February 10, 2014

Workouts in Review Week 1

On Sunday I began a 7-Week Challenge with my local gym, Renegade Fitness, to improve my overall health and well-being. I would consider myself an overall "healthy" person, but I know there are many areas that I could improve on. When I first learned about this challenge, in like November, I immediately told my husband that I wanted him to gift me this as a Christmas gift! Ha, yes, I am that crazy person that desires fitness-related things for Christmas. Hey, Coach Kemp is a lucky man; he can gift me as many running shoes, workout clothes, and gadgets as his heart desires and this lady will take no offense! I also have another fitness goal which I will unveil in the coming weeks, but I am all about accountability and posting my workouts and meals will help me strive for perfection.

February 2- 8

9 miles (outdoors)

5 miles (treadmill)

Renegade Metabolic Workout

Rest Day

3 miles (treadmill)
Renegade Metabolic Workout

5 miles (treadmill)
Renegade Strength Workout

3 miles (outdoors)

So this past Saturday was supposed to be my second rest day, but I skipped out on my 3-mile run on Tuesday (hey, I got a facial) and had to squeeze it in on Saturday! I was actually hoping to log a few additional miles, but it was 10 degrees outside and my body was not cooperating! Honestly, my outdoor running threshold previously was 20 degrees while in Madison, WI (like 4 years ago), then when I moved to Fargo, ND it decreased to 15 degree, and now I moved to 10 degrees! What is wrong with me? Well, 15 degrees in Fargo is probably closer to 10 degrees or even 0 degrees here in Toledo. There is absolutely no wind, in my opinion.

Total Miles Logged: 25
Total Renegade Classes: 3


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