March 19, 2014

A Quest Bar Review

There are officially 16 Quest Bars, and to date, I have tried nearly half of them or 7. Here is my rundown on the ones that I have tried thus far, and my rankings:

1. By far my favorite Quest Bar is the White Chocolate Raspberry, and it was the very first one I tried! OMG! So yummy! There are bits of white chocolate within the bar, so please savor those sections with the most for last! Please tell me I am not the only person that does that :)

2. The Banana Nut Muffin bar could almost fool one into really thinking they are eating banana bread. As I
explained to Coach Kemp, if you close your eyes and don't think about the consistency (which is off), you could really fool yourself into thinking you are eating Banana Nut Bread! And guess what? Coach Kemp agreed! I then tried it in the oven, and I was even more convinced that I was eating banana bread. Huge score!

3. The Apple Pie is pretty scrumptious warmed in the microwave for about 20 seconds. This one surprised me since I despise apple pie, in general. I am not a huge fan of cooked fruit, but lately my tunes have been changing. I only had this one warm, so I can not attest to the flavor if cold.

4. Now, I was really surprised that I enjoyed the Mixed Berries as mush as I did. I swear this whole
challenge/change in diet may be having an affect on my taste buds. I used to hate cooked fruit, like I already said, and fruits in my desserts, in general, but I really liked the Mixed Berries bar. After trying this one, I wished that components of this bar had been embedded into the Peanut Butter and Jelly bar. it was very fruitful and overall nice tasting.

5. The Strawberry Cheesecake was ok. I think I was yearning for a little more cheesecake flavor than what I got in my mouth. It was nice to taste the freeze dried strawberries though.

6. Although I love peanut butter and jelly, this Quest Bar fell short in my opinion. I was so looking forward to this one too! I am not sure if my hopes were so high since it was the second bar I tried after the White Chocolate Raspberry. There are chunks of almonds within the bar, but I did not get a lot of jelly visuals. Maybe I wanted to "see" swirls or something, as the flavor was there but I was searching for a chunk of jelly which I never got!

7. I hate to say that I disliked, maybe even despised one of the bars, but the Chocolate Brownie did nothing for me. Now, I must admit that I am not that fond of plain brownies, in general, and I think this may be playing a contributing factor. Jason said he liked them, so I am hoping he delves into 12-count box because I am having a hard time eating them.

Question of the Day: Which Quest bar is your favorite?



  1. You have got to try the Cookie Dough - it is by far, my favorite!!! You have me wanting to try the banana bread!

    1. oh my! I thought I had tried 8 of them, yes, I have tried cookie dough :) I have a second review coming up after I try a few more and will include that one. It is very good, even baked in the oven. However, I think I actually prefer it not baked!

  2. I absolutely eat the white chocolate raspberry the same way! I even go as far as to nibble the bar off the white chocolate and save the pieces till the end :) that is my favorite bar with the Oreo cookie coming in at a close second because it has the same white chocolate chunks!

    1. Yes, Amber! I hear the Oreo cookie has the same chunks! I don't have it slated for today, but maybe in the next coming days. I have only heard good things about it too!