March 3, 2014

Workouts in Review Week III

Feb. 16-22

Sunday was my official last day at the gym. The gym that I was frequenting was a 24-hour facility which provided its members key-fobs during non-staffed hours. Upon arrival to the gym, I discovered that my key-fob wasn't working, but at the time, the realization that my membership had been revoked had slipped my mind. Luckily, as I was struggling with the front door, an older gentleman was departing and allowed me in. While engaging in my "active rest day" activities, I realized that other members were not having difficulties with the door, and this is when it dawned on me that my key-fob had been discontinued for good reasoning. Upon return to the house, I realized that they, indeed, had not withdrawn money from our account. Whoops! I was technically using the gym, and not a member! Oh well, I will not do that again, I hadn't realized, so it was an innocent act.

Active Rest Day:
35mins each - elliptical and reclined bicycle

5 miles (outside)

What has meal and workout planning taught me thus far? Simple, plan the week and follow it, no excuses! I know, this is can be challenging at times, and I succumb to not following this simple rule. Case in point - Sunday and Monday. I had planned to run 10 miles on Sunday, and then talked myself into postponing the run until Monday, since I did have the day off, right?! Wrong. Sunday was the ideal day to go running. The sun was out, in the mid-20s and no wind. Although the forecast states that Monday was warmer, I am not sure, it just wasn't a running day and the winds had picked up, at least by the time that I finally trekked out for my run. At first step, I knew that my planned 10 miles, would be cut short. And it was... I turned around at 2.5 miles, simply because I wasn't feeling it.

Renegade Metabolic

5 miles (outside)

Rest Day

Renegade Strength
8 miles (outside)

I am almost over talking about the deer, as it seems that I see them at least once a week on the trail. I think they smell me coming, and then come out to say "hello." On Friday, I swear if I reached my hand out, I would have been able to touch one! Maybe they know I am nice?

Renegade Mix (Strength + Metabolic)

Mileage This Week: 18 miles
Renegade Classes This Week: 3

Like I shared in Week IIs post, I yearn to run between 25-30 miles/week broken into four runs. Unfortunately, I only logged three runs. I did, however, get my goal of three Renegade classes, and was able to get a good mix of strength and metabolic classes. With the weather calming down, I am certain that I will be able to meet my running goals!


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