I wold have thought I was watching an ACC or SEC team. Although FSU did beat Notre Dame, killing many hopes of winning their office's bracket competition, FSU is... FSU (Go Gators!). But on a serious note, VCU has the tenacity, coaching staff, and talent to beat "that other school!"
Winner: VCU

Kansas vs. Richmond: Rock, Chalk Jayhawks! Simply put, Kansas has more experience thus they will win!
Winner: Kansas

Who do you think will win on Thursday and Friday?


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  1. Michelyn-
    I love it! But you picked Duke over my Wildcats! Doesn't having an MAO Sweetheart sister who's a UA Alum count for anything??? LOL! Hope all is well, and Bear Down Arizona!! Love, Erin Nurss