March 2, 2014

Workouts in Review Week IV

Feb. 23-March 1

12 miles

Rest Day

Renegade Strength
3 Miles

8 Miles

Renegade Metabolic

Renegade Strength

16 miles
Wow! I really surprised myself by running this many miles in one stretch.

Mileage This Week: 39
Mileage for February 2014: 86 (not including Saturday's run)
Renegade Classes This Week: 3

My overall mileage is a little over my goal, but with the impending storm that was predicted on Saturday evening that was to carry-over to Sunday, I switched my plan. Overall, it worked in my favor since I knew that mother nature was not going to be on my side on Sunday, and I simply erased my run from Thursday, which was advantageous as the weather was frigid Thursday and Friday.

Questions of the Day: How did you workouts go for the week? How is the weather affecting your weekly goals?

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