March 11, 2011

TRX: Total Body Workout!

Being that I am on the quest for optimal health and fitness, I realize the importance of cross-training. I have shared my reasons for enjoying running, but I have a new found love. Well, I actually have a few favorite cross-training activities, but one that I will discuss today.

TRX Suspension Training! J recently gifted me a month's worth of small-group classes at my health club, and I am in LOVE! Well, I must admit that I have a fondness to personal training, in general, and the small-group format is ideal for me. I capitalize on having the presence of another individual give me directives when its comes to weight-training. And the small-group format is great because I do not want to be the wimp of the group!

At Capital Fitness we typically have a class of about 4 people... today there were only two of us! (Class sizes vary, but the ones I attend have between 2-4 people).

TRX is wonderful for people at any fitness level. By varying one's body angle, foot placement, speed, etc. the degree of difficulty changes. Although you can buy the suspension trainer cords and workout DVD online, I personally enjoy the camaraderie and energy that a health club affords. Hmm, I really enjoy the amenities :) like the sauna, pool (I have never gotten IN the pool), jacuzzi, spa, fit people, in general, lol!

I highly recommend those looking for something new to give it a try. TRX is also coming to the Princeton Club West soon! Here is an informational video:

Next up on my strength training list is Dumbbell Training and CrossFit! Currently, they do not have either at my health club, but I am keeping my eyes open for the opportunity!


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  1. I had a little taste of TRX training in boot camp in Madison. When we had indoor bootcamp at Supreme, we used the TRX bands. It is a great workout! Extremely difficult, too. Unfortunately, we don't have TRX equipment in my current gym, but I will definitely keep it in the back of my mind! Also, there are Crossfit Affiliates in the Madison area--CrossFit Sanctify and CrossFit MadTown(middleton). I have several friends who do CrossFit and it is not something you try for a little while and stop--or so I've heard. You become ADDICTED and you can't stop. LOL So, I would make CrossFit the LAST thing to try! :-) Besides, its expensive (125-150/month) so it would probably become your only membership if you liked it.